How To Manage Fibromyalgia Pain-Exercise And Diet Plan

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Managing Fibromyalgia Pain


Managing your Fibromyalgia pain does not have to be complicated, with the right exercise and diet plan you can manage your pain very effectively. Many people once they find the right plan even can be free of many of their pain medications, your diet plan should be gluten-free which reduces many people’s pain and fatigue who suffer with this disease. Gluten is wheat, rye and barely which is in many foods we consume today, eliminating gluten has been one of the main methods to manage pain. Exercise to keep the body toned is also a key to managing your pain, focus on low-impact exercise 30 minutes several times per week for the best exercise plan which will reduce your pain.


Gluten-Free Diet


The gluten-free diet has reduced many of the symptoms for people suffering with all types of autoimmune disease, gluten is a trigger for pain and fatigue for the majority of people. Grocery shopping can be anxious for many people when making this diet change, you must take more time shopping for groceries and read the ingredients on everything you purchase. Many companies today are listing any allergy ingredients in their products, but it is still a good idea to read the ingredients. Cutting back on processed foods and adding more natural foods is another change many people need to do to reduce their autoimmune symptoms, living gluten-free is a new life for most people but worth the inconvenience to feel less fatigue and pain.



Gluten-Free Dining Out


Dining out is a problem for many people who must stick to a gluten-free diet, more and more restaurants are starting to provide gluten-free meals in their menus but you can still get contaminated meals. Many restaurants do not realize how sensitive people  are to gluten, just by using the same pans for gluten- and gluten-free meals you can be consuming traces of gluten.  People with Celiac disease are the most sensitive to gluten, even people who are not Celiac but have autoimmune disease are very sensitive. Ordering a salad is usually a safe meal to order, but beware those croutons many salads come with will increase your chronic fatigue and pain. Fruits and vegetables are your safest foods to order when dining out, meals with meat can also be contaminated if the meat is not grass-fed.  what they feed the animals you are eating also can be a hidden gluten trigger, every little thing you do to avoid gluten as much as possible will reduce your chronic fatigue and pain. Many people just can not cheat on a gluten-free diet, even cheating a little will increase their symptoms.


 Low-Impact Exercise


Exercise to keep the body toned will reduce your pain, avoid weight lifting in the form of body building this for most people is a trigger. The best exercise for the majority of people is low-impact exercise,  water exercise is the best for people with severe symptoms. Recumbent stationary exercise bikes are a highly recommended exercise as well. Low-impact yoga has been beneficial for many people over the years, taking a class is best but many people prefer doing low-impact yoga at home with DVDs. Swimming and yoga are recommended for people just starting to exercise, these both are very gentle and slow moving and will not cause you extreme fatigue and pain like many other exercises do.



Seasonal Pain Relief


 One trigger for many people which is the most difficult to manage is seasonal pain, the majority of people experience extreme increase in the severity of their pain levels during cold damp weather. Many people during these weather conditions experience difficulty exercising especially with knee pain, many people must adjust their exercise this time of the year with shorter exercise workouts and less strenuous workouts. Therapy pools and hot tubs give many people pain relief when their symptoms increase due to the weather, consider also sleeping with a heating blanket to keep those aching joints less painful. Heat is your best therapy during cold damp weather, applying heating pads on painful areas such as the knees will give many people much pain relief. Cutting back on your exercise is not a bad thing during flare-ups due to the weather, there is a time to push yourself to exercise and a time to pamper yourself and during flare-ups pamper yourself for less pain and agony.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Managing Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disease has no set management plan which works for everyone, please do not allow this to get you depressed and give up. By experimenting with the methods in this article you can find the right plan to reduce your fatigue and pain, I recommend your first step is to go gluten-free. This diet change has made a huge difference for so many people, this diet also is good for anyone with any type of autoimmune disease and especially people with rheumatoid arthritis should give this diet change a try. Diet and exercise along with heat therapy products is the key to managing most people’s chronic pain, start 2017 with these recommendations and you too will experience less pain.



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