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How To Deal With Social Anxiety Without Medication-Baby Steps Part Two

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Social Anxiety Part Two

In  part one of how to deal with social anxiety without medication I gave you some ideas of what social anxiety is, how being shy and having this condition are actually two very different things. I hope some of you have returned who read part-one and your anxious to learn more about this condition and how to deal with it, I feel it is especially important in this article we discuss how this condition controls children’s lives and some of the triggers. Since I have lived with this condition all my life, you can be sure what I am sharing with you is from my own experiences plus my research over the years to overcome this myself to the best of my ability.Jeff



Children With Social Anxiety

The majority of the children who live with this condition spend the majority of their first five years in close contact with their family members, many never have been separated from their family during this period of their lives. Many parents sadly misunderstand the first time their child experiences social anxiety as separation anxiety, these really are two completely different conditions. Separation anxiety is much less severe then social anxiety, also children experiencing separation anxiety usually adjust very quickly. Where children with social anxiety usually do not adjust quickly, also many times this is a trigger which increases their symptoms. Another thing which is increasing this condition in children today is many are home schooled, which is not a bad thing except they are not receiving experience interacting with other children.shychild






Children With Social Anxiety Triggers

The majority of children with social anxiety will experience their first trigger when starting kindergarten or grade school, children with this condition are terrified and very confused not understanding what is going on with them. Many children will express to their parents and teachers that they do not feel good, to these children they feel sick. Any adult with this condition realizes how overwhelming this is for them, just imagine a child experiencing this for the very first time how they would feel and react. Children who grow up in a more rural area often develop this condition more severely at a young age then children living in a large town or a city. The reason for this is because children living in a more populated area experience social interaction at a much younger age more often then children living in a rural area, many children experiencing this condition does not do well adjusting to school. Many do not talk in school very much if at all, many just are so anxious they can not think of things to talk about to the other children. Many even have problems answering questions from the teacher, many of these children are terrified to say the wrong thing or just can not think to answer the question. The majority of these children have very low self-esteem even at this age, they know there is something wrong with them and they are not like the other children. Many seldom smile when in school or out in public, they are just so uncomfortable and miserable and possibly frightened and just want to get back to their home.




Children With Social Anxiety Treatment

The best treatment for a child with this condition would be to ease them into social settings, preferably this should be started as soon as possible. The best pre-school treatment to help these children be prepared for kindergarten or school, I suggest taking them to a public playground. This must be done very slowly and short periods at first, this is a very good start just because there are other children to interact with. Another biggie is , the playground will ease their anxiety with the playground equipment. This should be done frequently on some sort of schedule, maybe start out once a week on a Saturday for one hour. Then as the child becomes comfortable and makes a few friends, increase the frequency and the time period.  This will make such a big difference for the child when they start school, another option is to take them to a summer bible school or even day-care. Summer bible school and day-care should not be done before the child is comfortable in social settings with other children. These children must be exposed to these situations slowly, if not they will experience very severe dramatic emotional anxiety symptoms. I seriously know from my own experience from my parents pushing me into new social settings, this is totally the wrong thing to do. This only will make the child more anxious, they will not enjoy the experience or make friends so it really is the worse treatment you can do for the child.



Final Thought

With children being home schooled and the majority of their interaction is online, children are not experiencing the social skills they require. I do feel home schooled  is a very positive factor today in a child’s education, but at the same time it is lacking in many children’s lives to learn how to socialize with other children. I lived in a very rural area with no children my age within distance to socialize with, when I started school it was a very dramatic emotional experience for me. It was an experience which I never recovered from, my symptoms only became worse the farther I progressed in school. Next article I will discuss the how much the terrible teens can be for a teenager with social anxiety, I hope you will stick with my articles you will receive very beneficial information how to deal with social anxiety without medicines in due time. I really believe its very important for people to understand what these people experience in their lives, how it controls their lives and prevents them from being the person they really could be. We as a society should take the time to learn and understand what these people are going through, many of these people are thought to be stuck up, rude or just not friendly. I can assure you this is not the case at all, these people are just being controlled by their anxiety and are not able to function well.



  • Green says:

    I really enjoyed your website. It was informative. Do you have more around the same topic? If someone had an issue with anxiety they would have a guide on possible solutions and where to go for help. Your site touches on many important issues that are important to parents. Thank you for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Green

      I am writing several articles on social anxiety, i will be sharing coping techniques without having to consume medication in the near future. I feel it is important people understand this condition and how it effects people’s lives of all ages, then I will be getting into how to deal with social anxiety naturally.


  • Halide says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I admire your website.All articles are about social and health problems and I am sure your website will be very helpful for those who suffer from similar problems.
    If children are home-schooled it is more likely that they develop social anxiety.In my opinion, kids should go to school and interact with other kids their age and socialize.Playing with kids on the playground is invaluable so why staying at home isolated and home schooling?
    It would be a big problem in the future for those kids to keep up with social life and they become antisocial.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Halide
      I truly appreciate your comment and opinion, I do agree home schooling can cause an increase in social anxiety
      especially for shy children. It was dramatizing for me starting school at the age of 5 years old, imagine how
      much worse it would have been if I had been home schooled. Society today has become so violent parents are home
      schooling their children for their own safety, its a very delicate matter knowing which is better I suppose it
      all depends on the child.

