How To Live With Chronic Back Pain-The Most Challenging Chronic Pain To Live With

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The Most Challenging Chronic Pain To Live with


Anyone who experiences chronic back pain understands how challenging it is to live with, everything you do affects your back with pain when you have chronic back pain. Things you would not think would bother you does, standing in lines at the grocery store increases your pain. Sitting too long in your favorite chair watching your favorite program on television gives you pain, people who experience this type of pain even has problems sleeping which aggravates your back pain. The most common chronic back pain is sciatica nerve pain, this pain shoots from your lower back down into your leg and even at times into your foot.


How Stress And Anxiety Affects Chronic Pain?


Did you ever notice when you are experiencing stress and your anxiety increases your chronic pain increases as well, it is a fact when we become anxious it is a trigger for our chronic pain? Many people who live with chronic back pain experiences chronic stress, when your back limits what you can do this often causes stress for many people. When we are in pain, we often become cranky and have very little patience for the things going wrong in our lives, it is difficult enough to handle life when we are experiencing too many lemons but add pain and these things are almost impossible for many people to cope with. When anxiety  lasts too long for the majority of people there is often no relief for their pain when this happens people often become depressed which can cause anyone to hit rock bottom.



Heat Therapy


If you experience sciatic nerve pain most often surgery is not required for most people to find relief, surgery for any health problems should be considered as your last choice of options. Many people who have surgery experience temporary relief but often these people will later in life experience an increase in their back pain once again with arthritis setting in, the best pain relief with this chronic pain is to use alternative health techniques. Heat therapy is the number one pain relief treatment which gives the majority of people relief from their pain, many people learn to live more efficiently by using this type of therapy. Using this therapy when sitting and relaxing with heating pads and heating blankets has improved their quality of life, using this therapy several hours before bedtime gives many people the relief to improve their sleep. With improved sleep people experience less severe chronic pain which allows them to be more active, if you are only going to invest in one method for your pain I recommend heat therapy.




Many of us when we experience chronic pain especially from our back do not feel like exercising, exercise to strengthen your back muscle is another good way to relieve your pain. Not all exercise is recommended when you have this type of chronic pain, yoga for back pain and stress is one of the best exercise programs you can practice. Another good one is using a recumbent stationary bike, the recumbent stationary bike is your best stationary bike to use when you experience problems with your back. This bike is like sitting in your favorite chair pedaling a bike, very low impact and easy on the back and with time will decrease many people’s pain. Often when we experience back pain we become less active and our back muscles become weaker which increases many people’s pain, doing short yoga and recumbent bike exercise has improved many people’s pain levels. Another good low impact exercise to consider is walking, many people with back pain must do their walking on a treadmill since walking outdoors often aggravates many people’s back pain due to uneven walking surfaces.



Physical Therapy


Many people benefit dramatically with physical therapy to find what works best to relieve their chronic pain, therapist can experiment with a wide variety of  treatment plans to find out what helps you and what aggravates your pain. Often this is the best first step for many people struggling to cope with their pain, therapist also can get you on a good exercise program which will ease your pain. Do not underestimate how much therapists can improve your life, they also can help you come up with the best management plan especially for you. This would be a good option before investing money into a recumbent bike or treadmill, these products are too expensive to invest in and find out they only aggravate your pain.


Inversion Tables


Inversion tables are becoming a very popular product for relieving chronic back pain, this stretches your back which relieves your back pain and has worked for many people over the past few years. This is especially good for sciatica nerve pain sufferers, there are a variety of these products available on the market today to fit most people’s budgets. This is a very low impact product which puts no stress on your joints so is a good choice to consider for the majority of people, I would recommend you consult your physician before investing in any products to be sure they are safe for you to use with your health problems.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Alternative health treatment is your safest treatment to relieve your chronic back pain, when using any of these products start out with very short periods and slowly increase your workouts until you get to where you wish to be. Most people do their best at about 30 minutes per day for the best results to manage their pain, begin working out 5 minutes and gradually increase to 30 minutes. Use heat therapy as often as you need for pain relief, heat relaxes your muscles decreasing your pain and for many gives them a better nights sleep. For any swelling use ice therapy especially for your joints, another option you can use is the pain creams and oils for temporary relief when you are going to be out and about.


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