How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Partner-Good Relationship Skills

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Communication & Listening Skills


Good relationship skills are important for any type of relationship, but even more important when you are in a healthy relationship with your life partner. Today people are often involved in more than one love relationship during their lifetime, do you think this means people lack good relationship skills? The most important relationship skills to develop first would be your communication and listening skills, with the internet and mobile phone texting is our society lacking good communication and listening skills? Could our work and live balance plan cause us relationship problems, the majority of people who have an imbalanced work and life lifestyle often does not have the patience or energy to be a good partner.


What Is Most Important In Love?


Knowing the answer to what is most important in love seems to be a mystery for the majority of people, are you a giver or a taker in your relationships? The most important thing in love is to focus on your partner more than yourself, many people are either givers or takers and being only one in a relationship is not being a good partner. Both people must be willing and practice compromising with their partner regularly, being a partner means to be one another’s equal but is this common in most relationships today? When each person focuses on their partner, the relationship goes much smoother, this does not mean you are always giving and never receiving.



Never Go To Bed Angry


Many couples go to bed angry often sleeping apart at least for that night, sleep problems is one of the major problems for people today. When you and your partner have conflict is it really worth having problems sleeping, most of the conflicts couples have are miscommunication from poor communication and listening skills.  When a couple is not sleeping due to conflicts in their relationship, this affects their ability to solve the problem many times, with the lack of sleep you are not going to be as clear-headed and patient to settle the dispute very well. Couples most often sleep apart after a conflict to punish the other person, really who is this punishing the most you or your partner? Going to bed angry is not a good relationship skill to start, many couples take longer to settle the problem and make up after sleeping apart.


Adding Romance


Being a good partner by adding romance to your relationship is always a good habit to form, knowing you are improving your partner’s day with a romantic text message can do so much for a relationship. Romance does not have to big expensive or take a lot of planning, romance can be simple gestures just to make your sweetheart’s day go better. Even though this is being a good partner on your part, your partner is not the only one who benefits you also receive benefits by being a good partner feeling good inside. The best therapy for when you are depressed or anxious is to do something for the ones you love, who can stay blue when they are making someone else happy?



Forgiving One Another


The most difficult part for many couples is forgiving one another, saying I am sorry to your partner after a conflict feels like the wrong thing to be doing. This is even more difficult when both people feel they were right and the other was wrong, apologizing is not admitting you was wrong, it is just being a good partner and saying you are sorry for the conflict which happened between you. Do not allow pride to prevent you from being a good partner, love is about putting your partner first and apologizing is good for your relationship. Do not hold grudges against your partner, this has destroyed many loving relationships and hurts you as much as it hurts your partner.


What Is On My Mind Today?


The majority of the time our relationship conflicts are the cause of miscommunication with our partner, many times this is not the fault of either person miscommunication can happen very easily between you and your partner. Maybe you had other things on your mind and was not listening as well as you thought you were, maybe your partner was in a hurry and did not explain themselves as well as they thought they did? Men do have a short attention span and often do not hear everything their partner might be telling them, women are often taking care of several things at one time. A couple must learn how to communicate and listen to one another to avoid as many conflicts as possible, your best strategy for this is to learn how to improve your communication and listening skills together.



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