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List Career Choices-Choosing Grad School

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List Career Choices


We have looked at the students who chose the going to work route after college graduation, now we will look at the ones who chose grad school. Both these groups of students should have made a list of career choices, this will be a great asset in choosing employment or grad school. Many students who do choose grad school do not make it through the first year if you do not have exceptionally good time management skills grad school will be very stressful for you. Also, stress management skills are tested at the ultimate level for students in grad school, sadly mental health issues become severe for many students at this level. Suicide is common for grad school students, many just do not have the coping skills to handle this high of a stress level.


Financial Stress


Choosing A Grad School


Choosing a grad school for many students is very stressful, most students are going to be moving a distance from home. A student should research grad schools  very seriously, financial expense is one of the top concerns a student should consider. Grad schools have requirements,  the more popular the school usually the more challenging the requirements to narrow down who the school accepts.  Another major concern would be the student life experience at each grad school, all grad schools are not the same so be sure to research them before making any decisions.


Grad School Stress


Grad School Triggers

Grad school students experience higher stress than they have ever experienced in their young lives, even many of the best students struggle during this time in their life. The stress factor is higher than in most careers, graduating from grad school does prepare a student much more for entering the real world. Symptoms students experience was shared by students themselves from some of the most challenging grad schools in the United States, these symptoms are at a very high level compared to the majority of people their age has experienced.


Severe Mental Health Issues



Sleep Problems

Extreme Worrying

Self-Imposed Anxiety

Blowing Out Of Proportion



 Stressed Out Student


Successful Student Strategy


Students also shared what strategies worked well for the ones who graduated with high honors, all agreed being productive and staying motivated were two important keys to their success. Being in study groups was highly recommended for new students, time management skills and focusing on learning not their grades were important for them. Frequent time outs or breaks was a must, having an efficient study plan. The majority of these students practiced meditation regularly, plus many of them used art and music for stress relief.


music therapy



Straight From The Students Mouths


This article’s information all came from former grad students, they shared their own personal experiences so future students could be prepared for grad school. Whether you attend college, grad school or start working right after high school, everyone needs good stress management skills. Even more today than in the past, more competition for the high-paying jobs, possibly more people seeking employment today than jobs. The future is very scary for generations coming up now, the schools should provide stress management skills in high schools education programs.  Meditation should be a part of everyone’s day, do yourself a favor and learn meditation and use it everyday.


motivation for students


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What Is On  My Mind Today


Hearing from former grad students should prepare you if your considering grad school, this article is not to scare you or discourage you. This article is to help you understand how much stress grad school will be, how to prepare and what skills you will need to succeed. It is not how intelligent you might be, it is how well you can handle stress.




  • Joshua Thomas says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I like the cool and calm feel of your site. I can see that the maintenance of one’s composure and internal well-being is very important to you. Your post was also pretty decent in terms of the way that it looked at the issues students experienced and the possible coping strategies. In that way, academic readers will certainly get some value.

    It seems you have a good idea regarding some products/supplements that can help make the difference to students suffering from stress and anxiety. It may be good to interleave those throughout your post so that persons can begin to form their opinions regarding ways to keep their own stress levels low.

    My wife is going back to school soon and at times she is prone to anxiety especially around exam times. Do you have any recommendations?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Joshua

      I wish your wife much good luck returning to college, maybe in the future I will do an article on returning adults to college.

      I recommend your wife learn meditation, that has helped me a great deal with my mental energy and anxiety. The two best herbal supplements for stress management is St John Wort and Passion Flower, also some have good results from Kava. These are the three I recommend for anyone to start out with, wish you and your wife calmer days.


  • Britt says:

    College was a very stressful time for a lot of people, myself included.

    Those going to graduate school are taking a risk on themselves and the stress can be unrelenting.

    Many graduate students stress not only about the workload, but the associated costs and/or student loans. I don’t blame them as I would do the same thing.

