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How To Save Money During The Holidays-How To Get The Most For Your Spending


How To Prevent Over Spending On The Holidays


Many people over-spend during the holidays, this is very easy to do everything you purchase adds up. The best solution for this is to create yourself a Christmas budget, by creating a budget you are giving yourself a spending plan which will prevent you from over-spending. Figuring how much you wish to spend or can afford to spend is your first step in creating a budget plan. Next step is to make your Christmas list, this list should include everyone you wish to give a gift by priority the most important people on top of your list. Beside each person’s name add the amount you wish to spend on them, be sure your total amount of your list does not go over how much you wish to spend. Remember to add any holiday decorations you wish to purchase, also it is a good idea to consider your Xmas food and snacks in this budget plan.


Will You Be Traveling During The Holidays


One thing the majority of people forget to include in their budget is their traveling expenses, will you be traveling during the holidays is important to consider since this can cause you to spend much more than you plan?  Add your estimated traveling expenses as well in your budget plan, setting limits and adjusting your budget will save you money during the holidays. Many people donate to charities during the holidays, add this to your budget as well. This does seem like a lot of extra work creating this budget, but it will save you money during the holidays which will prevent you from post holiday anxiety and stress.


Comparison Shopping Online


Take advantage of the internet and compare prices which will save you money, take advantage of free shipping which can cause people to spend more than their budget allows. Signing up for newsletters to your favorite shopping websites is an easy method to keep track of all the holiday sales, often you can get products at a lower price online than at the merchants physical store. Starting early you can often get a product for less than if you wait until closer to Christmas.


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Budget Friendly Gifts


Stretching your money does not mean you must give less appealing gifts, focus on thoughtful gifts for your hard to buy for people. Shopping for elderly parents and grandparents often puts people over their budget, giving them high-priced gifts is not the answer to the problem. Seniors love thoughtful personal gifts over expensive gifts from stores, photo gifts are one of elderly people’s favorite gift on the holidays. Give people meaningful gifts they will treasure for a very long time, many seniors put away their gifts and they never get used by them.


More Budget Friendly Tips


You can save money on decorations by using natural decorations which are free, consider using holy and acorns even branches to make your own holiday decorations. Using mason jars decorated with natural materials and fill them with holiday goodies, using your imagination you can create some unique  holiday decorations. Are you into arts and crafts if so give some of your arts and crafts as gifts. People love home-made gifts over store-bought gifts, this is especially true for the seniors on your Christmas list.


Best Gift You Can Give Is Your Time

Have A Baking Party

Start Shopping Early

Dollar Stores

Use Gift Bags Instead Of Holiday Wrapping

Avoid Charging On Credit Cards As Much As Possible

Avoid Doing All Your Shopping At One Stop Shops

Don’t Buy Additional Warranties


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What Is On My Mind Today


You can give some appreciated gifts with a little creativity, filling jars or other containers with small gifts and goodies make cute gifts. Shop for these items at dollar stores and save money, I always make my own gift baskets when I give gift baskets. Besides saving money you can give items you know the person will use, this gives this gift basket an extra personal touch. The holiday is about giving and love, the price of the gift does not make nearly the positive impression which a thoughtful gift made with love will.


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