If I Count Calories Will I Lose Weight-How Many Of You Count Calories

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Counting Calories


How many people truly count their calories every single day, according to the professional diet and nutrition experts this is the best method to lose and maintain your weight? I will admit I do not count my daily calories, how I manage my own weight is by eating low calorie foods and limiting my processed foods as much as I possibly can. I have experienced from years of trying all types of things to maintain my weight, until I eliminated most of the processed foods from my diet I had very little success. I really feel the chemicals in the processed foods are our leading cause for weight problems, the United States has the most over-weight people and the unhealthiest people, plus we eat the most processed foods.


Do You Have The Time To Count Calories?


How many of you have nothing better to do than count the calories during your day, even stay at home mom”s are too busy to be able to always count their calories? I have found by experimenting with my portion sizes until I got my weight where I wanted to be has worked very well for me, I refuse to buy a new  wardrobe again, because I gained too much weight. Your clothes are the best scale you will ever find to keep track of your weight, I do also weight myself using a scale morning and evening as well. People who decide an unrealistic weight they wish to be is sabotaging their weight management plan, very few of us will ever see our high school graduation weight again.


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Low Calorie Foods Are The Key


You need never to go to bed hungry to lose weight, I always go to bed with a full belly since adjusting my new diet. When the majority of your diet is low calorie foods, you are able to eat as much as you need to become full, mixing a nice variety of fruit, veggies and protein you will experience being full and satisfied when you leave your dining room table. I have also added pea protein powder to my diet which has made losing weight so much easier, pea protein is high in vitamins and minerals and will help you lose weight. You can use this product as a meal replacement and for your snacks, I have my pea protein shake first thing in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed. No more do I wake up in the middle of the night raiding the fridge, if this sounds like you consider adding pea protein to your diet plan too?


Free Calorie Counting Online


Sometimes keeping track and counting your calories online for a short period can help you understand more about your eating habits, the best thing I like about these is not to keep track of my calories as much as checking for the calorie content of many of my fruits and veggies. Where I  purchase my fruits and veggies they are sold by the pound, so there is no way to know how many calories these food products contain unless you check them out online? All fruits and veggies are not created equal when it comes to calories, if you go on a banana binge you might be surprised how many calories you are getting from your bananas? This is something for you to consider to improving your weight loss plan, interested in some of the online free counters just keep reading on?


My Fitness Pal

Live Strong


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Processed Foods


Since eliminating all processed foods with preservatives and artificial chemicals my life has improved so much, these foods were robbing me of my energy and adding to my aches and pains. I have even seen an improvement in my sleep, processed foods which do not have the chemicals are still good choices to keep in your diet. Beware many of your canned goods are not good choices for you to be eating, but some canned goods are, so start reading those food labels to know which of these processed foods are good for you? Are you not sure what to look for in the bad processed foods, many people are not aware, so keep reading on and find what processed foods to avoid?


High Sugar

High Fat

High Sodium


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Coloring

Artificial Flavoring


Do You Feel Unhealthy?


The majority of people who eliminate the bad processed foods feel much healthier, chemical processing is what you want to avoid from the processed foods you consume. High sugar and high fructose syrup are very bad for you, many people do not realize these foods do more than just make you gain weight? These foods provide low nutrients and low fiber which most of us need more of in our diets, what they do provide your body are the bad carbs which we need to eliminate from our diets to lose weight and improve our health. Talking about people with addictions, the majority of people eat these foods because they are addicted to them.



Heart Disease


Kidney Disease

Liver Disease

High Cholesterol


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What Is On My Mind Today?


You can kick those addicting processed foods and lose weight to improve your health, it takes about two weeks for the cravings to go away. Substitute fresh sweet fruit which will relieve your cravings, add more protein and consider the pea protein if you are a vegan. The pea protein is a healthy protein for everyone, it is an easy method to get more protein into your diet and lose weight. You can also snack on the protein bars if these appeal to you, start today to eat healthier and rid your body of those nasty chemicals making your fat and sick.


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  • Kenny says:

    Counting calories can be one of the worst things to do. When I was in high school, I wrestled and we just didn’t eat after practice to lose weight. I know this is unhealthy, but I figured out how to eat low calorie foods as you said. I have also heard every 1 pound of body weight you have required 10 calories to remain the same weight. Have you heard this theory?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kenny,

      I am happy to hear you also have found a way to manage your weight without counting the calories, who has the time to weight everything on a scale and write it down all the time.

      Your theory is new to me , but interesting I might have to check into that one of these days?


  • Penelope says:

    What an excellent site title!

    I’ve never heard of pea protein powder, that’s a really cool product. I’m with you, generally speaking – calorie counting has always been too much work for me to stick with. Even when most of your food is produce, there realy aren’t “standardized” calories for fruits and veggies, at least from the perspective of micronutrients. Plus, they’re all different sizes. And if you eat packaged food to any degree, the temptation will always be there to eat more and more and more of it. Much better to just focus on healthy foods than mind-boggling math.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Happy to hear from you on this topic today, it is too complicated and time consuming for most people to keep track of their calories.


  • Katie says:

    I totally agree with you on the processed foods. I did several things that led to me losing about 20 pounds without even trying. First, I went to a vegetarian diet. This made it harder for me to eat at fast food-type restaurants so I avoided them. I also switched to eating only unprocessed food which means no processed sugar or bad-for-you fats. The weight will easily come off if you go unprocessed!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I am happy for you Katie, everyone would be at their preferred weight and healthier if they rid themselves of the processed foods. You are a great example, I hope others will follow your example and kick the processed foods


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