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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication-Visualization

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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication

Hopefully by now you are experiencing less severe anxiety symptoms and improved quality of sleep, past articles I shared with you how to do the elimination diet which would identify your trigger foods. Last article I shared with you some coping techniques to help you improve your quality of sleep. In this article I will share with you one of those coping skills I mentioned in my last article for anxiety and sleep.


 You don’t have to control your thoughts.

You just have to stop letting them control you

 Dan Millman.


Anxiety And Sleep

Most people who have a chronic sleep problem which is not from a physical illness most likely is from your high anxiety levels, one of the most common symptoms from your anxiety preventing you from sleep is your mind will not relax and allow you to sleep. The technical medical name for this is “Racing Thoughts”, often this is just what the name suggests. Your having random racing thoughts going through your mind keeping you unconsciously from being able to relax your mind and get to sleep. Sometimes these thoughts are problems in our lives we are battling, other times we are not even aware of what these thoughts really are. Many times because of your anxiety, these thoughts are racing through your mind as such speeds you do not even realize what these thoughts might be. I myself battled with this for most of my life, this is very frustrating and scary to experience with the feeling you have no control over your mind.



If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

 Steven Hayes.




Diet And Sleep

Back to our diets and our trigger foods, throughout our day we must eat to have energy to do the things we need and want to  do. When we are eating trigger foods all throughout our day, these foods build up our anxiety levels as the day goes by and by bedtime many of us are at our highest anxiety levels of our day. If you have not done an elimination diet you really should give this a try, identifying your trigger foods are a very huge part of learning how to deal and control your anxiety. At first the elimination diet might seem like a waste of your time, but believe me everyone who experiences chronic anxiety does have triggers from their food. Most people with chronic anxiety do what when they become anxious, most of us eat because this makes us feel better. On the other hand if you are putting more trigger foods into your body when your anxious, this will only make your anxiety levels much higher. That is one of the reasons you must find your trigger foods, otherwise you may never learn to deal with your anxiety as well as you could.



Don’t believe everything you think.




Sleep And Health

Your quality of sleep is just as important if not more important then your diet, these two go hand in hand when it comes to managing your anxiety. When your not managing your diet and eating too many trigger foods, this will flare up your lack of quality of sleep. When your not sleeping as well as you should, often for most of us we eat less healthy diets  which only is throwing wood in the fire. I can not stress how important these two factors are to improve your anxiety and your sleep, these first two steps are a must you can not cheat on them.



Research has shown that attempting to control unwanted thoughts,

typically results in increased intrusions of those thoughts.



Easy Relaxation Techniques

The relaxation techniques I shared in past article on improving your sleep are the easiest relaxation techniques, today I will share with you how to add visualization into your evening bedtime rituals. You really do need to get a bedtime routine when you have a chronic sleep problem, by doing this your body naturally will become sleepy at the same time each night and you will experience a better quality of sleep.



you need to take at least one hour before you wish to get to sleep to start your bedtime routine, that means no television or computer or anything which will stimulate your brain. At first this might make you more anxious, it did me for a while but I stuck with it and with time and patience it has worked for me. People like us with chronic anxiety feels our best when we are busy doing things, people with high anxiety are the worse people for getting enough quality sleep.

stop anxiety attacks


Visualization Technique

You will more likely feel more anxious at first starting this technique, you more likely also will feel kind of stupid possibly but stick with it and with practice and persistence you will master this technique. After a while this will become so naturally you will not even realize your still doing this technique, this is probably the simplest and one of the most effective techniques for anxious people.


Safe Place

Everyone has what is referred to as a safe place, for me my place is the tropical island with white sandy beaches and blue skies. Have I ever experienced this place in person, never but in my mind during my visualization that is the place I love to be. To make this even more effective you can purchase beach music on cd’s or dvd’s whichever you prefer, you start by sitting in your most comfortable chair or laying on your bed if that works better for you. At first I had to do mine in a comfy chair, because soon as I lay down in my bed in the past I  become extremely anxious. You just start to imagine your safe place and the sounds you would hear when you are there, at first you will experience difficulty with those nasty racing thoughts interrupting you. Just allow the racing thoughts to pass and start once again visualizing your special safe place and the sounds you would hear while you are there, in time this will provide you with a much relaxed feeling. Do not be discouraged at first, your anxious mind will be fighting you at the beginning not allowing you to relax and visualize as well as you would like. This is very normal for anxious people like us, just keep doing your visualization as often as you can and it will become natural. You can use this technique anytime your feeling overwhelmed or anxious, just find a quite place to visit your safe place and magically in time you will melt your anxiety away. At first you will notice just a little improvement and more likely like myself short term relief, do not allow this to discourage you keep with it and you will learn this technique.

stop anxiety attacks



Final Thought

I have faith in you to improve you anxiety without medication, keep focused on your diet trigger foods and if you must do the elimination diet from time to time. Practice visualization as often as needed and as often as you have the time, next article we will learn another anxiety coping skill. As you learn more coping skills, you will find out which ones works the best for you. Remember never give up, you are well worth all the work it takes to learn now to deal with you anxiety without medication. Reread my past articles as needed to refresh everything I have shared with you, keep fighting your anxiety and you too will be in control.




  • Dorina says:

    The anxiety can be relieved with such kind of meditation but not to be a severe form, diet is very important, of course!
    This often happens as a result of traumas that caused intense emotions and the heart and the emotional brain can not function as before.
    It is clearly that medicine does not agree with such methods entirely, but I think they are beneficial and with good results.
    After all,a relaxed man is calm, devoid of tension, thus, it’s logical that you can get rid of anxiety An interesting article, a small suggestion, writing is a bit tiring, I’d change the fonts!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Dorina

      Happy to hear from you today, medicine for anxiety has its place with severe cases but I highly recommend trying all natural options first.


