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How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety-Low Holiday Shopping Tips And Gift Ideas


Holiday Stress & Anxiety


The biggest stress during the holidays for the majority of people is their Christmas shopping, everyone has at least one hard to shop for person on their Xmas list. Add your holiday shopping and your career deadlines and you have enough stress to overwhelm you and cause you high anxiety. Many people by the time Xmas arrives are stressed to their limits, this is the number one trigger for many people experiencing depression during the holidays. Often depression does not set in for many people until after Christmas, how well you manage your holiday preparation stress will determine if you will experience post holiday depression.


What Are Your Triggers?

Knowing your triggers can be a powerful weapon to managing your holiday stress, understanding your triggers and how to avoid allowing them to control you is something you really need to know. The majority of men’s holiday triggers is the frustration not knowing what their girlfriend or wife wants for Christmas, it is well known men have a short attention span and often miss the hints their lady is giving them for possible Xmas gifts. Ladies reading this article understanding your honey does not do this on purpose, it is just a part of being a man. Women’s holiday triggers can be much more complex to understand, the majority of ladies have way too much responsibility to prepare for the holidays. With many families traveling during the holidays more now than ever this only adds more stress for the women to prepare for the holidays, women with a career and children are often more stressed during the holidays with way more responsibilities.


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Christmas Shopping Tips


Christmas shopping is the major trigger for the majority of people during the holidays, even learning some tips to manage your shopping stress can make your Christmas much more fun for the entire family. Start browsing online early for possible gift ideas for the people on your Xmas list, when you have an idea what you plan to give everyone for Xmas,  shopping will be much less stressful for you. I usually focus on my hard to buy for people first, I find getting their gift first reduces my anxiety and stress. For the majority of people senior grandparents are the most difficult to buy for, most of them has everything they need or want and many do not have many hobbies at this time in their lives. Considering personal gifts are often a good gift choice for difficult people, you can find a wide variety of gifts and personalize them with your own photographs and text to make them a one of a kind gift.


Gift Ideas For Parents


For many people their parents also can be hard to buy for, my parents are 80 years old with health problems. With elderly parents it can be a challenge and stressful to shop for them for Xmas, the personal gifts is often also a solution for them as well. My mother is much easier for me to shop for than my father, my mother has an interest in musical type gifts, these gifts are very popular and easy to find. I use to always give my father a gardening gift, this year that is not possible his health is too poor now to even garden. I am feeling a bit anxious and overwhelmed myself this year shopping for my father, one good gift option to always keep in mind is the possibility of giving someone a gift basket. There are many gift baskets to choose from today, one for everyone on your Xmas list no matter how difficult they might be to shop for. If I cannot find any other gift for my father which pleases me, I always have a gift basket as a back up. My father is never disappointed when given a snack gift basket, he is also partial to the sausage and cheese gift baskets as well.


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Personalized Gift Ideas


I am partial to the personalized gifts especially for hard to buy for people, you can make any gift special by personalizing them with your own photo and text for anyone on your Xmas list. These are great to give to your grandparents, parents and even your best friend. Many online shops provide gifts for you to personalize, so check some of these websites out for possible gifts for the most special people on your Xmas list.


Personalized Champagne Glasses For Two

Beer Testing Set

Initial Rings Set

Hummingbirds Bath Set


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What Is On My Mind Today?


Remember,  starting early browsing online and catalogs to get some good gift ideas is your first step to managing your Christmas shopping stress, next shop for your most difficult people first. Taking your shopping in small managing steps is your key to manageable your holiday anxiety and stress, start planning if your are traveling for the holidays early as well. I hope these tips and gift ideas helps you manage your holiday stress much better this year,  if you are going shopping on ” Black Friday” be very careful driving and shopping.


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