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Is Eating Late At Night Bad For You-Is This Sabotaging Your Losing Weight


Eating & Your Weight


Many people think eating late at night sabotages you losing weight, your body does not really care what time you eat only how much you are putting into your body each day. Some people do their majority of eating later in their day and into the evening, when you do this it does not cause you to gain weight unless you are eating more calories than you are burning each day. People who work night shift does the majority of their eating at night and sleeps during their day, everyone who works the night shift are not over weight.


What Are You Eating At Night?


What foods you are eating has more of an impact on your weight management than when you are doing your eating, many people who gain weight from eating at night are often eating high sugar processed foods. Convenient foods are our worse enemy when it comes to managing our weight, so what are the best foods to eat late at night when you are snacking?


Cottage Cheese & Natural Peanut Butter


Greek Yogurt

Low-Fat Cheese & Raw Veggies

Protein Shake With Coconut Oil



Are You Hungry?


Many times people who eat late at night might be mistaking their feelings of thirst for hunger, a good habit to get into is to drink one full glass of water before eating late at night and see if this fills your need to eat. After you drink the glass of water if you are still feeling hungry eat a light snack, by drinking a glass of water before snacking will also prevent you from overeating. Are you a grazer, if you are like me you do not sit down and eat full meals at one time but eat small meals or snacks every 3-4 hours?


Anxiety Attacks





Stressed Out


Keep A Journal


Another useful method to understand your eating habits better consider keeping a journal, many times writing what we eat when we eat and how we are feeling at that time gives us a clearer picture of our eating habits. If you are a grazer like myself you can eat more than you realize in a day, by keeping track of your eating habits you can see if you are overeating? Often our moods dictates how much we are eating each day, by keeping track with a journal you can understand if your mood is causing you any bad eating habits?


Lack of daytime Appetite

What Might Be Triggering Your Eating Habits

Mood Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Television Programs



Emotional Eating


Many of us are emotional eaters and are not aware our emotions are triggering our eating habits, changing your routine and keeping track of your eating habits and your mood at the time you are eating can be the best solution if you are overeating? Anxiety controls our appetites more than many people realize, how many nights you are not able to fall asleep and become anxious which leads you to the fridge for a midnight snack? Many times your best strategy is to do something else before giving into snacking late at night, so what are some ways to distract yourself before hitting the fridge late at night?


Breathing Exercises

Relaxation Techniques

Hot Baths & Showers

Yoga & Stretching



Read Your Journal


How Often Are You Eating?


Most of us by the time it is late at night we have no idea how much or how often we have eaten during our day, this is where keeping a  journal will be your best asset to know the answer to this question. Eating regular throughout your day is your best strategy, maybe you will need to set an alarm to get into the habit of eating more regularly during your day? There are many benefits by eating small meals or healthy snacks throughout your day, what are some of these health benefits you might be asking yourself right now?


Stable Blood Sugar Levels

Improved Mental Energy

More Productive

Manage Cravings

Prevent Late Night Binges





Protein is important to include in your diet to experience being satisfied and feeling full, protein also burns more calories for your body to digest which helps in managing your weight. It does not matter if it is animal protein or plant protein, start having a little protein every time you eat a meal or snack. You will eat less by adding some protein to your meals and snacks, this also helps many people manage their anxiety and mood disorders. Protein is not a bad thing in our diets, we need protein to be healthy physically and emotionally.


Appetite Control

Prevents Cravings

Prevents Late Night Snacking

Reduces Anxiety

Improves Our Mood


Avoid High Sugar Junk Foods


Avoid high sugar junk foods late at night for snacking, processed foods should be consumed in moderation to avoid overeating especially late at night. The best strategy is to only buy a small amount of these types of foods when you get the cravings, most people if it is not in the house will most often do without instead of going out to buy it during a craving. Processed foods do not fill us up and satisfy our cravings as much as healthy food does, people who live on a high processed food diet often struggles with their weight and late night snacking. What are some healthy foods to snack on late at night when your appetite gets the best of you, check out the following and these are the foods you should keep in stock at all time?




Plain Greek Yogurt

Cottage Cheese

Turkey Snack Sticks

Cheese Sticks

Protein Bars



What To Do Instead Of Eating?


When it is late at night and you still are not asleep and anxiety is starting to get the best of you get up out of bed and do something you enjoy, maybe getting a glass of water or even your favorite herbal tea? Keeping stocked up on herbal teas which promotes relaxation and sleep is something for you to consider, often by the time you drink this beverage and get involved in an activity sleep will take over often instead of snacking. Relaxation techniques or meditation is something else for you to consider, often just being distracted and a little help from your herbal tea you will be ready for sleep once again.


Adult Coloring



Relaxing Music


Favorite Hobby




Many people have solved their habit of eating late at night by using essential oils, you can use these oils with a diffuser in your bedroom to spread it naturally in the air. Also, you can purchase a sachet and place this under your pillow, there are essential oils which promotes relaxation and sleep as well as suppress your appetite. These oils are a very inexpensive method to use, you only use a few drops whenever needed in your sachet. Are you wondering which oils are the best for your late night eating, well read on and find out the best three I recommend for you?







What Is On My Mind Today?


Late night snacking can become a problem for some people with weight gain, but it is not because you are snacking late at night the reason is you are overeating in a  24 hour time period. Many times people who develop this problem it’s due to sleep problems  and mood problems, people  who experience either of these soothe themselves with food. Most of us get into the habit of hitting the fridge whenever we can’t sleep or are feeling in a negative mood, food gives us comfort and feelings of feeling good. That is until it becomes a problem, using these methods you should be able to control your eating habits once again.


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