List Night Shade Vegetables-These Vegetables Could Be Trigger Foods For You

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Night Shade Fruits & Vegetables


There are more than 250 species of this food group, it is not a fact these are trigger foods for inflammation for everyone. The people I know with autoimmune disease these are serious trigger foods if you have chronic inflammation or autoimmune disease you should be careful consuming this food group. People who experience symptoms from these foods claim this food group gives them the most severe symptoms, every time I consume anything with this food group I experience major inflammation and allergy type symptoms. The other day I prepared my meal with a gluten-free sauce, shortly after finishing my meal I experienced extreme inflammation and pain.



Joint Pain

Bright Red Rash

Extreme Feeling Of Weakness








Nasal Congestion

Itching Dry Nose, Mouth & Throat


Food List


Potato’s ( Not Sweet Potato’s )



Egg Plant


Goji Berries ( Wolf Berries ) ( Raw Or Juice )

Garden Huckle Berries

Ground Cherries

Cape Goose Berries



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Autoimmune Disease & Night Shades


The majority of people with chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease experiences a sensitivity to night shades, these seem to cause severe symptoms for people with autoimmune problems. These when consumed by accident give me the feeling I am going to die, my entire body inflammation increases big time. I have difficulty swallowing and breathing, these even give me asthma type symptoms with lung inflammation. Be very careful consuming these foods, they can be life threatening for some people.



Muscle Spasms

Aches & Pains

Stiff Joints

Sleep Difficulties

Arthritis Symptoms Flare Ups

Fibromyaliga Flare Ups

Gall Bladder

Autoimmune Disease Flare Ups

Extreme Weakness & Fatigue

Severe Allergy Symptoms ( Breathing & Swallowing )


Best Vitamins & Supplements For Autoimmune Disease


Vitamin D

Vitamin A

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Fish Oil ( Inflammation & Pain )



What Is On My Mind Today


I decided to write this article to warn you about this food group could possibly be one of your major trigger foods, I experience much more severe symptoms from this food group than from any other of my trigger foods. These foods often are not suspected of giving us inflammation related problems, even though it is not proven these foods cause inflammation in people with autoimmune disease I would be very careful with the foods in the night shade group.


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  • sandra says:

    Potatoes and tomatoes? I would never have expected these of causing such issues. Good to know!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Sandra

      Yes, potatoes and tomatoes are night shades and affect many people negatively especially with autoimmune disease
      or chronic fatigue, no wonder so many people can not feel better with so many foods causing them symptoms.


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