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How To Lose Weight If You Are Hypothyroid-Autoimmune Disease

foods to lose weight and manage autoimmune disease


Processed Foods Versus Whole Natural Foods


I received an email yesterday from a lady who disliked one of my articles against processed foods, her gripe was living on a low income people can’t afford to eat healthy. Well, eating health is possible on a low income, I did it myself for most of my life after autoimmune took away everything in my life which was important to me. You can survive on a  low income and eat healthy by preparing your own meals, you can go to your favorite grocery shop and buy a few of your favorite fruit and vegetables a little at a time. How much does the average person spend on low cost junk food, when you add up all the junk food you purchase in one month, how much healthy food could you buy if you take advantage of sales and coupons? That inexpensive junk food is not filling, so you will be buying much more to fill you up, ice cream and chips are not a good alternative to fruits and veggies. Understand I am not saying you can’t have any of the bad processed foods, I am saying the majority of your diet should be whole natural foods and healthy processed foods, 10% of your diet of the unhealthy processed foods is plenty for anyone.




Hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease, people with this disease will experience difficulty losing weight. This affects your thyroid hormone which has a big part in regulating your weight, people with this disease experiences low thyroid functioning which causes your weight problems. The most important thing you need to do with this disease is to see your physician for treatment, many people experience an improvement in maintaining their weight by adjusting their diet.


Adjusting Your Diet


Many people become confused with so many diets on the market today, of course they all claim to be the best diet to improve your health. The key to choosing the right diet for you depends on your own body chemistry, your body might not react the same as your girlfriends body on the same diet plan? You have to find the right food combination which increase your metabolism, this is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. The first thing you should consider is if you have any health problems, often you can eliminate certain diets simply by considering your health problems.


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The Autoimmune Diet


Anyone with an autoimmune disease should consider a gluten-free diet, another option is to go on a grain-free diet and whole natural foods, I have experienced the best results with my health and weight by eating mainly, whole natural foods and grass-fed meats. I eat very few grains, but when I do, they are gluten-free. If you are going to eat grains with autoimmune disease, gluten-free is really what you want to do. gluten-free diets have helped people with all types of autoimmune diseases, this is especially been true for people with thyroid disease as well.


Low Carb Diets


Not all your carbs are bad for you, you do need carbs in your diet, so do not try to eliminate all carbs from your diet ever? What you want to do is eat the good natural carbs such as starchy veggies and legumes, by adding even one handful to your meals, you will increase your energy and be doing something good for your weight management. Avoid high sugar beverages and candy, you should have protein and carbs in every meal and snack every day. Vegetables and protein are your best friend when trying to lose weight, the trick is finding the right balance for your own body.


Anti-Inflammatory Diets


For anyone with arthritis type symptoms you should be on an anti-inflammatory diet, your grains increase your inflammation so the less of these you are able to eat the better you will feel. You will experience less joint aches and pains, eliminating grains will even help you if you are suffering with depression. The majority of people with hypothyroid disease experiences joint aches and pain,the best foods to reduce your inflammation are tomatoes, fatty fish, nuts, fruit and olive oil, and leafy greens.


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Recommended Meals


With my autoimmune diseases I experience more success managing my weight and energy by eating small frequent meals, most of your autoimmune diseases slows down your digestion and eating small meals is easier on your digestive system and will help you to lose weight. Proteins and good carbs ( Fruits & Veggies ), and healthy fats such as olive oil is your best eating plan. Did you ever consider tracking your weight management with a food and exercise diary or journal, you can even find these online for free by using Google? With hypothyroidism you must manage your energy and exercise for success, fatigue aggravates your symptoms, so this is one of the most important factors you might wish to track in your diary or journal?


 Selenium & Zinc


Foods with both of these you want to be sure to be getting enough of them in your diet, low levels in these are common among people with this type of disease. Many people with autoimmune diseases does not absorb the nutrients well from their food, by focusing on adding more foods with these in them improves your levels. If you need too you can use supplements of both of these to increase your levels, your physician should check your levels regularly so you know if you should add these to your diet or not?




