Inflammation And The Nose-Rhinitis

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Rhinitis is the inflammation of your nasal passages, most common causes for the majority of people are colds and hay fever. Usually your symptoms will come and go throughout your day, symptoms can affect a person’s work, school, home and social life. Most people have seasonal symptoms or flare ups when exposed to something which causes your body to react with inflammation, possibly your symptoms can last long-term and become chronic when you have autoimmune disease.




Runny Nose ( Watery Discharge )



Itchy Nose And Throat

Itchy Watery Red Eyes

Loss Of Smell

Facial Pain


Chronic Rhinitis


Most common causes for healthy people are allergic, most common allergies are dust mites, pets, hay fever and even food. Some people also experience non-allergic triggers, most common non-allergic causes are smoke, strong scents, fumes and chemicals. People with autoimmune disease may experience more triggers since they have an overly sensitive immune system.


Over-Active Thyroid Gland

Food & Beverages


Artificial Food Additives




Over Use Of Nasal Sprays

Idiopathic Rhinitis ( Chronic Unknown Triggers )



Herbs For Nasal Inflammation



Turmeric & Ginger Root Tea

Grapefruit Seed ( Beware Some People With Autoimmune Sensitive To Grapefruit )

Apple Cider Vinegar ( 2-3 Tablespoons To 1 Cup Hot Water )

Vitamin C

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Oregano Oil

Severe Symptoms


Some people with autoimmune experiences chronic Rhinitis, when people experience severe symptoms often will be put on steroids for short-term. Some must be treated with a series of injections of their allergens if known. Nasal polyps can occur when experiencing chronic inflammation of the nasal passages, these grow from the lining inside of your nose and when full-grown are the size of a grape. These nasal polyps are usually flesh-colored, pale grey or can be pink. Most often chronic severe symptoms is sinus problems, at times people have had to have surgery in extreme cases.




The majority of people with mild symptoms use saline nasal spray for short-term relief, this nasal spray takes time to build up with regular usage. Most people must use this type of nasal spray 4-5 times per day, the over-the-counter nasal sprays should only be used a few days for decongestant for immediate relief. Over using decongestant nasal sprays should never be used more than 5-7 days, over using can cause the feeling of congestion can become severe. Antihistamine eye drops can be used for irritated eyes from inflammation, these eye drops work quickly to give you eye inflammation relief. Many people with chronic nasal inflammation use prescription eye drops, these eye drops must be used several times every day.


What Is On My Mind Today


Chronic inflammation causes so many severe complications with your health, I am miserable much of the time with symptoms affecting my eyes, nose and throat. Allergies are inflammation from our bodies reacting to something which is irritating our nasal passages. This is terrible to live with, even though most often it does not do any damage it does make our life miserable.


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