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Hypnotherapy And Anxiety-Another Option For Your Anxiety

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Hypnotherapy Versus Hypnosis


I think I should make this very clear before we go any further into this article, there is a huge difference in hypnotherapy & hypnosis. What is the difference many of you might be wondering, if your like me you might be thinking they are one and in the same. Hypnosis is only a short-term solution to solving your anxiety, where as hypnotherapy is a long-term solution which is what we want to discuss today.






It is amazing how hypnosis actually became a medical therapy for people with many different medical problems, this type of therapy has been helping many people with medical problems when nothing else has, this is especially used today for people with severe anxiety issues who have ran out of options to try. The goal of this therapy is to find the hidden cause of the patients anxiety, the therapist works with the patient to also change their thoughts & feelings towards their anxiety triggers.


hypnotherapy for anxiety


What Therapy Can Do For You


The very first thing this type of therapy can do no other options is able to do is to find your hidden triggers, also this will help you and your therapist understand why you have these fears to these triggers. Next step would be to change how you react to these triggers, other benefits are.


Boost Your Confidence


Increase Your Self Esteem


Positive Attitude


Gain Control Of Your Emotions




How To Find A Therapist


Well I imagine not all therapist have the training to perform this type of therapy for their patients, so for your convenience I am including a link to a directory online to help you find a therapist near you. These are therapists highly recommended, I would not wish for you to get involved with a therapist who is not highly qualified.


therapist directory


What Is On My Mind


I have never experienced therapy of this type, but in my past I would have tried  anything even this type of therapy if I thought there was any chance of having a normal life. I have never had a normal life, my childhood was full of anxiety. My teens was even worse, as an adult I was in an abusive marriage which finally put my anxiety to the extreme levels I could not function to work or do any of the things I used to enjoy. I have improved my life a great deal, it still is not perfect and my anxiety does challenge me most days. I suggest you seriously consider this option if your pretty much out of options left to try, it is pretty scary if you think about how a therapist of this type can control your mind, thoughts and feelings.


brain nutritional supplement


  • Calvin says:

    I was not aware of the difference in the two; hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I have always been skeptical of hypnosis. I have seen it done in comedy acts and on America’s Got Talent when the young child hypnotized animals. It really seemed like a gimmick. After reading your article, it seems that research has come a long way and is actually used routinely to help patients heal from a wide array of issues. Thank you for posting this!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Calvin

      I am still not sure about this type of therapy, I think it could be a scary power in the wrong therapists hands. I suppose if your out of options, you might as well give it a try. I highly recommend you be sure your going with a highly qualified therapist in this field, very tough decision to go for it or not?


  • Rachel Annie says:

    so are you going to try doing hypno-therapy? what would a typical session cost, how much would be too much to spend? what are experts in the field saying about this? as I read your article I was left with more questions than answers. I think maybe going back and looking at medical journals and articles would be helpful, then you would really be an authority on the subject. I feel really hesitant even looking into this therapy not being able to tell where you definitely stand on the subject. And how can your recommend therapists if you have never been to any of them? It would be better to recommend the website that you can find approved therapists at. I think more research would make the article better.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rachel

      I write this article not as an expert in this therapy, I wrote this article to share with you this therapy is being used successfully for anxiety and other medical problem when nothing else works.

      My article did its job, it has brought this therapy to your attention, I supplied a directory of highly recommended therapists in this field if you choose to explore this possible option.

      I myself would not use this therapy unless I had no other options and I was not able to function well enough to be happy and healthy.

      As my article suggests, Hypnotherapy is another option for your anxiety. Only you can research different therapists in your area, find out the answers to your questions and then make your decision if you wish to explore this option or not.


  • Rachel Annie says:

    so are you going to try doing hypno-therapy? what would a typical session cost, how much would be too much to spend? what are experts in the field saying about this?

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Rachel

      I am at this time not comfortable with hypnotherapy, I just am not sure about this therapy at this time.
      I am leaving this decision up to each person to decide for themselves if this therapy is right for them,
      as long as there are options available I feel you should try them before going for this therapy but that
      is just me.

      Every therapist fees will be different, I shared a directory in the article for you to check out highly
      recommended therapists in this field near you.

      This therapy is recommended by the experts in this field, my opinion use this as a last resort
      to overcoming your anxiety issues.