  • Joon says:

    I experienced a social anxiety during my teenage years but I’m not sure it was triggered and became worse by severe depression and a big amount of stress that I was having at the time. But I know exactly how it feels and it was hell. I felt as my life halted and trapped in an invisible jail cell that I cannot get out of. I no longer experience any extreme case of anxiety during social situations although I can be shy at times and I’m an introvert by nature but I’m okay with it.
    As I have had difficult times in social situations, I wanted my child to not have to go through what I have been through. Luckily, my boy is completely opposite of me by nature. He is very outgoing, extrovert, talkative, and loves the attention. So I had to just give him a little nudge at times and he did fine all on his own. Plus it’s very exciting to see how he is and how he is developing as someone I wished to be when I was little.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Joon

      I am extremely happy your doing so well now after being a teenager with anxiety, even better your son is showing no signs of similar problems. My next article will be on teenagers with social anxiety, you might wish to read it if you have the time.


  • Lena says:

    Great article! I was looking for information on homeschooling. I do agree it has pro’s to homeschool your child but not beeing able to socialise as much as being in school would not do any good down the road. I see more and more children using phones and online social networks but when they actually have to hold a conversation is a disaster as their social skills are not polished. Homeschooling would help with getting a better education but I think I’d rather help and monitor my child closely while at school then isolating him. Time will show. Thanks for your insights!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lena

      I am happy you shared your comment with me and the other readers, there is positive and negative to home schooling. It is a tough decision which way to go for many parents i am sure, but our children are suffering with their social skills and anxiety issues are higher then ever.


  • Angie says:

    I enjoyed your post very much. I have had social anxiety since I was a child. I am better now, but most of my school life and even walking in to Sunday school while the other kids stared and me and my sister filled me with horror. I am 52 now but back then there were not as many redheads with freckles around. I got teased more than my older sister because the kids were scared of her. I was a small child in elementary school and every day I had stomach aches. So many children have social anxiety and are shy. It took me years to get over mine. It may take a counselor to help them. I am so happy you posted about his subject because it is so prevalent. Thank you.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Angie

      I appreciate you coming forward with your comment and sharing your past experience, so many children with social anxiety goes through being teased. I believe people with this condition also are more sensitive then people without, we get hurt much easier and it is more dramatic for us then people without the anxiety.

      Take Care


  • Robinsonnadeen says:

    HI Jeff
    It was a pleasure visiting your site. Firstly i must say it really takes someone who have been in a situation to be able to write or talk about it in a way that others will understand. I endorse ‘Life begins with your Health’. It is very concise, clear and yet very informative. It is well organized and use of medias and graphics make it more attractive and I am positive visitors will keep coming back as what you have to offer them is authentic information explained in simple and clear form.
    Everyone now is very excited about their health and are taking steps to get there.
    Thank You.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Robinsonnadeen

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my article and visit my website, this is a passion in my life to help others not live so many years as I did with this debilitating disorder. I am trying to make it very simple and easy to understand and relate too, especially people with anxiety issues need it simple so they do not get overwhelmed with information.


  • Jena says:

    I really enjoyed reading this page. Is there a certain amount of social interaction you recommend? Starting out with? Or does it depend on the child? Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Jena,
      I really appreciate your comment and reading my article, with children under 5 years old I would suggest
      you start them out at least one day per week. Depending on the child’s comfort zone, I will just keep increasing
      their social interaction as much as which is comfortable for the child and fits in your schedule. Of course the
      more the child experiences social interaction, the more comfortable they will become and their social outings with
      be much less emotional for them.

      Wish you the best and keep in touch

  • Wendy says:

    I didn’t realize that there was a difference between social anxiety and separation anxiety. Thanks for clarifying it. I like that suggestion of a public playground as a way of getting the kids comfortable with being social. these are all great tips. I think the more people get their kids around other kids starting at a young age, the better.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Wendy

      I appreciate your comment very much, yes there are many thing dealing with social anxiety and separation anxiety which make them different, also being shy and anxious are two different things as well. I appreciate you reading my article, wish you the best.


  • Dorina says:

    A child suffering from anxiety is a shy child.
    A shy child reacts by running away or avoiding situations.
    If a new situation arises such a child asks questions more.These children have trouble sleeping, are irritable, they can not concentrate, they are always worried, they have muscular pains.
    It very well as them to be exposed to new situations.
    Thanks for the article!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dorina

      I appreciate your comment, you are very correct with what you have shared today. I hope you do not know this so well because you have experienced this yourself, if so i do hope your dealing with your social anxiety well now.


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