How To Reduce Inflammation Naturally-When Inflammation Becomes Chronic

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Inflammation Is A Symptom


I have lived with chronic inflammation my entire life, I always thought inflammation was the root of my chronic health problems. Actually inflammation is our bodies responding naturally to what it sees as a threat when our bodies are inflamed we are attempting to heal damage. In my case, my immune system is over-active and my inflammation is out of control. This is what people with auto-immune disease experiences, it seems everything I eat my body is seeing as a threat. It is a very miserable experience to live your life like this, right now my body is in high gear inflammation which is causing extreme pain and dryness. I was doing very well on Prednisone for over two years, now this drug is causing me severe problems and I am in the process of weaning off this drug which has allowed my inflammation to become more severe once again. What is the answer to some relief from this type of life, keep reading and find out what you can do to reduce chronic inflammation naturally.


Diet Is The Key


Today my body is highly inflamed as I decrease my Prednisone to wean off of it  my inflammation is increasing. Muscle and joint pain is one of my worse symptoms I am experiencing, also the inflammation now is causing extreme dryness of my eyes, mouth and nose making breathing and swallowing very difficult for me. Diet gives me the most relief from these symptoms, going on an anti-inflammatory diet and using herbs and herbal teas for inflammation relief is what works the best for me. If you are experiencing chronic inflammation,  I highly recommend you to an elimination diet to find out your trigger foods, this should be your first step to reduce your symptoms naturally. Since I am going off my Prednisone,  I plan to start from scratch and do my own elimination diet to find my own trigger foods, even though I know the majority of my trigger foods I plan to do the elimination diet again and see if there are any new foods causing me my symptoms.


Elimination Diet Plan








My Known Trigger Foods


Since I kept my list of my past trigger foods,  I know at least some of the main foods which cause my body to go into chronic inflammation mode, when taking the Prednisone I was able to consume small amounts of some of my trigger foods with slight increase in my symptoms, since cutting my dose in half I am not able to get away with consumption of these foods now.  I am experiencing a new symptom now, I am having a severe swelled stomach and swelling of my face especially around my nose causing me breathing difficulties. Even my lungs are inflamed giving me asthma type symptoms, I know my symptoms will only become worse if I do not  eliminate my trigger foods.


Most Common Trigger Foods


I am going to share with you the most common foods for people with chronic inflammation, this will at least give you a good start of which foods might be your trigger foods. If you are lucky eliminating these foods might solve most of your symptoms, at the least they will decrease your symptoms since these are proven triggers for people with chronic health problems.


Trans Fats ( Hydrogenated Oils )

Vegetable, Peanut, Corn & Soybean Oils

High Sugar Content Foods

Refined Carbs

Gluten Foods

Additives ( Artificial Colors & Flavors )


High Allergens ( Eggs, Dairy, Soy, Peanuts, Chocolate )

Healthy Snacks









Herbs are more powerful than many people realize, these plants grow naturally and provide us the answers to many of our health problems. Why the medical profession fights recommending herbs before synthetic drugs is beyond me, herbs have less side-effects plus the side-effects are not nearly as severe as the majority of the drugs physician’s are prescribing. Many of your synthetic drugs can cause organ damage when used long-term, I know this is true since I experienced organ damage from synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs my physician’s prescribed me. Go natural herbal medicine before taking any synthetic drugs, there are times we have no choice but using herbs first is your safest route to go.












Herbal Teas For Inflammation


I have experienced sipping on herbal tea during the day has reduced my symptoms naturally, my symptoms are at their worse in the morning after going so many hours without my herbs and herbal teas. Once I get my herbs and herbal teas into my system my symptoms decrease, so the middle of my day is my best time of the day. Some nights I wake up in the middle of the night with my symptoms, so I get up and drink some of my herbal tea which reduces my symptoms enough I can go back to bed and get some more sleep.





Ginger ( Tea From Ginger Roots )






What Is On My Mind Today


Living like this is not the best quality of life, but it is my life and I have learned over the years this is the best plan to feel your best. There is no magic herb or synthetic drug which is going to make all your symptoms go away, but managing your symptoms naturally is your safest management plan. Why take serious risks of organ damage when you can go natural with less risks and very mild side-effects. Herbs are not proven to be the answer to our chronic health problems, but there is no proof they are not the answer as well.


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