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How To Reverse Autoimmune Disease Naturally-It Is All About Your New Lifestyle

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Autoimmune Disease


Autoimmune disease is robbing us from enjoying our lives today, we need to get back on a healthy lifestyle to reverse autoimmune disease. You are not just doing this for yourself, when you live healthy you are improving the health of your future generations of your family. Autoimmune disease seems to be worse with every new generation, by starting to reverse your autoimmune disease you are improving the lives of your future generations. The majority of families diets consists of the diets they grew up with, traditions also include the meals a family passes on with every new generation.


Autoimmune Disease & Relationships


Autoimmune diseases are affecting our relationships, people are unhealthy due to our diets which does affect our relationships. The majority of people with autoimmune disease experiences emotional health issues, could this be the reason anxiety and depression has increased over the years? As these diseases has become more abundant, our emotional health also has become more severe. Relationships are difficult enough to manage efficiently when you are healthy, when these diseases destroys your emotional health it often destroys many relationships. Stress is the major cause of divorce and broken relationships, we just are not able to manage the stress in our lives living the lifestyle we do today?


relationships at any age



Food Triggers


Autoimmune diseases are reversed the most effective and the quickest by adjusting your diet, when you adjust your diet by eliminating your food triggers you will begin the process of reversing the majority of your symptoms. Following a strict diet is the key to living healthier, the first step is for you is to gain the knowledge of what are the trigger foods with these diseases? You must know right now there is no room for cheating on your diet when you have any of these diseases, as difficult as it is to give up your favorite foods and snacks this is what you have to do.


Gluten ( Wheat, Barley & Rye )






Processed Foods ( Preservatives & Artificial Colors & Flavoring )


Go Ji Berries

Table Salt


Digestive Health


For the majority of people the food above are trigger foods which increase their symptoms, some people can get away with some of the foods on the trigger food list, but most people do much better avoiding these foods completely. Doing an elimination diet is a way to find any other trigger foods you might have, some people even have flare-ups when eating gluten-free grains. This is something for you to consider if you want to check deeper into what other foods might be triggers for you, when you improve your digestive health you will improve your autoimmune diseases as well.


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Autoimmune Disease & Exercise


The majority of people with autoimmune disease are extremely ill for a long period before knowing why they have their symptoms, once you adjust your diet you will be on the road to recovery. As you become healthier again, you will need to start exercising again, many times people get into poor shape from being too sick to exercise and be active. The best exercise to start out with is low intensity cardio such as using a stationary bike, later many people are able to add strength training as well. Begin with very short exercise periods, for many even five minutes at first is exhausting. Your goal is to aim for thirty to forty minutes three days per week, avoid high intensity exercise such as long distance running.


Autoimmune Disease & Supplements


Supplements are something most people really need to add to their diet with autoimmune disease, most people are not able to absorb enough nutrients from their food alone and need the help from vitamins and supplements. These supplements will improve your immune system and is something most people need, Probiotics are one supplements many people benefit from. Curcumin and Resveratrol also are good additions for many people with autoimmune, the vitamins and supplements most people are low on are listed below.


Vitamin D

Vitamin B12


Omega 3s


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What Is On My Mind Today?


Your diet will be the biggest factor in reversing your symptoms, focus on fruits, veggies and grass-fed meats as your primary food choices. Green leafy vegetables and your cabbage family are foods you should try to eat more of  in your new diet, green leafy veggies are usually the most difficult for most people to get more of. Try adding them to omelets and scrambled eggs, also adding them to soups and stews are another easy way to get more of them in your diet.


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  • Trev says:

    Hi Jeffrey, great article and very informative.I never knew a lot about autoimmune disease so I took a lot away from your article.I guess diet is a big factor with a lot of illnesses and diseases and you covered this really well.Thank you for the info and helping me understand the disease.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Knowledge is the key to adjusting your lifestyle to reverse autoimmune disease, I am happy your enjoyed the article and learned some things.


  • Leo says:

    It is very important to have a healthy diet to live a happy and meaningful life! People don’t understand that bad diet leads to a series of disease and of course as your article had discussed, autoimmune disease. Live a healthy life by having a balanced diet and frequent work out. That is the key to happiness!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I can tell you are speaking from your own personal experience and satisfaction from living a healthy lifestyle, I hope others will read your comment and follow your example.


  • Jeremy says:

    Diet definitely plays a role with any disease or disorder, even if you don’t have one it still plays an important role with the body’s health, it’s just that more important. Thanks for providing some foods and nutrients that play a role in reversing autoimmune diseases too. While I don’t know anyone with one at the moment, I’ll keep these things in mind if a family member or friend ever is diagnosed.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Living a healthy lifestyle is a good method to prevent autoimmune disease,

      I am happy no one in your life has any health concerns at this time


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