How To Lose Weight With Exercise And Diet-You Can Lose Weight Too

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


If you are anything like me you have been struggling with your weight more and more the older you become, most of us experience our metabolism to slow down as we become older in age. Maybe you are like me in the way you are experiencing some health issues as well, when we age and our energy decreases it is natural for us to become less physically active. People spend billions of dollars every year on weight loss products, are you using any of these weight loss products yourself?


Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Diets

Exercise Equipment


How Is Your Love Relationship?


One of the biggest obstacles for many people who struggle to lose weight is the status of their love relationship, when we are not emotionally healthy many times we use food to cope with our unhappiness. Often people who improve their relationship with their partner and are in a happy relationship experiences less emotional eating, of course this is not the answer for everyone, but it is something to consider about your own life and eating habits? Another thing to consider if you are an emotional eater, what type of foods are you eating when your emotions get the best of you? The majority of people who cut back on soda beverages and processed foods has experienced an improvement in losing weight, next is about getting yourself into the right attitude?



What Is Your Attitude?


I don’t know about you, but in my past I never had a very good attitude about my goal to lose weight? For me losing weight was something I felt I needed to do for my health and my own self-esteem, deep down inside of me I had little confidence in myself to being able to accomplish this goal. I have experienced having a positive attitude is a very important part of losing weight; it is almost impossible for most of us to get and stay motivated when we are not positive. Positive self talk has been one of my best weapons against negativity in my quest to lose weight, keeping an exercise and diet journal has helped me stay on track. When I write my exercise and diet down in my journal, it does help me to motivate myself not to cheat, even if you are not honest with your journal you still know in your heart you have been cheating.


How To Start Working Out?


When I was a young whippersnapper, I lived for physical activities and working out, but now anything physical feels like so much work for me. I used to love to exercise at the gym, most of my passions were involved with being physically active. Photography was one of my passions for most of my life, another passion was nature and wildlife. How I spent my free time was hiking nature trails taking photographs of nature and wildlife, now I have sold my photography equipment and it has been years since I have seen a nature trail. What works for me now is to ease into short periods of physical activities, I enjoy exercising now at home not in the gym on my stationary bike. What I like about my bike and exercising at home is I can break this up into very short workouts several times per day if I want too?


Short Bike Workouts 10-15 minutes

Find Something You Enjoy Doing

Aim For 3-4 Times Per Week

30 Minutes Per Day



How To Adjust Your Diet?


Making drastic changes overnight does not work for me, for me easing into change slowly is the key for me to adjust emotionally. I find it does me very little good to go from eating my not as healthy foods to healthy foods suddenly, if in the past making healthy diet changes has done you more harm than good try easing into new diet changes a little at a time?


Cut Back Slowly On Processed Foods

Purchase less High Sugar & Sodium Snacks

Cut Back On High Sugar Beverages

Read Food Labels

Eat Out Less Often

Eat Smaller Portions


Lifestyle Changes


Again adjust new lifestyle changes gradually, the last thing you want to do is to make drastic changes and overwhelm yourself. I made small changes to my daily routine to get me a little more physical activity, parking farther from where you are going and walk a little extra distance during your day does add up at the end of your day. Spending your lunch break at the park is another good change I made in my day when the weather permits, when bad weather arrives I spend my lunch walking the mall or some of my favorite shops. I ride my stationary bike while watching my favorite television programs, this works great for me and often I lose track of the time and exercise longer than I planned.



Emotionally Happy


When we are emotionally happy we naturally take better care of yourselves, often we make poor decisions when we are not emotionally doing our best. The more poor decisions we make can increase our stress and anxiety, if this lasts long enough we can even end up depression. The majority of people experiencing emotional health issues tends to overeat, your best strategy is to stock more healthy snacks so you will not gain so much weight.


Exercise & Weight Loss


It is no secret most of us as we become older exercise is a must to maintain our weight, everyone who struggles with their weight is looking for the best exercise to give them the best results. Many people believe cardio is the best type of exercise to lose weight, many women are scared to use strength training to lose weight. What works best for me is alternating cardio and strength training, also for people who are in better shape interval training might even be a better choice? I am not an overly muscular person by any means, I am mainly toned with extra belly fat like many people my age. I recommend short workouts of cardio and light weight workouts for strength training, even you women scared of strength training should consider light weight training in your weight loss workout plan.



Cardio Exercise


Cardio exercise is known for elevating your metabolism and burning fat and calories, of course for anyone wishing to lose weight this type of exercise should be a part of their exercise routine. I prefer short more frequent workouts myself, I think for anyone older in age or is not overly into working out this is a very good strategy to use. It is much easier to push yourself to workout when you are working out shorter periods, another advantage to this is your body recovers much quicker than when you are working out  longer periods.


Stationary Bikes







Strength Training


Strength training for weight loss is something everyone should consider, again I prefer short workouts and using light weights. When you are keeping your muscles toned your body naturally will burn more calories, maybe you are just not into weights or it is not in your budget to invest in a gym membership or home equipment? The great thing about strength training is you can use your own body weight, you need nothing to get started and so much to gain so give this a serious thought.



Ab Crunches

Bicep Curls


Reverse Dips





Best Foods For Weight Loss


The majority of people become very anxious and frustrated with what are the best foods for them to eat, there are some foods which benefit your body more to lose weight than others. Remember to ease into changing your food diet, eliminating all your favorite foods cold turkey is extremely difficult for most people to do. Adding more of these foods next time you are grocery shopping and less of your favorite not as healthy foods is your best strategy to do, now are you ready for the best foods for weight loss?


Whole Eggs

Leafy Greens





Brussel Sprouts

Chicken Breasts

Sweet Potatoes


Apple Cider Vinegar

Brown Rice







Cottage Cheese

Nuts ( Pine Nuts Especially )



Chia Seeds

Coconut Oil


What Is On My Mind Today?


What works for me is to eat snack portion sizes of high protein foods during the day, evening is my only full meal. My full meals usually is mainly the foods on the weight loss food list in this article. I always have protein with my snacks and meals, I have found out I can be healthy eating much less food than in the past with this type of eating plan. Getting most of your carbs from your veggies and brown rice or quinoa is your best plan, as for exercise I alternate my stationary bike and light weight workouts 3-4 times per week, my bike workout averages only about  30 minutes and my weight workout about the same. These short workouts have been a very positive change in my life, much better than in the past working out an hour at a time.


Today’s Products



Strength Training



High Protein Snacks

















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