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Idea Speech Language Impairment-Speech And Language Disorders

speech and language disorders affecting our childrens lives


Processed Foods


For those of you who have been reading my articles this might be getting old for you to hear, but I strongly feel it is my responsibility  to inform people processed foods may be causing our children’s disorders. There are chemicals in our processed foods, I am positive the drug and food administration has never tested these chemicals for long-term use,  and how our own body chemicals would react over time? I do believe there is a very good chance these chemicals are the cause of all our autoimmune diseases and disorders affecting us today. Where do you think cancer came from if not from the chemicals in our processed foods, cancer and autoimmune diseases were not around when our ancestors were eating a diet of health whole foods?


Idea Speech Language Impairment


The individuals with disabilities education act officially defines speech and language impairments as a communication disorder, just like autism and many of the other disorders there is no known cause for speech and language disorders. Many children with a speech and language disorder also has other disorders as well, the one disorder which seems to be connected the most is ” Autism “. The most common speech and language disorders are the ones which affects a child’s educational performance, I find it odd as processed foods become more and more of our main diet more children are being affected with these disorders?


  • Severe Stuttering
  • Impaired Understandable Speech
  • Language Impairments
  • Voice Impairments


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Speech & Language Specialist


Children with speech and language impairments often show signs at a very young age, the earlier the child begins treatment the better for them. You will want your child to be evaluated by a speech language pathologist, this pathologist is a specialist who works with children with these types of impairments. There are children who are late bloomers when it comes to speaking, but if you have any doubts or desire a peace of mind,  this is the specialist you want to take your child to be evaluated? Beware some children have been misdiagnosed by their primary physicians, often children with hearing impairments or other disorders are misdiagnosed.




Children with speech and language impairments will always experience problems learning in school, many who are not able to communicate effectively will avoid participating in class. Many will not ask questions as well, often these children have been made fun of by other children. Often these children have difficulty understanding oral presentations, some children will not communicate with their classmates as well. There is another disorder which prevents children from being able to communicate in certain situations called ” Selective Mutism “, these children don’t have any communication problems at home, but often in public places they become so anxious they are not able to speak. This is an anxiety disorder, there is no connection between this disorder and a speech and language disorder.




Bullying has become worse today in schools than ever in the past, I feel the bullying is worse because we have more children with health disorders and disabilities? Some of the children’s disorders causes them to become violent and aggressive with other children, who is the easiest prey for these aggressive children than children with disabilities? These children often are preys for being picked on in schools, besides this making the child’s life even more challenging,  it also affects them doing as well in their school.


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Speech & Language Common Disorders


There are common disorders which are associated with speech and language impairments, autistic children often experience speech and language impairment. Your child can have autism without having any speech and language impairment, many high functioning autistic children are able to speak and communicate very well. Another disorder which is common is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, some children with this disorder also may experience speech and language impairment.


Speech & Language Symptoms


  • Repeating Sounds ( Stuttering )
  • Adding Extra Sounds
  • Adding Extra Words
  • Jerky Movements When Talking ( Usually The Head )
  • Blinking Several Times While speaking
  • Experiencing Frustration When Attempting To Speak
  • Pauses Often When Speaking


Help For Children



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What Is On My Mind Today?


What is our world coming to when our children are not healthy or happy, there is something seriously going on which is causing all the diseases and disorders in our children today? Even though the authorities will not confirm it is the chemicals in our processed foods, what else could be affecting children all over the world with similar health problems? Most countries today are consuming processed foods, every country has children with special needs. What else could the connection affecting children all over the world, something even more amazing for you to consider? The majority of children with special needs has experienced the best treatment to be changing their diets, children with special needs who changed their diets to gluten-free, casein-free, and soy free has seen the most improvement.


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6 thoughts on “Idea Speech Language Impairment-Speech And Language Disorders

  1. I really liked this article. It is so true, we really are what we eat, and I am also a believer in the ideas behind correlating behavioural issues in children with a poor diet.

    One of my close friends had a daughter that was born with a disorder, and she did lots of research and like you thought there was a lot of truth in the research. Her daughter grew up with a completely clean and healthy diet and the doctors are shocked at how far she has come in her development.

    Thank you for writing about this, I think it is so important to raise more awareness about this issue

    1. Thank You Stephania,

      I am very happy your close friend went the natural course with her daughter instead of putting her on a ton of prescription drugs. People will see a more improvement in their child’s health by changing their diets, eliminate gluten, dairy and soy from your diets and you will see an improvement in your health symptoms and this will provide healthier children in the future.


  2. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, because my son had a significant hearing impairment which caused some speech delay.

    The institutional schools, both public and private, were nightmarish, and we ended up homeschooling him.

    He is still moderately hearing impaired, but his speech is perfect and his education level is better than average, to say the least. He is currently in college studying engineering.

    For my child I found that a zero tolerance for bullying was necessary. We removed him from institutional education because bullying was so endemic that we simply couldn’t put a stop to it. The teachers were often worse than the students.

    My son’s speech problem was corrected through learning to read aloud, constant conversation with proficient English speakers who patiently corrected him, and extensive participation in amateur theater productions.

    As a home educator and tutor I have encountered a great many children with speech problems. I have found that learning to read with a strong phonics program and extensive work reading aloud were hugely important in making their speech clearer.

    All the Best,


    1. Thank You Elizabeth,

      Special needs children often are put into special education classes, sadly these classes are more like daycare than learning the skills your child needs. Public schools don’t provide enough individual teaching which means some students never learn to their potential, you have all these children of different levels in one classroom so many of the children don’t develop their skills to their potential. Also with these children in special classrooms they stand out as targets for being bullied, many special needs children will not fight back which makes it even worse for them and this does affect their concentration to learn.

      I am happy your son has made such improvement though home schooling, this really is the best approach for special needs children if possible.


  3. Thank you for righting this .I am in medical field.I have a special needs son and i to have Adult ADHD.I eat a pretty healthy diet and so does my son .I am not sure of what really causes it especially when you are born with it.I think some do better than others is maybe where the food comes in.I have done okay maybe struggled but got past it ;always do.I guess they wiill never know the real cause of the deficits but yes what you eat can make a huge difference .I thought you had good information thanks for the research.I have researched alot in past myself so there is some truth behind it.Great job

    1. Thank You Kimberly,

      I appreciate your comment and sharing with my readers your own experience, I am convinced food choices does affect these disorders we are experiencing today. It is true we may never know in our lifetime what is the real cause, but I do believe going back to more natural whole foods is a good strategy.


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