How To Live Without Processed Foods-All Processed Foods Are Not Bad For You

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Can You Live  Without Processed Foods?


Technically, you could survive and be healthier without processed foods in your diet, most of us are eating more processed foods than we realize and learning which processed food are sabotaging our diet is the key to becoming healthier. Many of the processed foods are high in sugar, sodium and fat, by reading the ingredients before purchasing processed foods you can improve your health. Even more important is to avoid any processed foods which contain preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring, all of these together is thought to be the main cause of autoimmune diseases. For anyone who desires to live a life without processed foods, you simply only eat all natural foods such as fresh produce and fresh meats. For the people who just wishes to eliminate the unhealthy processed foods, read on and learn how to know which processed foods are unhealthy for you?


Unhealthy Processed Foods


American’s diets consist on the average about 70% of processed foods, now we know why America is the most unhealthy country today. We are abusing processed foods, and it is affecting our health, many processed foods, especially the ones not healthy for us are addicting. People crave the high sugar, sodium, fat and the preservatives in the unhealthy processed foods, Next time you go grocery shopping, make it a new habit to read the ingredients before you throw a product into your grocery cart. Anything with preservatives and artificial junk is an unhealthy processed food, for the foods which pass this test then check for how much sugar, sodium and fat they contain. These are what that is making you unhealthy and fat, eliminate all the artificial junk and cut back on the sugars, sodium and fat?


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Processed Food List


I am sure already you are understanding better about processed foods, now you know anything with artificial junk is a product you really should avoid. Start reading the ingredients for sugars, sodium and fat, cutting back on these is your answer to rid yourself of that belly fat. Many of us do not think of some processed foods as being processed, foods such as frozen veggies and fruits and canned veggies and fruits are processed foods. Pasteurizing food product also are processed, some processed foods are healthy for us and some are unhealthy.






Salty Snacks

Meat Products

Convenient Foods ( Microwave )


Frozen Pizza


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Healthy Diet Food List


Many people at first are overwhelmed with the thought of giving up their favorite processed foods, you might be surprised there are more healthy processed foods on a healthy diet than you expected? It will not take you long to feel the positive difference in how you feel after adjusting to your new diet, the cravings for the unhealthy processed foods will begin disappearing in about two weeks. You will also experience you will not be eating nearly as much to feel full and satisfied, once you start to feel your clothes becoming baggy you will be motivated to stick to this new diet plan.


Fresh Produce


Whole Grains

Nuts & Seeds

Low-Fat Dairy


Chicken Breast

Turkey Breast

Lean Beef

Canned Produce

Frozen Produce


Processed Free Food Diet


What Is On My Mind Today?


My intention with this article was to help you understand processed foods better, many things about our diets can become complicated and confusing for us to know if we are doing what is best for our bodies? The healthiest processed foods are your canned and frozen produce, canned tuna and roasted nuts, as long as you avoid the preservatives as much as you can you will become healthier and lose your belly fat as well.


Products Of The Day


Unprocessed Snacks

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  • Sonya says:

    Wow, your post was fascinating and I feel more knowledgeable about what junk I’m tossing into my stomach! Will be cleaning out my cupboards very soon. I suffer from psoriasis and I want to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet, your post was a big help in helping me know what to look for.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sonya

      You will notice a difference in your health by adjusting your diet to health natural foods and health processed foods, the artificial junk you are putting into your body may be contributing to your psoriasis let me know if the diet change helps?


  • Rob S. says:

    I know that processed foods are no good for you. It took a long time to realize that. I wasn’t aware they gave you more cravings, but it makes sense. It always seems like the foods that taste the best are the ones that are the worst for us. Well, there’s no more for me. With diabetes, I’m going healthy and skipping the carbs for good. Do you know which are the worst processed foods for people?

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I am sorry to hear you are experiencing diabetes, that is a major concern today for many people and is a major life change.

      The worse processed foods for you are the ones with preservatives in them and artificial flavors and colors, the salty snacks provide very little nutrients so that is the first ones I would cut out if it was me.


  • Jen says:

    I will totally agree that you feel such a HUGE difference when you eliminate processed foods from your diet!! It really is night and day. There are plenty of temptations out there, but there are so many recipes and foods that people don’t realize that taste just as good, but without all the horribleness that comes with processed foods. Great read.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jen

      I am happy to hear from someone who understands we must be more careful with our processed foods in our diet to be healthy, it is not just about our weight any longer it is about preventing autoimmune disease


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