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How To Deal With Osteoarthritis Pain-Change Your Lifestyle And Live With Less Pain




Over 27 million people  in the United States is living with Osteoarthritis pain, when you are living with chronic pain and do not learn to manage your pain there are several psychological problems which it can lead too. When we are living with chronic pain and it gets out of control most people will experience anxiety and depression, the majority of people also experience severe fatigue and sleep difficulties. Often people will develop social problems such as social anxiety from isolating and not getting out, our natural response to pain is to do less but for most people this is the wrong thing for us to do?


Natural Chronic Pain Relief


Using natural methods to manage your chronic pain is your best choice whenever possible, pain drugs have many side-effects which often causes people not to be able to function as well psychologically. Many times people are so drowsy from their pain drugs they can’t get moving until close to noon, People who learn how to manage their pain naturally experience few side-effects and are able to function much better especially in the morning. Are you wondering what are some of the natural methods which works best for the majority of people, next we will discuss some of these natural treatments?



Natural Treatments


There are more natural treatments for pain than most people realize, in my opinion the best natural treatment which helps more people than any other is the heat therapy machines. Other natural therapy which helps people are cold therapy and massage therapy, but for most people investing in a heat therapy machine is their best investment. Heat relaxes your body which reduces your pain, this is something we have cherish when we are living with chronic pain. Cold therapy is used for swelling and redness of your joints, massage therapy with essential oils also gives people relief. The best investment but usually too expensive for many people to purchase are hot tubs for your home usage.


Low Impact Exercise


Low impact exercise is a very important part of your treatment plan, you must exercise for short periods and be doing the proper type of exercise to receive the benefits. This type of exercise strengthens your muscles and your joints, this will relieve some of your stiffness and you will be more flexible. Many people with chronic pain experiences balance issues, this is very dangerous and you could fall and break some bones. Slowly is the key to exercising with chronic pain, doing as little as 10-15 minutes per day can make a difference with the severity of your pain over time.






Tai Chi

Range Of Motion



Relaxation Techniques


Relaxation techniques are well worth the time to learn, many people who are living with pain struggle to be able to relax. Relaxation techniques also help many people  with pain to manage their sleep better, also sleep therapy machines help many people get their sleep back on track. The main reason many of us experience severe pain is because we are not getting enough quality sleep, learning to relax is the key for many people’s sleep problems.


Guided Meditation

Guided Imagery

Breathing Exercises




Supplements are becoming more and more a part of health treatment plans, some of the people in the medical field are starting to understand how supplements can provide us solutions to our health problems. Every supplement does not work the same for every person, it takes a little time and patience some times to find the best supplement for your body chemistry.





Evening Prim Rose

Bosweillia Serrate




Cats Claw

Fish Oil





Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle changes are usually the most difficult for the majority of people, it is much easier to purchase a product which will give us pain relief than changing certain things in our lives. The most important and the most difficult for most of us is to learn to listen to our body, our body is giving us signs we need to stop doing something or start doing something  so we can be in less pain, when you are hurting all the time and nothing seems to be working for you it is not easy to understand what your body is saying to you. Often we become frustrated pushing ourselves when we should be resting or resting when we should be more pushing ourselves.


Taking Frequent Breaks

Balance Rest & Activity

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Gluten-Free Diet

Maintain Our Weight

Good Posture

Positive Attitude


Massage Therapy Machines


Even though I prefer the heat therapy machines, many people have told me the massage therapy machines with essential oils has improved their pain. You can purchase the essential oils specifically for pain, the most beneficial oils are lavender, rosemary and peppermint. The massage therapy machine provides you with significant reduction of your pain, this also relieves you of being so stiff and achy. This is said to improve many people’s joint functioning and also lowers production of your stress hormone cortisol, it produces a boost of serotonin which improves your sleep.



What Is On My Mind Today?


I am sure you can find enough interesting natural treatments to be able to manage your chronic pain more effectively, the worse part about the plan is it takes time and patience before you begin to feel a reduction in your pain. Many people will experience an increase in their pain when beginning to exercise, this is the reason short periods are your best strategy starting out. We do not realize often how much out of shape we really are until we begin to exercise again, many people experience their best results by starting out walking before any other type of exercise. Applying heat when you are in pain is your best method to try first, many people are in pain because they are not relaxed.


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Essential Oils



Guided Meditation








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