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How To Get Your Abs In Shape-Changing Your Lifestyle For Better Abs


Abs And Your Age


As you have noticed the majority of people as they age experience their abs becoming out of shape, the reason for this for most people is their metabolism slows down as they become older. Adjusting your lifestyle is a must for many people to get their abs back in shape, for most of us this is extremely difficult and one of our most challenging changes in our lives. Most people must exercise their abs regularly to tone them and rid themselves of their love handles, another lifestyle change is our diets.


Changing Your Diet


Many people must change their diets to get your abs back in shape, for many changing the way they eat gives them feelings of hopelessness because for most of us giving up the high sugar and high sodium foods are very difficult for us. People have a close intimate relationship with their favorite foods, the unhealthy high sugar and sodium foods are most people’s favorites and are addicting. Focus on high protein and low sugar and sodium in your new diet, also consider changing from 3 big meals per day to 4 to 6 mini meals. Think about changing your eating habits to snacking 4-6 per times per day instead of your normal larger meals, this will increase your metabolism and is very important to get your abs back in shape.



Could Your Beverages Giving You Love Handles?


Sometimes people are watching their diet and eating in moderation high sugar and sodium foods and still have love handles, many times people do not take in account of their beverages might be sabotaging their ab diet. Most people are highly addicted to their soda pop, these beverages are high in sugar which will sabotage you ridding yourself of your love handles. Beware also of many of your juice beverages being high in sugar as well, most of us think of juice beverages as being healthy but that is not always the case.


Exercise For Your Abs


Most people understand exercise is something we must do to get our abs back in shape, this is even more true as we become older and our metabolism slows down. Cardio exercise is your abs best friend, this type of exercise burns calories and helps get your love handles back in shape. Good cardio for your abs are riding a bike and jogging, also for people who love the outdoors and nature trails biking and jogging nature trails is often even a better workout then biking or jogging any place else. Swimming is another option you can try, any activity which gets you moving is a good cardio exercise.



 Ab Workout


A good ab workout gives you a variety to keep you motivated and get your abs back in shape, focus on 20-30 minutes on your abs 3 days per week is a good way to start to get your abs back in shape. The best exercise is cardio to burn extra calories away, also  many people add planks to their work out with starting at 30 seconds and working up to 2 minutes. An ab workout would not be complete without some crunches, focus on only 15 regular crunches and only 15 side crunches per workout, this is a good combination for you to start getting your abs back in shape.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Many times you can be watching what you eat and exercising regularly and still experiencing difficulty getting your abs in shape, one of the most common hidden obstacles for most people is the stress and anxiety in their lives. Stress and anxiety will sabotage anyone’s efforts to get their abs back in shape, anxiety ruins many parts of our lives especially our relationships. When your relationship is not going well you often will become an emotional eater and not even realize it, stress affects our entire lives and often learning to manage our stress will solve many of our other problems.



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