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How To Stay In Shape After 40-Feeling And Looking Good After 40


Autoimmune Disease


Autoimmune disease affects the majority of people after the age of 40, this alone is a very good reason to focus on staying healthy and in shape as they approach the age of 40 years old. When a person is in good condition chronic illness does not affect them nearly as severe, also the healthier you are the later in age chronic illness will affect you. The majority of people as they approach the age of 40 begin to experience more belly fat, this alone can motivate many people to get into better shape to tone their abs. Do you have the desire to get into better shape and age more gracefully, if so this article has many tips to get you started on the right routine?




After the age of 40 your metabolism starts to slow down, this is the reason many people begin to experience weight gain especially belly fat. Starting to focus on staying in shape at the age of 40 prevents you from experiencing love handles, many people start to experience love handles by the time they reach this age. Maintaining your weight is very important to stay healthy and in shape, people who are overweight have more health problems than people who maintain a healthy weight. You are able to deal with stress and anxiety much better when you are healthy, less people become depressed for very long when they are healthy.



Chronic Pain


When you are in good condition, you will experience less severe muscle and joint pain from chronic illness, arthritis starts to set in for many people after they are over 40 years old. Many people over 40 begin to experience less energy and possibly could be starting to lose bone density, staying in good condition also maintains your strength and endurance. Did you know people who stay active and in shape experiences feelings of being lonely less, staying in shape affects you emotionally and physically.


30 Minutes Per Day


Is 30 minutes per day too much to ask to be in good shape after 40, many people once they get into the habit of a daily routine of staying in shape will often enjoy it so much they will put in more than 30 minutes on most days. This will give you more benefits than most people realize, you will experience being more flexible and better balance. Many people begin to experience being less flexible and balance after the age of 40, many people prefer to exercise 45 minutes 3-4 times per week instead of 30 minutes per day, this is more convenient for people especially if you workout at a gym.



Moderate Exercise


Are you over 40 and it has been a while since you really exercised, starting out with moderate exercise is your best strategy to get back into shape slowly but surely? Many people including myself has experienced shorter moderate workouts more often has been more productive, the 30 minutes per day is a good way to begin getting into shape with moderate exercise. This is good if you plan to exercise at home or outdoors, many people are not comfortable exercising in a gym with people who are already in great shape.



Brisk Walking





Advanced Exercise


For anyone who has led an active life and moderate exercise really is not enough for you, there are more strenuous exercise options available for you. Remember, active activities also count as exercise if you are into sports such as basketball or volleyball these are great ways to keep in shape and possibly more than enough exercise for you?




Jumping Rope

Hiking Nature Trails

Trail Running



Strength Training


Strength training should be in everyone’s exercise routine to stay toned and have strong healthy bone density, strength training provides new muscle growth and increases your endurance. This is also good to improve your balance and flexibility, workout  with a variety of exercises for your total body is your best strategy.


2-3 Times Per Week

1 to 2 Body Parts Per Workout

8-12 Reps Per Set

2-3 Sets Per Exercise


Working Your Abs


The majority of people over 40 will experience their abs to be their most difficult part of their body to get into the shape they desire, any extra calories we do not burn off during our day goes right into belly fat. Focus on working out your abs 3 times per week, choosing two different exercises  of  3 sets of 25 per workout.



Burning Your Belly Fat Away


Since most people over 40 experience some extra belly fat adding cardio to our workouts is the key to burning excess fat away, cardio should be done 3 times per week at least 20-30 minutes. The best cardio exercise for burning belly fat for most people are  the elliptical, treadmill and stationary bike at the gym or in the privacy of their own home, the best outdoors methods are running and jogging.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Most people prefer to do this beginners over 40 workout 3 days per week with rest days in between workouts, if you choose to do this workout this way most people spend 45 minutes to do this workout depending on how much cardio you decide to do? Most start out with  20 minutes of cardio and see how they feel the next day, this workout is a good beginners workout for anyone starting out or over 40. Feel free to split your workout anyway you desire, some people do prefer to do shorter daily workouts instead of one longer workout less times per week. You could do your strength training and abs one day and your cardio another day if this seems better for you, experiment and adjust this workout to be the right workout for you. Start out with lighter weight often is the best, much safer and better for you than straining your muscles starting out with too heavy of weights.


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