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How To Donate To A Charity-Donating On The Holidays


Holiday Charity Donating Tips


People have less money for donating to charities today than in the past, many people donate to charities during the Christmas holiday season. Choosing a legitimate charity can be overwhelming for many people, there are so many charities today asking for donations especially this time of the year. I have been forced to cut back on the number of charities I donate too, many people are in this situation today with the high-priced economy and wages not nearly high enough to keep up with the cost of living. when choosing a charity it is much like shopping for Christmas gifts, you must research for information before choosing any charity.


How To Find A Good Charity

What type of charities are close to your heart, I am partial to donating mainly to children and animal charities. Children and animals has always been close to my heart to donate to help the children and animals suffering. There is a one-stop website you can check out for information on charities, this website gives you good information you can use to decide on new charities to donate too. Charity Navigator is the website I go to for legitimate well-managed charities which will put my donations to work the most efficiently to help their cause. Focus on the organization’s mission and goals, a good organization will focus on how your donations are used to accomplish their goals.


How Donating Is Healthy For You


I chose this article them because donating to charities are very healthy for you if you can manage to even donate a very small amount to a charity which is important to you it will improve you health. Giving often is better than any medications your doctor can prescribe for you, giving and helping others is a very powerful tool to remain healthy and happy. Many of us must make some personal sacrifices to donate to our favorite charities, making a Christmas holiday budget will allow you to donate during the holidays, this is very important so you do not over-spend and cause yourself financial stress after the holidays.


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Charity Donations As A Xmas Gift


Many people will donate to a charity which someone close to them has an emotional attachment too, this is often something people do for the seniors on their Christmas list which requests you donate to their favorite charity as their Christmas gift. Often this makes them happier than any other gift you could give to them, my grandmother was a good example she donated to charities even though she was on a very low fixed income. You can even donate in the person’s name and still give them a Christmas gift, Christmas is all about giving.


Online Charities


Beware of any charity which sends you a donation request through your email if you have never donated to this charity this may be a scam? If you donate online to be sure your donation is going to the charity make your donation on the charities website, sadly today there are many charity scams during the holiday season. A legitimate charity will focus on how your donation help their causes, any email from a legitimate charity provide their charity name, address and phone number. Be suspicious of any charity without a website if you are not directed to the charities website this could be a possible scam.


Read Charity Reports


Any legitimate charity will provide yearly reports and non-profit financial information, Any charity which 10% or more is going towards their expenses more likely you donations many not being used to benefit the charities cause. Legitimate charities will provide secure websites to protect your financial information if not I recommend you move on to another charity with a secure website. Privacy policies should be read with any new charity you are not familiar with, in the privacy policy it should be stated how our personal information will be used.


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Charity Donation Tips


When donating to a charity always receive a receipt, this is your document for tax purposes and personal records. Legitimate charities will always focus on what they use your donations for, any charity which does not provide this as their main goal might misuse your donations. If you have any questions about any charities,  contact is your states attorney genera office, more likely if this charity is a scam others have reported this and your state attorney general office will be able to share this information with you.


 What Is On My Mind Today


With the holidays approaching the charity scams will begin very soon if not already, dishonest people realize this is the time of the year charities receive a large portion of their donations. Seniors are these people’s number one victim, many seniors donate to charities during the holidays. Many are on fixed incomes and still open their hearts to help other less fortunate than themselves, I believe donating whatever we can is very healthy for us, when I donate to one of my favorite charities I experience very good feelings inside of me and my problems are not as severe. Just be careful of charities which are not legitimate, use the tips and resources I have shared in this article to protect yourself while giving this holiday season.


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