  • Rene says:

    Thank you for the interesting post.

    I don’t actually have chronicle problems with sleeping but “Racing Thoughts” occur from time to time and then it is almost impossible to get enough restful sleep.

    Regarding your diet it may help to simply eat less meat. Animals are treated with all sorts of hormones and mediccations that also can affect your own body. Further, as food is nothing else than information, you basically download the fear and anxiety of the animals into your body. This may not be an official statement, but to me it makes totally sense. “You are what you eat” gets really important in this case.

    What about hypnosis? This is a scientifically proven method to reach and reprogram our subconscious mind. This is where all of our fears and habits are stored. And I think I read about ways to use hypnosis right before sleeping. The hypnosis track has to be listened before going to bed and is designed to tell your subconscious mind to feel at ease and sleep all night

    Does this also work when you face chronical sleep problems and anxiety attacks?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rene

      Happy to hear from you today, if you have racing thoughts you have anxiety. There is some evidence animals fed grass vegetarian diets are healthier then animals fed grain diets, maybe this is something you should consider with meat choices and see if it helps you?

      Hypnosis is another option, but should only be done by a professional. I would not advise you attempting to this on your own.

      There are many food which can trigger anxiety in people other then animal products, you really should do a elimination diet and see what you find out about the foods your eating and how they might be effecting you.


  • DrSarahBrewer says:

    Visualisation is such a powerful tool. Another good tip is to drink chamomile tea before going to sleep. One study found that drinking it before a surgical operation helped patients fall asleep even though they were about to undergo a heart procedure – it worked better than anxiolytic drugs and without side effects. I have a chamomile and honey or chamomile and vanilla tea every night and sleep well even if my mind is racing with all the things I need to do next day. Have you tried it?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dr Sarah Brewer

      I am a big believer in herbal tea(s), I drink herbal tea(s) daily and especially about one hour before bedtime to help me wind down and get ready for a good nights sleep. I truly appreciate your comments, thank you for taking the time to read my article and share with us the Chamomile tea.


  • rajah says:

    Honestly i really love your website. That might be due to the fact that I really resinated with it as soon as I landed on it. The first thing i saw was a nice beach (that just puts you in a positive mood right away). Your site is nice and clean and easy to navigate as well. And above all i love your message. And your content as well, you come off as if you know what you are talking about. Great job and keep up the good work!!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rajah

      I appreciate your honest opinion of my articles and my simple website, the reason I seem to know what I am talking about is I have lived what I am sharing with you through my articles. Everything is coming from my heart and experience from my past, I thank you again for visiting my website your comment motivates me to keep writing and sharing.


  • MA says:

    Thank you for the great information and blog!
    I’m so glad to find more and more people every day talking about visualisation.

    I think food causes most of the issues nowadays, but “we” are not aware of it. Everything is so disconnected, and “we” don’t see how food can affect our psychology.

    I also think that we are taught to neglect our emotional side as human beings, which causes enormous suffering. Visualisation can help us heal every single aspect of our health, mind body and spirit. I totally think that a wholistic approach to health introducing visualisation and meditation is the way to go


    • admin says:

      Thank You MA

      We think very much alike, in past articles I suggested doing a elimination diet to find your trigger foods which is causing your anxiety levels to be so high, if only more people would take their diet more seriously there would be more healthy people and less suffering unnecessary.

      Take Care


  • Sangeeta says:

    a wonderful visualization on anxiety. I like your site and the way you are writing is cool. It is very true that Sleep And Health go side by side. Rather, sleep is much more important than food. But in today’s busy world with hard schedule, we all ignore and cut off our duration of sleep and that leads to different health issues.
    Hope your article will help many to get a healthy life.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sangeeta

      I appreciate your taking the time to leave your comment, spread the word to your friends. Never know who might be in need of reading my articles to learn to deal with their anxiety better.


  • Edwin says:

    Nice Post! Thank god i don’t have an issue with anxiety which can cause issues with relaxing or getting so good sleep. Maybe I can use less relaxing and more exercising – LOL

    I like that you touch base on multiple ways to address anxiety through diet and relaxing techniques.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Edwin

      I thank God also you do not have any serious anxiety issues, people with serious issues suffer more then people realize and their anxiety controls them. I have experimented with all these techniques, that is what it takes to find the ones which work for you the best


  • Mijareze says:

    I found your post to be very interesting. I know I need to change some of the foods I eat. I have problems sleeping too. I sleep, but I fight my sleep. It is not a restful sleep. You suggest getting rid of trigger foods and that it is tied to your sleep
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • admin says:

      Thank you Edward

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my article and leaving me your comment, I have experienced myself since eliminating my trigger foods my sleep has improved dramatically. you can do a elimination diet if you desire too, start out one week on fruit and vegetables and lean protein. Then add one new food at a time and see if it is a trigger food or a safe food, I hope this helps you to sleep much better,

      Thank You


  • Lenka says:

    This post is really interesting. Its really tough in today`s society to live calm and healthy lifestyle. I have found this website so interesting with many tips how to improve my life, that I am determined to implement your relaxation and sleeping techniques. I have had problems with sleep for several month now that have always made me feel like zombie for most of the day, not talking about my productivity at work. I have bookmarked your site and will check in regularly for new posts and updates. Thank you, looking forward to see more from you. All the best

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lenka

      I appreciate you visiting my website, it always is motivating when someone leaves a comment your articles are interesting and helpful to them. I am happy you bookmarked my website to visit again, feel free to share my website with your friends as well.


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