How To Learn To Play Guitar-Guitar Kits Are A Great Christmas Gift

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Benefits Of Playing The Guitar


Did you know giving someone a guitar kit for Christmas has many benefits for them, it is true learning to play the guitar will provide that special someone many benefits for the rest of their lives. Playing the guitar is much like learning to ride a bike once you learn how you will never forget for the rest of your life. Music and art are the two best ways to reduce your anxiety and stress, so giving someone a guitar kit for Christmas you are giving them more than a musical instrument you are giving them a way to learn to deal with their stress. I learned how to play the guitar when I was still in grade school, even though it has been many years since I played a guitar I know I can pick a guitar up at any time and be able to still play. I bought my youngest son a guitar when he was in high school, this eased his high school anxiety and stress. It has been years since he graduated college and lives over two hours away but I know every time he plays that guitar he will be thinking of me.


Learning To Play The Guitar


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments people wish to learn to play, I learned to play the guitar while still in grade school so you are never too young to learn to play the guitar. There are several ways you can learn to play the guitar today when I learned you had to take guitar lessons from an experienced guitar player. Today you can learn to play the guitar online, YouTube has videos to learn just about anything you desire including learning to play the guitar. You can purchase very good beginner music books to learn to play as well, also you can purchase DVDs on learning to play the guitar. So if you have someone on your Christmas list you are considering purchasing a guitar for, do not fear that they cannot learn to play if they have the desire they can learn to play this instrument.


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Shopping For Guitars


Christmas time is a very good time to purchase a guitar for someone on your Xmas list, I recommend you purchasing a guitar kit which includes a good beginner’s guitar and accessories. Some of these beginner starter kits also include books and DVDs to get you started playing the guitar, purchasing a good beginner starter kit gets you everything you need and saves you money. Just be careful some of the guitar kits are for people who wish to build their own guitar which is not what most people are looking for. Unless the person you are buying for desires,  a kit to build their own guitar I would avoid buying any of these kits for anyone for a gift, most beginners start out on an acoustic guitar (6 string guitars ). You can purchase electric guitars as well, but usually starting out the 6 string acoustic is your best guitar for beginners.Many teenager’s desire the electric guitar, so if the person you are buying for desires the electric guitar you can purchase the electric instead of the acoustic guitar but it will be more expensive and you will need an amplifier for an electric guitar. I would recommend you purchasing the 6 string acoustic guitar for them to learn to play, then if they stick to it which most people do you can upgrade later to the electric guitar and amp.


Guitar Relaxation Technique


Playing the guitar is another relaxation technique for anxiety and stress management, teenagers use their music as a relaxation technique. This is why music is such a big deal to teenagers, this is their way of relaxing and coping with their teenage stress. Introducing the guitar or any other musical instrument is a great way to help your teenager reduce their anxiety, music has a way of naturally calming us. Learning to play an instrument takes concentration and physical activity which both provide a calming effect on people of all ages. The cost of the investment in the guitar or other musical instrument is very small compared to the benefits you receive, this investment will last the person for the rest of their lives if they take care of the instrument. Compared to professional therapy this is much less expensive and often much more efficient for the majority of people, so think of it as an investment in the person’s health. Anyone at any age can learn to play an instrument, I just starting learning myself recently how to play the harmonica, when I spend the evening before bed playing the harmonica I feel much more relaxed and sleep much better. If you have a sleep problem,  consider learning to play an instrument instead of taking those nasty sleeping medications, the harmonica is a very low investment and really easy to learn to play. Start out with a  high quality beginner harmonica such as Lee Oskar, choose a harmonica in key C to begin and before you know you will be playing and sleeping much better.

Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key of C, Major Diatonic


What Is On My Mind Today?


Music therapy is the most used and most beneficial relaxation technique for the majority of people, playing an instrument provides even better results than listing to music. Giving anyone a musical instrument for Xmas is a great gift idea, this truly is a gift which will last them a lifetime. This is a new hobby to introduce to someone, this would be an especially good gift choice for anyone you know with anxiety and stress management problems. I have lived with high stress and anxiety all my life, playing an instrument has been a great asset for me to cope over the years and this could be the best gift you could ever give anyone with high anxiety issues who has problems coping well.



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