How To Exercise With Fibromyalgia-Managing Fibromyaliga With Exercise

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Fibromyaligia & Gluten


Are you living with unexplained pain and fatigue if so you could be living with fibromyaligia? This once unexplained disease is now known to be in the arthritis family, managing this autoimmune disease you must adjust your lifestyle. Gluten foods for many people with this disease increases their pain and fatigue, your first best step is to go on a gluten-free diet. You must read all ingredients on everything you purchase from now on, anything with any form of wheat, rye or barley is a possible trigger for your symptoms. Many people who have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten food can also be experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia. People with rheumatoid arthritis has also experienced an improvement with many of their symptoms, so a gluten-free diet is recommended for anyone with any type of autoimmune disease.


 Fibromyalgia & Exercise


The majority of people with this autoimmune disease and most other autoimmune diseases experiences a better quality of life by exercising regularly, by exercising you are keeping your body toned which will reduce your chronic pain and fatigue. Exercise & a gluten-free diet has been the most successful management plan for autoimmune disease, for many people changing their lifestyle has relieved their chronic symptoms enough they have been able to go off many of their pain medications. Like your diet you must be on a special program, most people experience the best results with a low-impact exercise program at periods of 30 minutes or less several times per week. Start out with very short exercise workouts you can manage without increasing your pain and fatigue to an extreme, even starting out 5 minutes is a good first step.





 The majority of people who experience chronic pain and fatigue experience swimming a very beneficial low-impact exercise, many people who are not able to exercise with other low-impact workouts are able to exercise in a swimming pool. Therapy pools are very therapeutic for many people just walking around or sitting and bending their joints, this is one of the most highly recommended exercises for people who experience any type of chronic  joint pain. Hot tubs and whirlpools are a great comfort for people as well, using these are a very good first step if you are experiencing severe joint pain.


 Yoga For Fibromyalgia


There is a specific low-impact yoga just for people with fibromyalgia and other arthritis type diseases, these are very gentle on your joints and slow poses which will not drain your energy like many other low-impact exercises. There is a nice variety of yoga products available to choose from, I recommend the yoga DVDs for people who wish to learn this type of yoga at home. Many YMCA’s offer yoga classes of this type for a small fee, some gyms also offer yoga classes but be sure they are for people with fibromyalgia or they may aggravate your chronic pain and fatigue. The YCMA does have discount memberships available for fixed-income people, if you are 55 years or older check with your insurance company about the silver sneakers program.



Recumbent Stationary Bike


For people with less severe chronic pain and fatigue cycling is recommended, starting out cycling it is usually best for many people to use a recumbent stationary bike. This type of bike is like sitting in a chair riding a bike, much easier on your joints and especially beneficial for anyone with back pain. After you exercise for some time with this bike, you may be able to advance to other types of stationary  bikes, some people have even improved enough with time to start riding a bicycle outdoors during the summer months. Most people experience less severe symptoms during warm season months, you maybe will have to adjust your workouts seasonal with using the recumbent bike during the colder and damper seasons. This is true for many people with this disease, always be open to making changes in your workouts depending on the severity of your symptoms. This  adjustment is not a set back with your achievements, this is being smart about managing your symptoms.


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Exercise & diet can be your best management plan for your chronic pain and fatigue, everyone must experiment to find the best exercise for their body. Even a little exercise can give you some relief from your symptoms, during flare-ups rest more and reduce your exercise and activity until your flare-ups reduce enough to resume back to your regular routine. Do not beat yourself up during flare-ups and push yourself, this is the biggest mistake many people make and will only increase your symptoms.



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