    I think acknowledging the stress triggers definitely helps on to stay on track and motivated. Meditation and reflection will help one focus on what’s important.

    Those who work towards higher education improve society and the world. Stay focused!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Britt

      Happy to hear from you again, graduate school would be a real test for one’s stress management skills. Even the best college students has had to quit graduate school due to the extreme stress, I do envy anyone brave enough to tackle graduate school.


  • Zoey-Red LeFey says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I can relate very well with your awesome article. I am attending grad school right now and my life is extremely busy! I also have a daughter who I am helping to recover from Autism. So yes! I have experienced anxiety, sleep problems, self-imposed anxiety, and extreme worrying. I have learned to control these issues in my life. Thank you for sharing this important information! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Zoey,

      I am extremely happy to hear you are dealing positively with all your taking on in your life at this time, wish you the best with grad school and your Autistic daughter.


  • Mark Follen says:

    I really Love your site and the pictures that you published on it. I learned a lot by reading your page. I am a post college grad that owes a lot in student loans and I know the stress from school. Thank you!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank Mark,

      I apologize for my late reply, your comments are being put in my spam folder.
      Maybe you have had this problem with other websites, just so you know if your
      not having your comments answered right away this is the reason why.

  • Mark Follen says:

    I really Love your site and the pictures that you published on it. I learned a lot by reading your page. I have attended college and I can relate to all the stress. Thank you!

  • GiuliaB says:

    Wow what a useful article Geoffey, at least for people like me whose son is set (for now) on going to uni in 2 years time. He is quite the lay back type, i.e. Nothing will stress him out, but I’m also concerned that he may not have much of a clue at how many more problems are thrown at you once you start living on your own. As you mention, nor only you have the issue of keeping your grades and meeting targets, but thre is the added matter of money management, and the all important one of time management, especially if you are lucky one to have landed a part time job to help with your finances.
    I know even too well from personal experience how important it becomes to remain focused on the real reasons why you are there. So I fully support your recommendations, stay focused, enjoy what you are doing, and do not be shy to shout out for help if you feel that you start getting a little overwhelmed, as there will always be someone round the corner ready to listen.
    Giulia 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Giula,

      I wish your son the best with his university studies and experience, many young people are not prepared for being on their own when beginning their University studies. Prepare your son the best you can now, it is the best you can do for him.


  • Dmitriy says:

    I think it’s also very important to really think about your future job and aim for what’s really interesting and important for you. Otherwise it will be even harder and more stressful to learn, knowing you’ll probably choose the work that won’t satisfy you.

    Just my thoughts, as I spent a lot of time working at a job I really hated 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Very wise advice, I feel everyone should go with their passions and not focus on how much money they will earn. Money does not make us as happy as we think it will, it only makes life a little easier not happier.


  • bbradd says:

    hi Jeff, I think this is a great site, you have so many interesting articles on here filled with useful information, and one of the other things I also notice is that you present many useful and interesting and relevant statistics to support the articles. i found this article particularly interesting and one day when i have children this is exactly the sort of thing i hope they are exposed to.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I really do appreciate your kind comments on my articles, I do hope some people who read my articles do try some of the relaxation techniques and products.


  • Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

    Those entering grad school have almost a harder time than those enntering the work force. Their time management skills are pushed to their limits. And if that wasn’t bad enough, suicide rates are high for those in grad school. And many don’t make it past their first year. Having ways to destrss is key. And whether that be exercise, adult coloring books, yoga, meditation, or whatever else destresses you, you have to find what works and do it religously. Even choosing a grad school is stressful, not only for financial reasons, but it may be that you must move to a new place, which is stressful in itself, but you will also have the stres as of meetinging new people and not knowing anyone. All grad schools ate not the same and if you are going to be shelling out the dough, you want the best one you can get.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      You have shared some very good points with us today, I appreciate you comment very much. Grad students do experience higher stress levels than many careers for sure. Good coping skills is a must, I hope all you college students have good coping skills or you will struggle to succeed.


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