How To Manage Autoimmune Disease-Do You Have Autoimmune Symptoms

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Autoimmune Symptoms


Are you having unexplained aches and pains especially affecting your joints, for many people the reason for these aches and pains is autoimmune disease. the most common other symptoms people experience can be feelings of weakness and fatigue. How about dry eyes and mouth problems, bloating and digestive problems these all can be causes from autoimmune disease? Many people experience anxiety and depression as well from autoimmune disease, these are the most common but not the only symptoms people experience with autoimmune disease. The majority of people’s health problems today are the result of our immune systems malfunctioning, there are many reasons for this but for many people the main reason is our lifestyles.


 Do You Have Allergies?


The majority of people with autoimmune disease has allergies, often this is the first sign especially during your childhood years. Food allergies are very common today more than in the past, it seems almost everyone has allergies of some kind. Some people more than others indicates the level of your immune system being vulnerable, the majority of people who grow up with childhood allergies seems to develop more severe allergies as the years go by. We are exposing ourselves to too many chemicals in our food and everyday products we use, the theory is over time these chemicals are causing our immune systems to malfunction attacking our own bodies.



Autoimmune Disease Diet


One of the most effective treatments to reduce many people’s symptoms is simply adjusting your diet, today there are many unnatural ingredients in our food products which is a huge cause of the malfunction of our immune systems. Over time, these ingredients causes many people more autoimmune disease symptoms, it all comes down to what we eat has a huge determination on how healthy we will be. The best diet is a gluten-free autoimmune diet plan, chronic inflammation from our own bodies is what autoimmune disease actually is. Doing an elimination diet is the most effective method to find out what your trigger foods are, for most people processed foods are trigger foods. Fruits, vegetables and grass-fed meat should be your main diet plan, even though we can not eliminate all processed foods from our diet the less we consume regularly the healthier we will be.


 Autoimmune Diseases


Our great grandparents experienced autoimmune disease mainly with arthritis and diabetes, in those days their diets had much more natural foods such as fruit and vegetables with meat products raised as being grass-fed. As time has gone by and our diets have become more processed foods and less natural foods autoimmune disease has grown. There are more and more new diseases developing due to the unnatural ingredients in our processed food products, these diseases are man-made because of the unhealthy ingredients in our food products today. Why are these products allowed on the markets when they are known to be triggers to many of our diseases, the answer to this question must be answered by the food and drug administration? In my opinion, many of the prescription medications may also be triggers for health problems, every day you see new warnings about prescription drugs which may cause serious health problems and even death.



Autoimmune Exercise Plan


Exercise is another part of living with autoimmune disease, many people experience extreme chronic joint pain and fatigue which causes them to have difficulty being active. The less active you are the more severe your joint pain and fatigue will become. Exercising with these symptoms are a challenge and you must be careful what type of exercise you do and especially how long you exercise at one time, low-impact exercise for short periods is what you must focus on. Water exercise and yoga for autoimmune disease are the best exercises to begin with, exercising for 30 minutes or less several times per week has provided a reduction in many people’s symptoms. Many people experience awesome results with these exercise programs, for many you might have to start out exercising only 5 minutes and gradually build up to 30 minutes. It has been found many people stretching often during their day has given them less pain and fatigue, many people with being persistent and patient has learned to manage  their autoimmune disease.


Diet & Exercise Plan


The diet and exercise plan in this article has worked for many people struggling to manage their autoimmune disease, this plan has helped people with all types of autoimmune disease especially people with Fibromyaliga and other types of Arthritis. The most difficult part of this plan is getting started, the majority of people are required to be very disciplined to stay on this plan. Most people experience a difference in just two weeks, I recommend you begin with 5 minutes of exercise to begin if you have not been active in a while. Over doing it is the mistake most of us make when first starting a new exercise program, gradually building up to your desired exercise time is your best plan so you do not overdo it and experience increased pain and fatigue. The new diet for many people is even more difficult than the exercise part of this plan, most people can not cheat or they will experience an increase in their pain and fatigue and other symptoms.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Learning to manage your autoimmune disease will be for many like being born again, the diet and exercise program has worked very well for the majority of people. Depending on your severity will dictate how much relief you will experience, for most people any relief will improve the quality of their life. Remember to use heat therapy for your stiff joints during cold damp weather flare-ups, ice therapy for any swelling works for most people.


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