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Is Christmas Too Commercialized-Has The True Meaning Of Christmas Been Lost



It does not matter if you believe in God or not to know the true meaning of Christmas, anyone who celebrates Christmas should know what it is all about and why we give one another gifts. Has giving gifts got commercialized is what this article is all about, many merchants started promoting Christmas before Halloween was even over in the USA. Many of us do spend more than we should on gifts for our family and friends, people get into serious credit card debt this time of the year more than any other time of the year. This is not the only holiday which is commercialized, merchants have taken advantage of people by pushing the holidays earlier and earlier every year.


 Christmas Spending


Christmas would not be Christmas without giving gifts to our family and friends, many families are spread out forcing many to travel during the holidays.  Consider the amount people spend for traveling is another big expense, some people purchase decorations every year. All these add up and people keep asking themselves how can I save money during the holidays? All this extra spending has many people experiencing post holiday depression, the holidays are not to be depressing  or stressful. The holidays should be a cheerful time spent with family and friends, is it possible our holiday spending has gotten out of control? 


 Christmas Commercialized Facts


The majority of people in the USA  feel Christmas is becoming more and more commercialized as time goes by,  in 1990 79% of Americans agreed Christmas was too commercialized. Many children and teenagers were asked what is the meaning of this holiday, many of them replied for people to receive gifts. The majority of  children in the USA does not know the true meaning of Christmas, has creating Santa Claus for children taken away the true meaning of this holiday?

75% American Adults Feel The True Meaning Of Christmas Should Be Known

84% American Adults Feel Gifts Are Out Of Control

66%  American Men Experience Anxiety & Stress


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Commercialized Christmas Survey


There was a survey taken in the year 2000 asking different age groups if they felt the holidays were too commercialized, these are the age groups and the percentage which agreed the holidays are too commercialized. As you will see the older the age group the more people believe the holidays are too commercialized, is this because as we age we are wiser or we lose the excitement of the holidays?


18-29 Years Old ( 79% )

30-49 ( 85% )

50-64 ( 89% )

65 And Over ( 92% )


Are We Being Fair With Our Children


Articles state Santa Claus and the other holiday make believe characters are for the children to enjoy the holidays more, even if there never was a Santa Claus giving gifts on the holidays would still exist. I remember how emotional it was for me when I found out my parents had lied to me all my life about Santa Claus, something like this could cause a child to experience emotional stress. I have often wondered if we are being fair to our children with these false holiday characters, would children not enjoy Christmas just as much knowing the gifts were from their parents and not a guy in a red suit? Our parent’s give us gifts for our birthdays and we still enjoy the gifts just as much, why lie to our children and not teach them the true meaning of our holidays?


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What Is On My Mind


With every new generation children receive more gifts on Christmas, many parents and grandparents out of love spoil the children in their families as much as they possibly can. There is nothing wrong with wanting your children to be happy and have a better childhood then you, possibly we have gone crazy with giving gifts on this holiday. The gifts are not the true problem, the problem is our society is losing the true meaning of many of our holidays. There are even more children and teens who have no idea what Easter truly represents, is not the meaning of our holidays what is most important for everyone to know?




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