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How To Get In Shape Fast With Supplements-Supplements Diet And Exercise Tips


Getting Into Shape Again


Are you over 40 and starting to feel old, many people start to wonder how can they stay in shape after 40? For many of us once you reach 40 years old we start to see small changes in our bodies we are not happy about, belly fat is one of the things which begins to happen after we reach our forties. Using the combination of supplements, our diets and exercise we can stay in shape no matter what our age might be, adding the right supplements can get you feeling back in shape again. Supplements are a good thing to add to your diet and exercise plan, the main supplements to avoid are diuretics and laxatives. Many people turn to these two supplements to lose weight, diuretics used regularly will dehydrate you. Laxatives used regularly will empty your bowel, neither of these are supplements you should use regularly.


Vitamin D


Many people over the age of 40 find themselves low on vitamin D, this vitamin is known as the sunshine vitamin. This vitamin promotes bone and cell growth as well as reduces inflammation, with the fear of skin cancer many people today are using sunscreen which is one reason more people are low on this vitamin today. Are you spending enough time outdoors, with our lifestyles today many people are spending less time outdoors and this can be another reason you are low on this vitamin?


Difficulty Making Decisions

Poor Bone Health

Muscle Weakness

Unexplained Fatigue



Fish Oil


Fish oil is a great alternative to receiving the benefits from fatty fish without the concern of mercury contamination, if you have no fear of eating fish focus on fatty fish such as trout, mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines and salmon. Fish oil taken regularly provides an improvement in a sharper mind, assists in building muscle and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Some people are taking cod liver oil thinking it is the same as fish oil, cod liver oil comes from the livers of the cod fish and is not the same as fish oil.


Whey Protein Shakes


You will find whey protein shakes has many health benefits and is an asset to building lean muscle mass and losing body fat, high protein and low carbs and fat is what you are looking for in your getting back into shape plan. Whey protein shakes curbs your appetite which helps you lose weight without sacrificing losing any muscle mass, what you might not know is this shake also provides benefits for depression, blood pressure, blood sugar and cancer?



Energy Bars


High protein and low sugar energy bars are perfect for in between meal snacks and on the go snacks, these energy bars provides you with vitamins and minerals which is what you need to keep moving with your new active lifestyle. Besides, the obvious energy boosts these are awesome for weight loss and your digestion. Do not mistake these bars for your breakfast and granola bars, these are much healthier for you and give you the energy boost and feeling full and satisfied feeling you are looking for.


Green Tea


One of the best healthy beverages you can drink is green tea, for those of you who are not tea drinkers this also is available in supplement form. Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients, this is a natural fat burner and boosts your metabolism. This improves your brain functioning which most of us can always use an improvement, so this is a good additive to your get back into shape plan.





The vitamin B12 is another vitamin many people today have a deficiency of, the main symptoms many people experience is low energy levels. Do you have healthy looking hair and skin, if not this also could be a sign you’re low on this vitamin? This vitamin assists in reducing depression and stress, some diseases it helps are heart disease, high cholesterol levels, several types of cancers as well as strokes and high blood pressure.


What About Your Diet?


Eat processed foods in moderation, these foods are loaded with high sugar and sodium not to mention all the chemicals which are not good for your get back into shape plan. Anything which is not natural can sabotage your plan, preservatives are not healthy for us to be putting into our bodies on a regular every day diet plan.


Turkey & Chicken Breast

Beef & Pork





Dry Roasted Nuts

Olive Oil

Plain Yogurt


Cottage Cheese


Gluten Free Grains

Gluten Free Pasta

Gluten Free Cereal



Strength Training


Strength training is important in your get back in shape plan, strength training is very important especially when you are over  40 to maintain your strength and for healthy bone density. This type of training buns calories and retains muscle, this is important to promote muscle growth which many people lose muscle as they become older. Are you feeling less flexible than you used to be, how is your balance compared to the past? Strength training will improve all these health problems for you and more, are you not sure where to start with beginning a strength training workout plan?




Cardio is any exercise or activity which gets you moving and your heart rate up, I recommend you focusing on working towards doing cardio 3 times per week 20 to  30 minutes per workout. Some of the exercises you can choose from are running, jogging and biking, also working out on elliptical, treadmills and stationary bikes are good. Activities such as basketball, soccer and swimming are good choices as well, one activity people overlook as a great total body workout is bowling.



What Is On My Mind Today?


This article should give you a good start at getting back in shape no matter what age you might be, another thing I do recommend you considering is to track your get back into shape again plan. Tracking your weight and workouts and even your meals and snacks will not only keep you motivated but also keep you committed, you can do this with a journal book or an online journal as well. This can make a huge difference in how fast you get back into shape again, remember using supplements, your diet and exercise together will give you the best results faster than any other total body plan.


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