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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication-Weight Managment

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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication

Weight management is a very difficult task until you learn to manage your anxiety levels, see anxiety effects our appetites and weights in two different ways. The majority of people has an increase in their appetite when their anxiety levels are high, but some of us also have the opposite effect and have a loss of appetite. Many of you who have the increased appetite might be thinking I wish I had the decreased appetite, but believe me from my own experience with the loss of appetite its no picnic either.





Why Am I Losing Weight

For most of my life with my anxiety I had a very low level of appetite most of the time, this caused me to not be getting enough nutrients which only threw wood into the fire. I just become so sick most of the time I could barely get one meal into me per day, of course this caused me many other symptoms and effected my physical health. I just could not eat, even the sight or thought of food made me very sick inside. At one time  my weight was down to 125 pounds, at 5’8″ this was quite under weight. I did find out eliminating gluten and dairy through my elimination diet was a huge part of my problem. For me, gluten and dairy are my most powerful trigger foods. Once I eliminated these foods from my diet, I slowly experienced a  much dramatically improved health status. This was like a miracle from God, no one could realize how much of an impact eliminating these trigger foods had on my managing my weight. Even today I must get on the scale pretty much everyday and keep a close watch on my weight, especially during stressful times without realizing it I can begin to lose weight very quickly. My body for some reason when under stress and anxiety decreases my appetite without me really realizing it, even today maintaining my weight is a challenge for me.


Why Am I Gaining Weight

Now for those of you who gain too much weight from your anxiety, the majority of people experience has an overly increased appetite. Just like the people who have the decreased appetite, people with the increased appetite tends to over eat without even realizing it. The two are extremes in the complete opposite direction, both of these effect your health. Many people with the increase appetite will be over weight and it is for them a challenge to manage their weight as well. These people tend to crave foods which are extremely high in sugar and fat. One reason for this is they tend to eat more convenient foods or finger food. Finger foods are foods which take no preparation, I am sure the first food which comes to your mind are your so called junk foods.




Weight Gainers

So many people with anxiety and depression issues face the problem of managing their weight. The key to both types of eating disorders is providing good healthy nutrients in your diets. Moderation is the key to managing your weight, Vegetables are your best friend, this food group you are able to pretty much eat as much as you need and want without any problems with your weight. The main problem foods are your grains and dairy, both of these in moderation are a great value to our health, When we over consume either of these food groups, we will experience problems managing our weight.



Weight Losers

For those of you who have problems managing your weight in the opposite direction, I recommend you start eating very small meals about the size of what a snack should consist of. At first I even had to set an alarm to remind me to eat, this type of person usually even when their anxiety levels are calm do not have the appetite to eat. One reason is our tummies are much smaller then they should be from years of under eating, another reason is our brain’s do not send us hunger signals because of our unbalanced bran chemistry. I found one of the most powerful tools to help me is to keep a food journal, I can track my food throughout my day and regulate my eating much easier. Late afternoon I pay particular attention to how much I have consumed that day, this helps me to know how much more I need to try to eat the rest of my day.


What Is The Answer

The answer for anxiety prone people to manage their weight is supplying their brains with enough nutrition each day, when our brains have the proper nutrition levels our brain chemistry is much more balanced. You will find less cravings for the less healthy foods, which for most of us this is a very important part of managing our weight. Adding healthy snacks to our diets also is a great asset, if you check online you can find healthy snacks and even healthy recipes to make your own snacks. For some of you adding a good natural brain nutritional supplement might benefit you to manage your weight, my body does not absorb enough nutrients from my food so by me adding a natural brain nutritional supplement I am receiving enough nutrients I have been managing my weight pretty well.



Final Thoughts

I hope my article today gives you a better idea what is going on  with your weight management and how it is connected to your anxiety, I hope the tips I shared which works for me will possibly work for you as well. Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up for whichever weight problem you are experiencing. This will only increase your anxiety, which in turn will cause your weight problem to be even more severe. Take the time to treat yourself to something special now and then, an extra not as healthy treat now and then is not the end of the world. When you fall off your routine, just get back on your routine and move forward and never look back.





  • JeffWA says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I could relate to the message behind your fantastic article as now around 20 years ago I went through a period of depression and anxiety caused by events in my life.

    For me it was more of the fact that I did not care about anything, including eating. Because I was on medication for those symptoms I mainly wanted to just sleep and for people to leave alone.

    What got me through this tough time in my life, traced back to my father’s death a few years before actually was my getting in a lot of exercise. I threw myself into a regimen of fitness particularly as I had and still remain an avid bicyclist.

    Many of the suggestions for people who either over or under eat when going through these symptoms are 100% valid. Depending on the case the person has to learn to take control of his/her own diet. Having the proper nutrition more than anything else will help that person at least retain a better quality of health regarding his/her body.

