How To Enjoy Your Day More-Treating Yourself As You Treat Others

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How You Treat Yourself?


Many people treat others with much more compassion than they treat themselves, how many times a day do you do something nice for someone else? The simple gestures we do for others during our day gives them a lift in their day, so why not treat yourself the same? The majority of people are very hard on themselves, much harder than they are on others. How many times have you punished yourself for something you would forgive others for doing, forgiving yourself for your mistakes is something which many people find difficult to do? Starting your day being thankful for the person you are is a very good way to begin your day, the majority of people do not appreciate themselves as much as they do others.


Loving Yourself


The majority of people who are single spend their time searching for love online, learning how to love yourself first is important before you can truly love another person and be in a serious healthy relationship which lasts. Experiencing intimacy with that special person will of course make your day special, but do you really love yourself is a question many people should ask themselves? Do you like the person you are, if not making healthy changes to improve yourself will make your day special? Learning new things is important for a person to improve themselves, when we do things which improves our day we are also improving our lives.



Healthy Positive Relationships


Focusing on forming healthy positive relationships will improve your emotional health,  when you are around positive people you will enjoy your day much more. Just being around negative people can ruin many people’s day, every day the opportunity becomes available take advantage of meeting someone new with a positive attitude. Avoiding negative people as much as possible will often keep people from waking up feeling depressed. For some people being exposed to negative people and situations can be triggers for anxiety and depression.


Smile & Laugh Often


People who smile and laugh often enjoy their day much more than people who do not, laughing at yourself can improve your day. How many times per day do you do something you could laugh about, we all do dumb little things most days we could laugh about?. Do you have a good balance of work and play every day, people who do achieve a good balance enjoys their day more than people who do not? Make it a point to read humorous articles and jokes every day possible, find a good website and join their newsletter for humor to be sent to your email every day.



Make Fun A Part Of Your Day


Many of us are experiencing stress most days which gives us anxiety and even some depressing thoughts, learning how to make fun a part of your day will relieve some of your stress and improve your day. Often we get so involved in things going on in our lives we forget to make time for fun, this is especially true for mothers with careers. Managing a career and a family can take the fun out of life if you are not careful, if you have a partner sharing some of the home responsibilities can give both of you more time for some fun? Exercise in the way of fun activities improves most people’s day, this has many benefits especially managing your weight. People who struggle with their weight often do not enjoy life as much as they should, adding fun activities will improve your day and manage your weight giving you more fun in your day.


What Is On My Mind Today?


The best strategy to enjoy your day more is to add some fun activities to your day, giving more hugs and smiles will improve everyone’s day including your own.  Adding a variety of hobbies and interests is always a good way to improve your day, do something for someone else is another way to make your day better. Treat yourself special in some way every day, this can be a small inexpensive gift or possibly your favorite indulgent treat. Spending time with family and friends is always an uplifting experience, listen to your favorite music or start a new craft project. Do whatever makes you happy will make your day even better than yesterday, loving yourself is the best therapy you can do every single day.



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