How To Shop With Kids-School Shopping Guide For Less Stress

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Back To School In The USA


The other morning my dog was acting up more than he has all summer long, when he acts up I know something or someone is near by. It was the first day of school in my neighborhood, all the little rugrats were at the bus stops waiting to be picked up by the school bus. My dog loves kids, actually he reminds me of a kid himself even though he is grown up at 5 years old. This gave me the idea to write this article today, remembering how stressful shopping was for school clothes with my mom when I was a kid.


School Stress


Why Mom’s Are Stressed Out


2016 it  is estimated parents will spend 68.8 billion dollars for their children during the before school shopping season, in the USA this is the 2nd biggest spending time in the entire year right behind Christmas. It is also the 2nd highest stress time for mom’s, the majority of families in the USA the mom’s are the ones who experience the extreme stress of shopping with the kids for school supplies. No wonder shopping for school supplies was always such a stressful time when I was a kid, I did everything within my power to get out of going shopping for school. Gee whiz, my mom knew what sizes I wore and blue jeans and tee shirts would be just fine.


Stress of School


Stressful Shopping


Needless to say mom always had an excuse why I had to go shopping for school clothes, she wanted me to try them on to be sure they fit. Why is it after the first day of school mothers purchase school clothes for you without you trying them on? You can not talk sensibly to a mother stressed out about going shopping for school clothes, you can not win so just give in and hope it gets over with as quickly as possible. Being a kid experiencing social anxiety this was a very crude punishment, the crowds of people freaked me out and I just wanted to get back home safe and sound.


Save Money Stress

Large Vicious Crowds Of People

Parking Stress


Scared To Death

Taking Way Too Long At Too Many Stores In One Day


Shopping Mall Social Anxiety


Why Are Mom’s So Picky


Are all mom’s so picky about buying school clothes, spending what seemed like hours at one rack of clothes my mom would go through every single piece of clothing in every rack. When she would ask me do you like this, before I could even answer it was either thrown in the cart or back on the rack. Maybe little girls are more picky about school clothes than little boys, but this seemed like a big waste of time running from store to store looking at clothes which all looked about the same to me. Spending my entire day shopping was not my kind of a good day, I had things to do and time was slipping away soon school would be starting any day. Then after mom did have the clothes she wanted me to have for school, guess what I had to try every single one of those clothes in that cart on. Seemed pretty dumb to me, all the clothes were the same size so if one fits why not them all?


Shopping Anxiety


Shopping Stress Less Strategies


All you school kids ought to thank me for writing this article about stressed out school shopping mom’s, hopefully your mom will read my stress less shopping strategies and you will be a much less stressed out kid. I really feel mom’s get so stressed out about shopping for school they often do get carried away, than maybe school clothes are more important to mom’s than us kids? My mom never did an inventory before running off to shop for school clothes, never made a list which seemed very odd to me. My mom always made a list when she went grocery shopping, so why not make a list for school shopping?


Shop At Off Peak Times (Less People )

Make A List Of Just Your Basic Needs

Doing Major Shopping After School Sales (Save Money)

Never Shop At The Malls

Comparison Shop Online So Not Dragging Kid To Every Store

Shop Online As Much As Possible

Start Early And Pace Out Your School Shopping

Add Some Fun To The Shopping Trip For The Kids Sake


Stress Free Kids


What A Day


Going shopping with stressed out mom’s takes a whole lot out of us kids, mom seems happy and content now. She has her school clothes shopping done and is relaxing with her cup of caffeine to recover from her busy shopping day, mom’s really ought to learn relaxation and stress management skills. Why do mom’s take school shopping so serious, my mom shops pretty much everyday but the only time she really gets stressed out is when it is time to shop for school.  After the first day of school I go back to wearing whatever I grab from my closet, it does not seem to matter all that much what I wear after the first day of the new school year.


Stress Free Kids



  • IllusiozTan says:

    Hi Jeff,

    You have pointed out an interesting fact in your post about the school day shopping done by fellow mom. I have the same experience during kids time, where my mom will bring me and my younger brother to the retail shop and buy us the school uniform.

    We have to wait for a long queue to try out the cloth and mom will always ask us to check here and there, just to make sure the pants or shirts really fit us. After done trying, she will inspect every inch of the shirt and pants, just to ensure that the button and thread are all ok.

