How To Find Forgiveness In Your Heart-Holding Grudges Only Hurts Yourself

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Do You Hold Grudges?


I hope you are a forgiving person and do not hold grudges, for many people it is difficult for them to forgive someone who has hurt them? Holding grudges prevents us from recovering and healing from our emotional pain when someone hurts us, the longer we hold a grudge the more we experience the emotional pain the person caused us by whatever they did. Forgiving is for us not for them, you are doing more harm to your own health than to the person you are holding the grudge against. The people who usually hold grudges the longest are people who are extra sensitive and get their feelings hurt very easily, these also are the people who recover and heal the slowest.


How Do You Sleep?


Sleep problems are a major concern for the majority of people today, when you are holding a grudge this affects the majority of people with trouble with their sleep. When we have something on our mind which is preventing us from sleeping as well as we should it does affect us in many ways, the lack of sleep affects your concentration and other mental functioning such as your memory. This can be debilitating for many people when this goes on for a long period, eventually this can even affect your physical health as well. Why is it so hard for some of us to forgive the ones who has hurt us, for many people their hearts are fragile and break easier than others?



Why Am I Anxious?


When you are holding a grudge often, you will experience anxiety issues, anyone who has experienced anxiety issues knows how this can change a person’s life. Many times the hurtful incident keeps going over and over in our minds, this happens even more severely at night and is one of the reasons people have problems sleeping. Anxiety can drive a person crazy with not being able to get this pain off their minds, many times people cannot understand how or why this person would do such a thing to them?  If this anxiety becomes too severe, many people begin to experience depression symptoms, often these people cannot understand why they are feeling so sad? Many have no idea why they are feeling depressed, often they do not make the connection since the depression often comes some time after the initial emotional pain.




Some people experiencing severe emotional pain from someone who hurts them will overspend their budget, when you have been hurt you must be very careful with your money. Eating and spending money are the two most common problems associated with living with the health problems which can come with holding a grudge, of course sleep problems is most often the number one and first symptom most people will experience.Many people will find managing their weight to be extremely difficult for them, depending on what health problems you experience you could have excessive weight gain or excessive weight loss. Most people tend to experience excessive weight gain with anxiety, on the other hand people experiencing more depression often experience weight loss. Either one of these can cause you severe health problems, these are all signs your health is needing your attention.



Why Forgive The Ones Who Hurts You?


When you hold grudges you now know how it can affect your health, forgiving will allow you to enjoy your day more once you forgive and begin the healing process. Is this person worth holding a grudge against, most of the time if this person hurt you intentionally they are not worth you holding a grudge against them. You really are better without them if this is the type of person they are, this is not what is in a healthy relationship? You  want to focus on healthy relationships with people who will appreciate you and cherish your friendship, people will hurt you again and you need to protect yourself by learning how to forgive them. Remember, you are not forgiving them for their sake, you are forgiving them so you can  heal and move on?


What Is On My Mind Today?


Now you should understand better how forgiving will help you heal quicker from your emotional pain, holding on by holding a grudge is not worth what you could put yourself through. Forgiving those who break your heart takes practice and time, when you are a very sensitive person your pain is much worse than it is for others. Preventing all the mental health issues is well worth learning this new skill, this might be one of the most important coping skills you will ever learn?



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