Brazil Nuts











Grass-Fed Beef






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Exercise is extremely a challenge for the majority of people with any type of autoimmune disease, low energy is common for people with any type of thyroid disease. Exercise is something you must do regularly for your energy, joint aches and pains, and to lose weight. Even if you can only take short walks a few times per week, this is a good start, start with short periods and do not overdo it at first. Gradually increase your exercise as you are able too, there is no rush to reach any certain exercise level? Another important part of this plan is getting your sleep regulated, most people with autoimmune has sleep issues which affects their energy levels.


Walking Several Times Per Week

Weight Lifting If Able

Stationary Bike





 Thyroid Supplements


Before starting any of the supplements recommended you should consult your physician, your physician can check your levels and monitor them with regular blood work. Natural supplement is what you want to be taking, stay clear of any synthetic supplements for your thyroid. These are the most common supplements physicians approve for their patients, again check before taking any of these supplements.


Desiccated Thyroid Extract



Vitamin B12



Recommended Book For Hypothyroidism


New York Times bestseller book for people with hypothyroidism, there are over thirty-five million Americans with this autoimmune disease. This is the fastest growing autoimmune disease today, learn how to manage this disease with the ninety-day plan in this book. Reversing your thyroid disease is very possible with the information in this reference book, learn the practical pathway for healing and reversing this autoimmune disease.


Hashimoto’s Protocol



What Is On My Mind Today?


Starting to live a healthier lifestyle is a challenge for the majority of people, giving up our high sugar and artificial additive processed foods and snacks is not an easy thing to do. For you to have more energy and maintain your healthy weight again is the best gift you can ever give yourself, people who are healthy right now think it will never happen to them, but one day you might wake up in pain and no energy? Autoimmune disease is much worse than most of the other health problems you might experience, autoimmune does not usually kill you , but it does rob you of your life in another way?


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7 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight If You Are Hypothyroid-Autoimmune Disease

  1. Coming from the health care field I always appreciate those trying educate others on being healthier. Diets and our food intake are definitely an important part of our health, and as you touch on our energy levels. I wonder if I would benefit from the anti-inflammatory suggestions you gave. I get headaches frequently and this type of diet might help that frequency. Thanks for the information!

    1. Thank You

      Headaches are from inflammation and changing your diet might help your headaches,

      it will cost you very little to give it a try.


  2. I’ve recently started the Paleo diet, I’ve been a long time sufferer of migraines (about 7 years) and as suggested by my physical therapist this may decrease them. So far this is has been quite hard, I am a junk-food junkie, but slowly getting easier. I must agree with you in response to your email that eating healthy on a budget is possible, I’m young and just getting started in my career and student loans kill, but like you said watching sales and using coupons really do help a great deal. Do you have any suggestions on good books for migraine suffers and using the Paleo diet? I know diets take time to work and notice results, but its hard to keep going when you haven’t seen or read about any success stories.

  3. I do like what you’re trying to target on your website. The way how you divide the topics up on your website is smart. Although I do think that you need to elaborate more on each topic. I think if you add more details on your website, that alone will catch more of your customers eyes to buy. Add more pictures to your website to make it more appealing. Make sure you add some widgets to your website to make it easier to navigate.

    1. Thank you


  4. Hello, thankyou so much for your article, I found it really interesting. I have been a migraine suffer most of my life now, so I have had to watch everything I eat and drink. Cant drink alcohol and chocolate is something I can only have on rare occasions. At the moment im on more of a paleo diet, trying to keep away from grain. Thanks again for the info. Cheers Joanne

    1. Thank You

      Nice to hear from you, I am mainly on a Paleo diet myself but i do eat grains now and then by adding a handful to my soups when i have them so I don’t get too much grains.


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