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How To Treat Iodine Deficiency-More Common Then You Might Think

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Iodine Deficiency

In the past this deficiency was only common in the areas of the world where sea food or iodine soils were not available, the most common was the isolated mountain regions. 187 million people globally in 2010 experienced this deficiency, in 2013 this resulted in 2700 deaths and in 1990 resulted in 2100 deaths. As you can see this is becoming more of a problem as time goes by, one reason is the push from the medical world to decrease our use of our table salt. Our increase of processed foods, processed foods are high in sodium but not iodine. Again our processed foods are causing our society more health issues, processed foods objective is not to produce healthy food for you but to produce convenient food at the lowest cost.


Iodine Deficiency Risk Factors

There are two levels of risk factors, the low risk factors which could lead to a deficiency if ignored and not treated. The low risk factors are living on a low iodine diet plan, do not get me wrong a low sodium diet is a must to maintain your health. On the other hand, if your iodine levels become too low that is not healthy. Early low risk factors are selenium deficiency, low dietary iodine during pregnancy, increased intake levels of calcium, female gender at a higher risk than a male, smoking, alcohol, oral contraceptives and your age.

High risk factors are pre-existing thyroid disease, elderly, reduction in salt consumption and if your major food source in your diet consists of processed foods. I know I might sound to some of you like a broken record, but I can not stress enough how processed foods are a trigger for many of our health disease and disorders today. Consumed in moderation is the best diet plan, over consumed these are a slow acting poison which is destroying your health one day at a time. I will admit even I consume processed foods, but I really have cut down on them and I am doing my best to consume them in moderation.


What Are The Symptoms Of Iodine Deficiency

If your suffering from severe fatigue, mental slowing of your brain functions, brain fog, depression and even weight gain. Other symptoms are low body temps, oral and salivary gland issues plus this is the leading cause of mental retardation.













Iodine Food Sources

Sea Food is your best food source to add to your diet plan, other food sources are milk and egg yolks. Of course in the old days, we added iodized table salt to our food.  The daily intake for adult females is 150-300, the daily intake for adult males is 150. Overdose symptoms would be high blood levels of the thyroid hormones, with using food sources it is very rare anyone has overdosed.


Iodine Deficiency Supplements

Supplements are available for people who still may not be absorbing enough of iodine through their diet, untreated deficiency may cause permanent thyroid damage in the long-term period. This is the leading cause of mental handicaps world wide. Long-term deficiency may cause a mental deficiency, deafness, weight gain disorders, stunted growth and mental retardation in unborn children.

Supplementation benefits woman with Fibrocystic breast changes, reduces breast cysts, fibrous tissue plaques and even may reduce breast pain in these women.  Preventative effects of iodine breast cancer, used today in many breast cancer therapy treatments.

The three supplements recommended are

  • Dextoxadine

  • Lugol’s Solution

  • Potassium Iodide










Final Thought

I always recommend you consult your physician if you feel you might have a deficiency, but it is safe for you to add more of the food sources which provides more nutrition into your diet. Today we are consuming way too many processed foods which do not provide enough nutrients, I have the most confidence if you adjust your diets to consuming these foods in moderation and at the same time add more nutritious food you will experience improvement in your brain functioning as well as your physical health. Remember supplements are a food additive for the nutrients your not receiving from your diet, use them to better your health but do not rely on them to maintain your health without a healthy diet.


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  • Hillary says:

    Super post–i take Iodoral daily–25 mgs to deal with iodine deficiency. I have been “out” for about 1 week and already I notice a difference. I need to re-order!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Hilary
      I am happy your taking a supplement for iodine deficiency, this is more common then people realize.
      I just added a health shop page with my health products, if you desire take a peek sometime possibly
      you can find a better price then your paying now.


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