How To Heal From Emotional Pain-Healing A Broken Heart

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How To Heal From Emotional Pain


We all have been emotionally hurt sometime in our lives, many  times this experience triggers severe anxiety we just have a very difficult time recovering from. Anytime we are emotionally hurt our hearts are broken, a broken heart is the most difficult pain to heal from any other I have experienced in my entire life. These emotional painful times in our lives are the most dramatic experiences we have to deal with, any type of emotional dramatic experience can be a trigger for severe anxiety and depression.


emotional pain


Physical & Emotional Pain


Physical pain is much easier and quicker to heal from, there is a pretty good set of methods to heal from your physical pain. Now for your emotional pain it is much more complicated, everyone has some anxiety from a broken heart but everyone’s symptoms and severity is not the same. Some of the most common symptoms from anxiety from emotional pain are:


Guilt Blaming Yourself

Negative Self Talk & Thinking

The Loss Of Love

Dwelling On The Past

Extreme Sadness

Low Self Esteem

Feelings Of Being Broken Inside

No Motivation To Move On


For many people a good start for recovering from emotional pain is to start writing your thoughts and feelings in a diary or journal, this is an excellent method for those of you who are similar to myself and are not comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person at this time.




Time & Patience


This type of healing takes time and patience on your part, this is a time in your life you need to treat yourself extra special. Everyone heals at a different rate from this type of pain, as hard as this will be you must forgive yourself and the person who broke your heart. Making this completely clear to you, you are not forgiving the other person for their sake you are forging them so you can start healing much sooner. Dwelling on the past and holding grudges only hurts yourself from healing and will also make your anxiety much more severe.




What Can I Do To Heal


Now its been enough time for you to begin to work on moving on with your life, as you move on with your life your self esteem will improve once again and your anxiety will return closer to normal. one thing which really helped me get back on track was me getting a pet, having a pet forces you to give and receive emotional love once again. It is extremely difficult not to feel loved when your living with your pet, if your not a pet person here are some next steps.

Positive Self Talk

Focus On Your Strengths

Making New Goals

New Relationships



guided imagery


Final Thought


I decided to write this article because it took me way too long myself to heal from my broken heart in the past, if I had used these myself I would have healed much quicker and been able to deal with my anxiety issues much sooner. You must move through these steps at your own pace, pushing yourself is not an option. Pushing yourself will only increase your anxiety, this will actually push you backward not forwards. I know this from my own experience, a broken hurt mends slower then any other part of our bodies.




  • Michelle says:

    Thank you for the helpful article, me along with nearly everyone can relate to a heartbreak and the expected issues that are connected. Depression and saddness tends to snap it’s ugly head in and it’s hard to overcome that. The hurt can be traumatic and can lead to mild or severe cases. I wish that everyone could enlighten themselves to understand it can get better, but only if you’re willing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michelle

      I appreciate your comment very much, this is something everyone can relate to and maybe with this article more of us will be able to deal with it much better with less anxiety in the future.


  • Liz says:

    I think when you are broken hearted it can feel like you are the only one in the world going through it. It can be very isolating, because it is as if someone close to you has died, yet, that is not the case. So, in some ways, you may not get the support you might get from others if someone close to you actually had died. This can be very hard, and reading your post just reminded me of how painful it can be! I wish I had these books in the past, because I think they could have helped me too. Hindsight is a funny thing…

    • admin says:

      Thank You Liz

      So true when your heart is broken it does feel like that person has died and left you all alone, even though that is not the case it is very similar emotionally.

      I do feel these books would be beneficial for many people as well.


  • Marilyn says:

    Healing from my broken heart took forever! Even now, many years later, tears can still spring to my eyes.

    It’s exactly as has been said… it’s like someone died and yet they didn’t. You feel so cut off and alone.

    In my case I was only able to speak to a counsellor concerning it. She was so lovely and she used to hug me lots.

    But even after I stopped the counselling, it still took such a long time for me to come to grips with what had happened.

    Although many times I felt I’d got on top of it, still I’d fall back again… over and over and over again! Do you have any ideas how that could be prevented?

    I just want you to know that the info you’ve written here is vital… we all need it and need to take note.

    Thank you so much.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Marilyn

      Sadly Marilyn, your experience is a part of the process we all must go through when recovering from a broken heart. For the longest time I would or could not go out into social events, just seeing two people a loving couple would bring tears to my eyes and raise my anxiety.

