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How To Deal With Depression Without Drugs-Coping With Depression Naturally




The first thing you should consider when you are experiencing depression is why am I depressed, everyone who experiences depression does not have a chemical imbalance which is causing their depression? Many people are able to cope with their depression without drugs when their depression is not a chemical imbalance, are you experiencing extreme stress from your career? Relationship conflicts are one of the major causes of depression for many people, most relationship conflicts is connected to financial stress.




Exercise and physical activity is a natural anti-depressant you can use to manage your depression more effectively, people who are dealing with chronic pain often experience depression. Exercise is one of the better natural ways to cope with your chronic pain and depression, short periods of taking daily walks is a good way to begin to cope with your depression naturally. There is a new type of yoga you might find beneficial for your depression, this yoga goes by the name of laughter yoga?



Healthy Meals & Diet


Depression often affects many people over 40 years old, people over 40 years old who stay in good shape often cope better with depression. What we put into our bodies can determine how well we deal with our depression, many people when they experience anxiety and depression tend to cope with food to feel better. Food makes us feel better especially when we are emotionally unhealthy, skipping meals is often a mistake many people make and can lead to overeating later in the day. Eating even just a little in the morning is important to start your day, protein is your best food to begin your day with. Foods which are beneficial when you are experiencing emotional health problems are foods which provide you serotonin, fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are good choices. Also coconut oil and high protein diets are a good diet plan for you, focus on turkey breast for a healthy protein choice with serotonin when feeling depressed. Avoid caffeine when experiencing anxiety and depression as much as possible, feeling low on energy take 500-1000 mg of the supplement L-Tyrosine.


 Vitamin D


Spending only 15-20 minutes outdoors on a sunny day will provide you with the required vitamin d, do you live in a climate which natural sunshine is not always possible? Substitute your outdoor time with a therapeutic light box treatment on those days, this vitamin naturally boosts your mood which is good for your depression. Do you experience feeling lonely, this is a common feeling with depression and this vitamin will improve your mood and your feelings of being lonely as well?




Mood Supplements


Most of us when experiencing depression struggles with our mood being negative, there are several supplements which can be the answer to your mood problems and are a natural way to improve your mood. Don’t under estimate how supplements can improve many aspects of your life, for anyone who wishes to use supplements to get in shape this is a safe and natural way. Getting into better shape faster will improve your emotional health as well, for your mood consider these supplements.


5 HTP ( 50-300 mg daily and if you feel sleepy cut back the dosage )

St John Wort ( 300 mg 3 times per day )

L-Theamine ( 100-600 mg daily )

SAM-e ( 200 mg on empty stomach twice per day increase bi-weekly to max 600 mg twice per day if needed )

Fish Oil ( 1-3 G per day with food )


Mediation Or Guided Imagery


Meditation and guided imagery is a natural coping technique for stress, anxiety, depression and even mood problems, these relax your mind and your body often giving you relief from the symptoms of these emotional problems. For anyone who experiences chronic pain this is a natural way to cope with your pain, guided meditation and imagery is recommended for anyone new to using these techniques.


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Imbalanced Hormones


Talking with your physician about having some hormone testing done is never a bad idea, this has become a cause for people dealing with unexplained depression. The thyroid and adrenal or even your sex hormones out of balance can be a hidden cause for your symptoms, talk to your physician about have the following tests done.


Thyroid Gland

Adrenal Gland

Sex Hormone Gland





Often the simplest yet effective method is to have people to share your feelings and thoughts you are experiencing, sharing your honest feelings and thoughts with the right people often can do so much good for many people. Do you have family and friends who you feel comfortable sharing your feelings and thoughts, many people do not have a good support system and must go for professional help? Many people are too proud or anxious about getting professional help when it involves their emotional health,  therapy with a good therapist or even a life coach often helps many people learn to cope better.



Changing Your Attitude


Most people naturally develop a negative attitude when they are feeling blue, changing your attitude can be more powerful than you might imagine. Have you ever noticed good things seems to happen to people who have a positive attitude, this is not some kind of miracle or good luck when you are in a positive mood good things naturally happen to you. Many times we allow our worrying to dictate the negative things which happens in our lives, most people have more positive things happen to them than negative we just naturally focus and remember the negative things more when we are emotional not healthy. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things and your attitude will gradually change, read positive quotes and books will be a good start to changing your attitude.


Changing Your Routine


Most of us when feeling blue fall into a bad daily routine, when you are feeling extremely down staying busy is the most difficult thing to do. How are you sleeping can often be the best place to begin, changing your sleep routine to improve your sleep will give you more energy to do more during your day? Many people who experience sleep problems benefits using sleep therapy machines to improve their sleep, essential oils is another natural method for sleep you might benefit from? You can use an aromatherapy diffuser with the essential oils or place a few drops on your pillow to improve your sleep, consider using  lavender, rosemary or peppermint essential oils.



What Is On My Mind Today?


The key to coping well  with your depression naturally is making small positive changes in your life one step at a time, the last thing you want is to push yourself too much too soon. This will only increase your anxiety overwhelming you and increase many of your symptoms, starting with your sleeping often is a good first step for most people, you just are not able to function healthy physically or emotionally with not enough quality sleep, challenge those negative thoughts with positive thoughts, add something new in your life maybe a yoga class or purchase yourself a new mountain bike and start riding your bike daily?


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