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How To Work With Chronic Pain-Living And Working With Chronic Pain


The Stress Of Chronic Pain


There is no doubt living and working with chronic pain is physically and emotionally stressful, do you understand how to deal with your chronic pain naturally? Often pain medications causes people many side-effects which makes working extremely a challenge, many people experience sleep difficulties and morning drunk feelings from their pain medications. Are you angry, frustrated and even anxious due to your chronic pain, many people with chronic pain are also depressed. Some people just are not able to work because of their chronic pain, others might be able to work part-time by learning how to manage their chronic pain? Very few people are able to work full-time with chronic pain, if you are working full-time with chronic pain you are one of the few lucky ones?


Are You Lonely?


Many people living with chronic pain feel extremely alone and misunderstood what they really are going through, what can you do when you feel lonely and your family and friends just do not understand? The answer for many is to join a support group to be with other people who do understand what you are going through, many times the group leaders also have been in your shoes as well and can give you good tips on how to adjust your life with your chronic pain.



Living With Chronic Pain


Anyone not new to living with chronic pain understands how you must make adjustments in your life, many people experience their careers are just not suitable for them to work full-time any longer. Some people must change their careers which often means they need to get training, others might be able to stay in their present careers by working part-time. Many people must give up their careers and even give up being employed, forced to be on disability due to your chronic pain is enough to make anyone depressed with their new life.


Stress Management


Do you wake up in the morning anxious, most people living with chronic pain experiences sleep problems? If this is you, your first step to managing your stress is to manage your sleep? Sleep machines and other sleep therapy products has helped some people manage their sleep problems better, most people with pain are not able to relax which keeps their pain at high levels and this often is the reason they do not sleep well. When you do not sleep properly and your anxious most of the time, your stress tolerance will be very low.



Relaxation Techniques


Once you start to sleep better, you will experience less anxiety and you will be able to manage your stress much better. Learning how to relax  with relaxation techniques is very important when you are living in pain, the more you can relax your body and mind the less severe your  pain levels will be. The less severe your pain levels the more you will be able to do to manage your pain, taking frequent breaks during your day and doing your relaxation techniques is the key to begin to manage your pain. Guided meditation and guided muscle relaxation are good techniques to start out with, also deep breathing to ease your anxiety and stress are important for you to learn.


Gentle Low Impact Exercise


When you are experiencing chronic pain, the last thing on your mind is to be exercising, for most people the right type of exercise actually decreases their pain. The key is starting out with very short workouts of 5-15 minutes depending on your pain level and endurance, slowly increase until you can exercise 30 minutes per workout. Take your time increasing your workouts, many people are out of shape who are experiencing severe chronic pain, when we are in pain our natural response is to cut back on our physical activity which often causes our pain levels to increase instead of decreasing.


Gentle Stretching Yoga

Tai Chi

Stationary Bike


Qi Gong



How To Stay Positive?


Staying positive is very important and never give up hope, do whatever your pain allows you to do each day which makes you happy. Some days you will be able to do more than other days, this for most people is how chronic pain works. Most people with have better days and this is when you should do the things which are more strenuous and challenging for you, you still need to take frequent breaks on your better days. Accepting you are not going to be able to do some things on some days is very important for you to do, focus on the positive side every single day. Using positive self talk to get you through your bad days, be grateful for what you can do and appreciate every good day you have. On bad days read motivational and inspirational books to pass your time, do your deep breathing and your relaxation techniques especially on your bad days.


Tips To Work With Chronic Pain


Working will be a challenge for most people with chronic pain, for most people it usually is best for them to work part-time or do volunteer work. Adjusting your workplace will provide you with less pain, if working in an office be sure your chair is adjusted properly so not to strain your muscles and use special keyboards for your computer are an option. Be sure to take frequent breaks from your desk to stretch your muscles, most people do best with non-repetitive job duties.


Focus on Self-Care

Identify Your Triggers

Understand Your Limits

Use Relaxation Techniques

Take Frequent Breaks And Stretch



Best Careers


Many people are forced to change careers to be able to work, there are some careers which are better choices when you struggle with chronic pain. Careers which gives you a variety of different duties are much less stressful for most people, if you are fortunate enough to find a sympathetic employer who will allow you to take frequent breaks and work at your own pace this will make working much easier for you.

Work From Home Best Career Choice

Administrative Assistant

Self-Employed Business Owner

Software Developer




What Is On My Mind Today?


The best career when you live with chronic pain is to start your own online business, you will need some training to get you started on the right foot but do not allow this to stop you from working from home online.Self-employed business owners are also a good choice, again you might wish to get some training before jumping into this? Freelance is a good choice for most people who have a skill they can provide which is in demand, consulting if you have the expertise in a specific industry works well for some people.These are your best options for less pain from working, most people do have to be retrained in a new career to work with chronic pain.


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