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How To Learn Online For Free-Online Learning For Our Children

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Before I share the teachers and schools reasons for our children not learning to their potential, I have my own experience to share with you; I returned to college after twenty years to learn some new skills. To my surprise, many of the freshmen students in my classes were not able to read and write effectively, how could so many students graduate high school lacking these basic skills? Why would teachers keep passing these students from grade to grade when they were not ready for their next level of education, we all know once you get behind in school being advanced is only going to cause the student more problems? This is bad enough to experience, but how in the world did these students ever get accepted into a college? Has money become more important to our teachers and schools than our child’s education, money is the only reason I could come up with for any college to accept students who were not ready for a college education?


Teachers & Schools Side


  • Classroom Size
  • High Percent Of Poverty Families In The USA
  • Family Factors
  • Technology
  • Bullying
  • Attitudes & Behaviors
  • Disrespect The Teachers
  • Lack Of Parental Support
  • Health Issues
  • Budget Cuts


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Education School Problems


I can understand the schools being hit with budget cuts, this has happened all over the United States. Could it be possible the people who make the decisions where to make the budget cuts could be in the wrong, cutting the amount of teachers to teach our children does not seem to me the best decision for our children’s education? I don’t buy the schools putting the blame on the parents; the parents are paying high school taxes and these teachers are earning good wages with good benefits. As with poverty, there is poverty in every country and this I feel should not be an excuse for the schools. Instead of going on and on about the reasons the schools are using to avoid taking the blame themselves, the main problem is there are too many of our children not prepared for college when they graduate high school. There are dedicated teachers who are passionate about teaching our children, but it seems to me there are too many teachers today who are teaching for the wrong reasons.


Online Education


What about online education for our children to learn to their potential, I do feel our children would receive a better education learning online from home? This would eliminate many of the problems of our children not learning and not being prepared for college, many parents will say they just can’t afford to pay for their child to learn from home. Many families do need both parents income to live comfortably, what if you had your child learning online you did not have to pay school taxes? Maybe they should just close down all the public schools and make learning online the way our kids get educated in the future,  there is no easy solution for this problem but something needs to change that is a fact?


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Special Education


Online education for children with special needs and learning disabilities greatly benefits these children, many children share that special education in public schools is frustrating for them to learn. The majority of these children share they struggle to learn in their schools, most complain they are distracted by the other children who are misbehaving. Parents often are not able to help their children with their homework, many older parents admit they don’t understand their children’s homework, so how can their children understand?


  • Pre-Recorded Classes Children Share They Can Watch Over And Over Until They Understand
  • No Time Limit On Each Class Allows These Kids To Wok At Their Own Pace
  • Less Distractions At Home
  • No Bullying
  • Variety Of Learning Styles & Aids
  • These Children Experience Less Anxiety and Receive More Support


Even when I was in school,  the teachers taught very quickly and if you did not learn you got left behind, all children do not learn in the same way. The majority of children today learn the best through visual learning, this is what is focused on for these kids when they learn online. I am not against teachers in public schools, well at least not all the teachers. It just is a shame our teachers and schools are allowing so many of our children to be left behind, teachers do have a schedule they must meet with their learning and that is the reason they are teaching so quickly today. There are very few children who don’t find at the least some classes difficult for them to learn, there really needs to be some changes in the teaching in our schools to adjust to our children being able to learn to their potential.


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E-Learning For Kids For Free


E-learning for kids is providing children around the world with high-quality digital primary education, this is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping all children everywhere learn to their potential. This program was established in 2004, the children who have and are participating in this program say it is a fun way for them to learn. This free program is for children at the ages between five years old and twelve years old, interested in what your child will learn?


  • Math
  • Science
  • Environmental Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Health
  • Language Skills
  • Keyboarding Skills


Learn More About E-Learning For Kids For Free


Free Online Learning For Children With Special Needs


No matter where you live in Wisconsin you are eligible for this one-on-one academic assistance program, these teachers and counselors are dedicated and passionate about providing the specialized services your child requires to attain academic success. The goal is to discover your child’s roadblocks and help them remove these barriers to learn to their potential.


  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexia & Reading Disabilities
  • Autism
  • Speech, Language & Communication Disabilities
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Hyperactivity
  • Health Impairments
  • Auditory & Visual Impairments


Learn More About This Program In Wisconsin


Through this free program your child will learn in a variety of ways, one-on-one learning and in small groups available. Learning through email and telephone is available as well, the teachers and counselors in this program are willing to do whatever it takes for your child to learn. By the  way, the people in Wisconsin can access their public education through this program with their tax dollars.



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What Is On My Mind Today?


What comes to my mind right now is if a non-profit organization in Wisconsin can provide these children free one-on-one education why can’t organizations in all the other states do the same thing, I support any organization which provides services for these kids. I might not be able to support them all with funds, but I can support them by sharing their organizations and services with my readers.



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  • Joel says:

    Thanks Jeff for sharing this important topic.
    You have brought a topic that needs more attention for our nation. Normally having a high school diploma is a great achievement, you should not need another training to get a job that can sustain your life.In many countries around the world, the workforce is composed of people who have high school diploma.
    The strong education must start from the early age, I am convinced that if our young people get what they need, they can achieve what we can’t imagine.
    You have talked about a free online education in Wisconsin. Do you have any information related to free education in other states?
    Again Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Joel,

      I appreciate you reading and commenting on this topic which is very important to me, I remember how many children struggled in my public schooling system despite how hard they tried the could not learn fast enough to keep up.

      I did my best to find other programs such as the one in Wisconsin with no luck, hopefully Wisconsin will be the start of other states doing the same thing for our children


  • Daniella says:

    Hi there,

    Great article, I’ve found it fascinating!
    I’ve done homeschool with my children, and they were learning online courses. They’ve enjoyed it very much, and you know something. They were much calmer than when they were learning in public school. They went back to public shool because I had to go to work. I couldn’t afford to stay at home with them anymore. So this is something that should be considered as well!
    However, my sister little boy does not get along with public shool. I will share this article with her. I am sure she will find it extremely useful!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Daniella,

      I do understand all mothers are not able to stay home and home school their children, for the mothers who are able too this is a good opportunity for their children. Thank you for sharing your children were much calmer learning at home, that is what many parents and even the children say as well.


  • Amy says:

    You raise some really interesting points here about the condition of our school system in this country, so online education really fills the gap! I agree with you that online education, especially for children with learning disabilities and special needs, is really beneficial. There are already shortcomings in our schools, and for someone with special needs, it makes it that much more difficult for them to learn. Plus the fact that parents are ill-equipped to help their kids or don’t understand, so the online framework makes a lot of sense! Great post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Amy,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing with my other readers, I do feel public schools special education is not equipped to handle the amount of children with special needs in their schools today. Even many of the schools admit they have too many students in each class to be able to spend enough time helping individual students having difficult understanding.


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