  • Wil says:

    I can say that with a girlfriend who suffers from anxiety attacks at times, hypnotherapy seems like a damn good idea haha. No but seriously if this can be something that can help her cope and potentially treat her anxiety in a healthy manner, then I’m all for it. Great article, it looks like I have more things to look into when trying to find strategies to help her deal with her anxiety.

    • admin says:

      Thank You will

      I am sorry your girlfriend suffers from anxiety, it sounds like her anxiety management plan is not working well for her at this time. Hypnotherapy is something she can consider, it is an option to try if nothing else seems to be working well for her.


  • Maureen says:

    I am having a bit of trouble understanding the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. As far as I can tell they both are administered the same way but their end goals and how they are achieved are what the difference is. Is that correct?
    I find it a bit scary to relinquish that type of control to another person. I would need to be able to trust them an awful lot.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Maureen

      It would be scary to give someone this power over you, I would recommend only using this therapy if your out of any other options and your anxiety is keeping you from being able to function well enough to do what you need to do most days.

      Hypnosis mainly is short term, if someone does hypnosis on you it will only last a short period and you will return back to your old ways. Hypnotherapy is long term, basically reprogramming your thoughts and feeling about whatever is causing your anxiety.

      Scary Very,


  • Girl says:

    Firstly, I’m sad to hear about your decades of struggle with Anxiety and mental health issues. I’m glad that you’re now seeking and receiving the help you need. I’ve just started my recovery journey myself.

    I never knew there was such a thing as hypnotherapy. I always thought hypnosis was simply mind control. Though I have heard about it being used in therapy — so now I know, it’s called hypnotherapy!

    To be honest, I don’t mind trying it. So that I will be able to obtain the answers I’ve been looking for. But of course, I will have to be in the hands of someone I can trust myself with.

    A friend has started a website which offers something “mind-altering” as well. Have you heard of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)? Usually, trained therapists administer this in person. His website offers a “lite” version of it.

    It is interesting to find out the different types of therapy available. This means there is more help to sufferers of mental health problems today! I wish you well, Jeff.

    – Girl

    • admin says:

      Thank You Girl

      Yes, everyone should be sure the therapist who does this therapy is someone they can trust, so many crazy people today, even in the medical field you should be careful.

      Eye Movement Desensitzation sounds interesting, new to me


  • Catherine says:

    Thank you for this article. I too didn’t appreciate the differences between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Your article has been so helpful!

    The books seem really helpful so I will explore further..Without saying too much here publicly, this may really help a part of my life that I have always struggled with.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Catherine

      I found the difference in hypnosis and hypnotherapy to be very interesting, it seems this article has interested many more people then I realized it would.


  • shrey says:

    It Does look like a nice way of healing someone’s anxiety and this post really says the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis and that is something I did not know about before.
    However this could be dangerous if not done with the right intentions, any thoughts on this?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Shrey

      I agree totally with you this could be dangerous, I would not recommend this unless you opt out of all other options first and be sure to do good research for a good high qualified therapist you can trust .


  • Michael says:

    I really always thought that hypnosis and hypnotherapy were kind of the same thing, until I went for a hypnotherapy session myself. It was almost like being hypnotized, but in a strange way also not.
    The bottom line is that several issues in my life as a child were unearthed and dealt with very effectively. Not something I think would have been possible with medication.
    Thanks for the informative article.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michael

      Happy Hypnotherapy helped you, your the first person I know who actually has used this therapy. Maybe your experience will encourage others to try as well, never know unless you give something a try.

      Happy for you,


  • Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for the explanation about the difference between the two at the start. It is great to see you are tackling mental health as well as physical health on this site as both are interlinked. For anxiety, what are your thoughts on herbs that raise dopamine levels? I am talking in particular about he shou wu and mucuna.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Derek

      very interesting question you asked today, both these supplements claim to boost your dopamine levels. Also the Chinese feel these are miracle anti-aging supplement, in my opinion any herbal supplement provides different levels of improvement just depends on the person. The only way you really can know if these are helping your levels would be to have your doctor monitor your levels while on these herbal supplements.


  • Michael Collins says:

    Hi, this is a very well laid out website and it’s evident that you have put a lot of time into creating it. I love the topic which your aiming to engage with- anxiety. I have suffered from this and it’s a horrible experience that holds you back and life- everyone else around you seems to be getting on and enjoying themselves but yet this hidden force deep inside stops up in a way from doing normal things and interacting with normal people.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michael

      My website was a plan in my life long before I ever started writing articles online, from my own experience with anxiety since a boy I wanted to help as many people as possible.


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