      Counselling is a wonderful way to deal with a broken heart and many other problems, if you find a good counselor they are worth their weight in gold.

      I am sorry you also had to go through this process of healing


  • 4leaders says:

    Thank you for this much needed article. I love that you placed books through this. I forwarded this to a friend of mine at work. I learned very long ago that writing or journalizing is a powerful healing method but I have experienced (once) such a deep depression that it took all of my effort to get out of bed or to eat, I didn’t write during those times because even that was too much. So please keep writing your articles!

    • admin says:

      Thank You 4 Leaders

      I also experienced the same not being able too and not really caring to get out bed in the past, I highly recommend making it a habit to write your thoughts and feelings in a journal or diary everyday if possible. I write in mine every morning and every night ,this seems to clear my mind to start and end my day.

      Wish you the best for you and your friend,


  • Lutrish says:

    Exactly what we need at a time like this when pressures close in on us from all around. I particularly like the writing it down book, I’m working on writing as a niche

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Lutrish

      Writing is very helpful, you need not write in a journal or book.
      You can do online journal and diaries, I think writing in a blog
      is a great idea I know my website gives me much therapy sharing
      with all of you.


  • Martina says:

    I love the tip to get a pet! I think pets are great for emotional issues. Because they force you to be emotionally involved in the most positive way and they love unconditionally. Especially dogs, they will just give you love without end. It has also taken (and still taking) me a long time to heal from my broken heart from a relationship that ended a few years ago (I know so long!) so I’ll definitely look into some of these books. Thanks for the tips!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Martina

      I am sorry you had your broken not so long ago, it does take time to heal a broken heart.

      You take care of that heart of yours, happy you enjoyed the article.


  • Tim says:


    The world need more posts like this one. We live in a world of confusion. It is nice to know people like you care about helping others heal from a broken heart.

    Life is to short not to get home for your pain. Thanks for the info you are sharing. It is important to have sites like this one.

    The images and words go well together. The flow is easy to read.

    Thanks for a good solid post. I am sure many people will be helped by this site.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Tim

      I appreciate you reading my post and commenting, its always nice to hear from my readers. Especially when they like my articles, best to you have a great weekend


  • Shane says:

    Hi Jeff
    For the majority of us we at least once in our lives suffer from a broken heart. Mine was when my parents broken up when I was 13 and I moved a long way from where my father was living and I suffered for the rest of my teenage years. The guide you have set out here is a really helpful one, I’m sure if I had at least implemented one of these steps I wouldn’t have suffered for as long.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Shane

      I appreciate you sharing your own experience with a broken heart, I truly feel many troubled teens could be a result from a broken heart through divorce or some other emotional drama in their childhood.


  • Mani says:

    Hi, You spoke out the real inner feelings many of us are facing and trying to find a solution for those. To be frank I have come across such depressions but never went for a councelling. As you said writing our inner most feelings will heal our soul and give positive energy. Talking to ourselves in a lonely place is another method to bring our confidence back. Very good article to read.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mani

      I am sorry you have experienced much depression and I am sure anxiety, from my experience they seem to go together when either one shows up in your life too long the other joins the party. Counseling is a very good thing for people who have no positive person to talk too, you need not someone to solve your problems just someone who is a good listener which you can trust with your heart.


  • rule2020 says:

    Thanks for very insightful article.
    The physical and mental pain of being heart broken sometimes can be extreme.
    Heartbreaks sometimes lead you to become powerless and gives you frustration for having a failed relationship or rejection from other people and not having things the way you want them to be.
    Tremendous courage and acceptance are the prerequisites for healing a broken heart, considering that all things happen for a reason. People come and go.
    Love is a blessing even if it ends
    painfully. Love always bear wisdom to start a new life and live happily again.

    Thank you for your wonderful post and for sharing your own experience and thoughts. I appreciate it a lot.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rule

      I appreciate you sharing your opinion with us today, sadly some people heal more quickly then others.


  • Mark says:

    Interesting stuff. I have like most people experienced a broken heart and your very right it takes a long time to heal.

    I also read in a book called ‘social’ that recovering from physical pain is much easy than emotional pain.

    I never knew that getting a pet was a good way to learn to love again, those I agree that when you have a pet it’s hard not to express love towards it.

    I love that you put links to books that can help with specific books that can solve these issues.

    Thanks for sharing

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mark

      I am happy you enjoyed this article, yes pets are one of our best methods to become happier and healthier. I share resources I feel will benefit those struggling with these issues, I hope people take advantage of my information and resources.


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