    I also am Jeff! Great article, sir!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Jeff

      I appreciate your comments, you seem very up on anxiety and depression. You can never know too much about such issues, you know almost everyone will experience anxiety and depression issues in their lives in some sort of level.


  • Charlie says:


    I didn’t know malnutrition contributed to anxiety. Then, again, malnutrition contributes to a lot of problems, huh?

    I’m not surprised you chart revealed America as the most overweight country in the word. Our eating habits a terrible!

    One EASY tip to take in less food is just use a smaller plate when eating. Psychologically your brain sees “lots” of food because of the small plate. This tricks your brain into thinking you ate a lot and, thus, feel fuller faster. Works like a charm!

    Keep up the Health movement! America needs it.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Charlie

      See Charlie our food is not providing the nutrients as well as in the past, also there are chemicals in our food such as fertilizers and pesticides. As time goes by this builds up in our system causing us all kinds of health issues, all we can do is our best to eat healthy and take supplements if we need them.


  • Jason says:

    Hey Jeff

    I relate to the stressed overeater than the undereater. I know how hard it is to control yourself when anxiety hits you like a ton of bricks.

    I am glad you have found your solution. With me even a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t stop me from overindulging. I liked your ideas to get off the dairy and grains. I am reading that gluten is a something terrible for you. I also am depressed still and on medication for that.

    It is managed quite well andwhat gets me in a better mood is exercise. Not really any one exercise in particular just movement. It helps to release the happy chemicals in your brain and often takes my blood sugar way down which is good since I have high blood sugar.

    I enjoyed reading and have an awesome day.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jason

      I appreciate your comment and understand what your going through, I have found my energy and even my mood has improved greatly along with my anxiety symptoms by eliminating gluten. I suggest you give it a try, you should notice some difference in a week or two, in one month you should know for sure if this small diet change will solve some of my problems. Gluten effects our bodies in many ways, physically and emotionally, anyone who can go gluten free should or at least eliminate it from their diets for a month and see how they feel.

      Plus I am off all my depression and anxiety medication now,


  • ToveL says:

    Hi, Jeff.

    Thanks for an informative post about . I agree with you about food triggers. I have myself been on diets many times and today I know that some food triggers me especially gluten and dairy products. I can feel the anxiety rice when I eat foods like that. I have some questions for you. Do you think much of the problem with anxiety lies in our brain? Is it because the brain doesn’t get enough nutrition? What about stress in our daily life. How does stress influence the brain?

    What brain supplement would be beneficial for me?


    • admin says:

      Thank You Tovel

      I appreciate your comment and questions today, very good questions I must admit.

      Anxiety is in my opinion a brain chemistry imbalance, providing more nutrition and less processed foods have been the key to my own improvement with my much lower anxiety today. Stress for most of us triggers us to eat unhealthy foods which are triggers to only make our anxiety much worse, very few people eat healthy under stressful situations.


  • Nate says:

    I’ve struggled with anxiety for a lot of my adult life and have had times where all I would eat for weeks was ramen noodles but thankfully my metabolism was still high enough I didn’t gain too much weight. Ever since starting doing yoga my anxiety has decreased and it is much easier to eat healthier foods because my body craves it due to the excess energy I am burning.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Nate

      Those ramen noodles will put the weight on you, lucky for you they did not put a whole lot of weight on you. Yoga is a great stress reducer, I also practice some light yoga with my workouts. When your receiving enough nutrients your body will not crave the unhealthy foods as much.


  • Zoey-Red LeFey says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I love everything there is to do about health. I can relate to your article. For about a year, I was worried about my children, ex husband, and everything that I left behind to move to Trinidad and Tobago. This type of stress was causing by body to hold on to excess weight and I started to gain weight. Three months ago when I decided to let go of all the worry and let love flow into my life, and start a Candida cleanse with natural supplements, all the excess weight fell off me with ease! Thank you for a wonderful article. It has been encouraging!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Zoey

      I am happy to hear your doing so much better now with your weight and your life, natural supplements is the way to go for sure. I am happy the natural supplements has done so much for you, adding nutrients will keep you from craving the foods which will cause you weight gain


  • Jay says:

    Awesome job, very well written. I can really relate to all of this information quite easily.

    I had a lot of anxiety issues as well, and I was overweight. I never even considered my weight to be an issue, but it played a big factor. I remember you saying in your post that you eliminated dairy from your diet. I also did the same. When I did that, I started losing weight. I also stopped eating many of the “convenient” foods that you mentioned, and I’m sure that played a role.

    Now I feel much better, lost some weight, and my anxiety levels are much more stable as well. Thanks for a great post, this is one that many people would benefit from!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jay

      I appreciate you sharing your personal experience with anxiety and managing your weight, I also was over weight at one time and losing the weight has been a great asset in my life. Eating healthy with more nutrition is the key, I hope more people will follow you


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