How To Stop Worrying About Everything-Do Not Allow Worry To Control You

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How To Stop Worrying About Everything


When ever you are a worrier you just can not shut out your worries just anytime you feel like it, more likely your worries control you much more then you control them. I have always been a worry wart all my life, even as a little boy I worried about just about every little thing possible. Weather it was important or not did not matter to me, it would drive me crazy and most of the time keep me up much of the night.




Why Do You Worry


For anyone who does not know why we worry , the answer is like many of our other unexplained health problems. Anxiety is the reason for chronic worrying, our anxiety causes us excessive worry sometimes even self consciously. Many times this makes our problems seem much more severe then they really are, so worry actually is our fears haunting us through our thoughts. Nuphorin has produced a supplement especially for people like us, they created this product about 5 years ago. Nuphorin is so confident of this product to help you, they offer a 100% money back guarantee. I have never used this product or know anyone who has, but if my supplement was not doing the job for me I would give this one a try.


anxiety supplement

Non-Supplementation Methods


Even though my supplement does a great job for me now  helping me control my anxiety , I still use some non-supplementation methods along with my supplement to cope with my anxiety related issues. I want you to know no supplement is going to make all your issues just disappear, the right supplement will decrease your symptoms enough with good coping skills you can learn to deal and control your anxiety pretty well. Some methods I use which I think might be worth you using as well, at least give some of these a try.


Keep A Journal

Positive Friends

Positive Attitude

Stay Busy


Tai Chi


Talking About It


anxiety workbook

Using The Methods


Keeping A Journal

Writing down your worries is amazing to get your worries off your mind, when you have thoughts haunting you many times getting up and writing them down takes your haunting’s away.

Positive Friends

Many people with anxieties have very few friends, not because they are not fun to  be around. Just because they do not get out and about to meet many people, you must be choosy about your friends to remain healthy. Being around positive people will give you a more positive attitude as well, negative people has the power to bring us down very quickly.

Stay Busy

Staying busy with your hobbies and interests is another very powerful tool , when you have your mind on other things your less likely to be thinking of the more negative things in your life. Also when your mind is busy during your day, it is more likely to allow you to fall asleep much quicker and not haunt you nearly as much.

Meditation, Yoga & Tai Chi

Any or all of these are great for controlling your anxiety, these help build a stronger and healthier mind. These are very good to do late afternoon or early evening to help your body and your mind to begin to wind down and relax.

Talking About It

For many people with anxiety this one is not always possible, you need someone who is positive and  will take you serious. Give you good advice or at least be a good listener, if your like me and you have no one like this in your life consider a counselor.



Final Thought


I really do hope this article and resources helps many of you with your worrying, we must focus on our anxiety to solve our worrying problem. It is a terrible thing to have severe anxiety issues, anxiety causes us so many problems in our lives and people with low anxiety just can not understand what we go through each and everyday with our anxiety.






  • Amberlee says:

    I like the idea of having a supplement for my anxiety, however, I am little skeptical of buying something until I know what is in it. Do you know what Nuphorin is made from? Natural ingredients?

    I also appreciate the suggestions of alternatie methods of how I can calm my anxiety, but the issue is now for me to remember them when I am stressed.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Amber Lee

      By any chance are you a southern gal, just curious?

      Nuphorin and any other supplements I share on my website are all natural products with vitamins and herbs as their ingredients, what I did to help me learn my coping skills for my anxiety attacks was I made myself a anxiety coping skills list which I kept right beside my bed since that is where I seemed to do most of my worrying.


  • Liz says:

    Good resources for coping with worry here. I resonate most with doing yoga and keeping a journal and especially meditation, if done properly. Sometimes meditation can increase anxiety if the time is spent thinking about the things you are worrying about, just in a peaceful way if you know what I mean? Breath focus works best for me. Have you tried binaural beats? I find this has been really helpful for me, and I feel a real response within my body.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Liz

      I appreciate your gratitude of the resources I have chosen to share with you today, meditation takes persistence to become productive for us. When doing meditation you must learn to allow your thoughts to pass by and return to relaxing and refreshing your mind, practice makes perfect.

      Binaural beats is new to me, I will check this out and give it a try. Thank you for suggesting this to me, I am always interested in new methods to try.


  • dkane35 says:

    A lot of people suffer from worry and anxiety. All of us worry from time to time no doubt. This is very helpful information. I think that you have provided a good variety of information so that people can try different things to see what works for them. This is a great site and if I suffered from anxiety I would definitely use it.

    • admin says:

      Thank You dkane

      I do appreciate your kind word about my website, for a very long time I have vowed one day I will find a way to help others from my own experience. This website is that way, I feel that is why I was brought to my training program to learn how to design my website and share everything I know with others.


  • Dom says:

    Hi Jeff! Great website. Your post resonates with me. If I don’t have structure or a schedule during the day, I tend to get bored and sedentary. This makes me feel depressed. If i’m in a position where I am trying to figure out what to do with my time, I become sad. Being proactive, regardless of what I’m working on, helps me stay focused and makes time go by more easily.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dom

      I am the same way Dom, I must remain busy mentally to stay focused and worry much less. Worrying happens to us mostly when we have idle time, this is why sleeping is the hardest part of the day for high anxiety people.


  • Kenny Lee says:

    I used to have problems with excessive worrying. I mean I still now as I get into obsessive thinking on problems and issues in life.

    I don’t take supplement for that. Instead I depend on mind-calming methods and guided meditation. I found guided meditation to be effective in stopping those unnecessary worrying.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kenny Lee

      I am happy you found what works best for you, I also do mind calming methods daily. They are very powerful methods to calm the mind, I thank you for your comment today.


  • Jerry says:

    Hi Jeff, like my mother I am a worrier by nature and I have learned to live with that. From childhood my life has been ruled by anxiety and my mind is occupied all day. By accepting it I have learned to cope with this. Maybe this is what I like to add to this article: start some sort of solution by accepting who you are.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jerry

      Very good point, we must accept this is a part of who we are. I am happy you have learned to deal with this part of your personality, but never give up on improving yourself.


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