    Yup, I agree that it is time-consuming. But somehow, that’s how mom show her love to us, isn’t it? Not only clothes, she will do the same thing when buying us the bag and stationery.

    In Asian countries, our school day starts in January each year. Is it the same for western countries?

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I appreciate your sharing your experience with mom shopping as well, I do think mom’s are pretty much the same everywhere. They do drive us crazy, but we do love them just the same.

      Schools start every year in the USA in August or September, why they start this time of the year I am not sure? Maybe since the teachers and students receive 3 months summer vacation, so when they start back after this long holiday is the best time to begin their new year.


  • Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

    Starting school is almost more stressful for the parents than it is for the kids. They have to make sure the kids start getting ready by getting up early at least a week or two ahead of time so they get used to the early morning schedule again. They have a lot of supplies to buy, including clothes, and probably need to buy a couple sizes if they have a uniform the kids need to wear, because lord knows they grow so fast that by the end of the school year they will be taller and need to be in a different size than when they started the school year. They have to worry about their kids meeting new kids, and what that might mean, as far as will their children be liked or disliked, and getting ready for school lunches and carpooling or getting them ready for the bus. And when it comes time to shop for all those school items, including the clothes, try to shop at off peak hours, that way there won’t be huge lines and tons of people to wade through.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I do think school shopping is more stressful on mom’s than the kids, mom’s worry a lot about everything being perfect. At least my mom did, she worried so much it has affected her health.


  • Mark says:

    I love your page about stress levels and how to keep stress levels very low. I can relate when I was a lot younger I used to dread going school shopping. I had a sister and my mom would take both of us at the same time and I would often fall asleep in a chair somewhere from being tired out from shopping. I like how you recommend to go at less busy times.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mark,

      I am speaking from my own experience from both social anxiety and shopping stress, you poor guy having to go shopping with two ladies must have been extremely long shopping days for you.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    Yes, back to school does create a lot of stress. You have some great ideas like shopping when everyone else is not, making a list, and most importantly starting early. I think that is the biggest stress…waiting until the last day to get all the shopping done. I would have been in that spot this year, but we have decided to go back to homeschooling. Much less stress!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom,

      Home schooling is becoming very popular today, many parents prefer to teach their children and keep them safe at home instead of attending school. The only drawback to this I see is the social interaction which the child will miss, if i had been home schooled my social anxiety would have been even worse I am sure.


  • Wying says:

    Your article remind me about my younger days of me went schooling. Every mom get stress out when shopping for “back to school”. But what makes my mom more stressful before the week start schooling is actually our holiday home work. I am not sure about western country, but in my country here, Asia country, even though we completed for standard one and are qualified for standard two, we were still be given a lot of holidays homework. Normally a whole exercise book which consisted of twenty over pages and every subject has one exercise book. So normally we need to complete about 5 to 6 exercise book during school holiday. So you just imagine how stressful my mom was when she found out that my exercise book was not done a week before school.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Sounds like kids and mom’s are the same every where, I am happy my article brought back memories of your childhood past I hope they made you smile thinking back in time.


  • Cynthia says:

    You have really nailed it regarding stressed out moms shopping for school clothes. I remember giving mom a lot of trouble because it took so long and I did not want to try on the clothes.
    You are right about shopping online. We did not have that capability when I was a kid.
    Very interesting and appealing article.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cynthia,

      I thank you for your sharing your own experience as a girl shopping for school clothes, I am a bit surprised I always thought girls loved to shop for school clothes.


  • Cole says:

    Hi there! I really like what you have going on here. The potential is huge! Your layout is simple and easy to navigate. Your first post there is an honest view on the back to school stresses we all face when we have to get our kids eared up for another year.

    You’ll be able to cover all aspects of health improvement with the pages you have created.

    I have one suggestion however, in your books page, the image you used is not easy on the eyes. I would try to find an image that would make the visitor feel comfortable. The book store image used is a little too dark and ominous. Just my opinion though. Other than that, great job!!!!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cole

      I appreciate your reading my article and leaving me a comment, I am always happy to hear from my readers and their thoughts and feelings on my website.


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