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How To Tone Your Love Handles-Diet And Exercise Tips


Lifestyle Changes


As we become older most of us experience the development of love handles, most people over 40 years old must make some lifestyle changes to tone those love handles. If you are one of the few who are not experiencing love handles be grateful and appreciate being one of the few lucky ones, very few of us experience a nice attractive lean waistline once we hit the big 40. when we are younger, we can get away with cheating on our diet and still maintain a sexy waistline, but the majority of people experience a decrease in their metabolism the older they become. What changes do most people need to make to their lifestyle to tone up those love handles, read on for tips on diet and exercise?


The Right Attitude


The first thing you must do is develop the right attitude before you can improve your love handle problem, many people become hopeless and give up ever seeing their sexy waistline again. Many of us sabotage our progress with our emotional eating habits, stress and anxiety causes many people to overeat and indulge on high fat and sugar loaded foods and beverages.Do not be ashamed if this sounds familiar to you, it is human nature to use the wrong types of food and beverages to cope with our stress and anxiety. Another food group we must eat in moderation to keep our love handles sexy are starchy foods, starchy foods turns to sugar which for most people ends up as their love handles. Pasta is in many people’s diet is their main dish, replacing your pasta servings with vegetables is your best strategy.



Stress Number One Problem


Stress for many people is the number one reason they develop love handles, Stress affects our mental health and also our physical health more than many people realize, Stress causes more people to make unhealthy lifestyle choices more than anything else, the foods loaded with sugar and sodium are what most of use grabs when we are stressed out and anxious. Packaged processed foods are our worse enemy, another foo to eat in moderation are fried foods. These foods give us low energy which causes many of us to not have the energy to exercise, gluten foods for many people are the reason for their sleep problems. Many people experience an improvement in their sleep and energy with a gluten-free diet, when going gluten-free it takes most people less than one month to experience an improvement in these symptoms.


Love Handle Friendly Foods


Many people become discouraged with their relationship with food, many people think you have to live on vegetables to have that sexy waistline again. Now you know some of the food groups to eat in moderation, getting into the habit of reading the ingredients will help you make better food choices. There are more foods available which is good for managing your love handles than many people are aware of, often replacing some of these foods and eliminating some of the bad foods is a good strategy for many people.


Sweet Potatoes

Black Beans

Corn Tortillas





Chickpea Pasta



Dark Chocolate


Grape Fruit






Best Exercise For Your Love Handles


Even sticking to the best love handle diet people over 40 usually must still exercise to keep sexy and toned, most people do not work their abs nearly enough. This is understandable the ab exercises are not the most fun exercises to do, very few people look forward to doing the crunch exercises over and over again. Variety is the key to staying motivated to exercise our abs, so what types of exercise can we do to tone our abs and not be so bored all the time?



Strength Training





What Is On My Mind Today?


The diet and exercise tips in this article I hope gives you some motivation to add a variety to your new lifestyle, your traditional ab exercises such as the many variations of crunches and planks are still exercises you should do regularly. Adding one or two of these other exercises for variety will help you stay more interested  in exercising your abs, give some of these diet and exercise suggestions a try to see which one’s works best for you.



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