How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication-Phobias

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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication

The majority of people who are controlled by their anxiety issues also are controlled by phobias, phobias are not a stranger to me and maybe not for you as well. I have overcome some of my phobias of my past over the years, even today I am still working to overcome some phobias in my life which is controlling me. You will experience as you take control of your anxiety issues, you will also be able to learn to deal with your phobias as well. I believe anxiety, panic attacks and phobias are all connected, lets discuss now what are phobias.


What Is A Phobia

A phobia is the fear of a certain situation or experience or thing, we all have some type of phobias to some degree. Many people with low anxiety is able to get through these situations or experiences despite them being uncomfortable for them, but when our fears are so severe we are not able to get through such situations or experiences they become phobias. My phobias controlled me my entire life up until just a few years ago, even today I am still working on dealing with some of my most severe phobias.




Anxiety And Phobias

Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias in my mind all one in the same, what makes them different is their severity and how much they control our lives. Anxiety gives us mild symptoms when in situations or experiencing something we are not comfortable with, anxiety usually makes our lives more of a challenge but most people with anxiety is able to function well enough to survive. Panic attacks are more severe symptoms then plain old anxiety, they do have more of an impact on our lives. Panic attacks usually only effect us when we are dealing with something we are not comfortable doing, many people can still live an almost normal life by avoiding the situations or experiences which cause their anxiety attacks. Phobias are the most severe and even debilitating level of anxiety anyone can experience, these actually force us to learn to live our lives avoiding these as much as possible. Our fears or phobias are our triggers to our anxiety symptoms, where as panic attacks are our more severe anxiety symptoms.


Different Types Of Phobias

Phobias are for most people are usually unrealistic fears, there are more phobias then anyone could ever imagine. Here are some of the most common phobias people experience.




  • Closed In Places
  • Heights
  • Highway Driving
  • Flying Insects
  • Snakes
  • Needles
  • Dogs
  • The Dark
  • Social Situations
  • Public Speaking
  • Rodents
  • Death
  • Germs
  • Open Spaces


Phobia Symptoms

Phobia symptoms are similar to anxiety and panic attack symptoms only in a much more severe level, everyone experiences different symptoms and different levels but here are some of the most common symptoms.


Physical Symptoms:

  • Breathing
  • Racing Heart
  • Chest Pain
  • Shaking
  • Dizzy
  • Churning Tummy
  • Vomiting
  • Hot Flashes
  • Cold Flashes
  • Sweating


Emotional Symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Flight or Fight Response
  • Going Crazy
  • Losing Control
  • Death
  • Passing Out
  • Unclear Thinking


Living With Phobias

People often are able to live with their anxiety by two methods, one avoiding their triggers (phobias) when possible and learning to deal with them and overcome them. Depending on what your phobias might be depends on which method you must use, if your phobia is something rare enough you do not experience often you can avoid this trigger as much as possible. If your like myself and your triggers (phobias) are a part of everyday life you must learn to deal with them and overcome them to the best of your ability.




How To Deal And Overcome Your Phobias

I experience and still do to a lesser degree then in the past are my social phobia and traveling phobia, both of these got to the point they were controlling my life. When you have either of these phobia’s you must eventually sooner or later learn to deal with them to live a more normal life, one day I just got sick and tired of remaining home alone all the time just because of these phobias. Believe me it is terrifying to face your fears, but it is very realistic and possible to overcome by taking it one baby step at a time. Start out facing your fears for very short periods of time, but the real key is forcing yourself to expose yourself to your fears more regularly. Once you become comfortable with these very short periods you must slowly increase the length of time your exposed a little more. This is a very emotional dramatic experience without a doubt, but if I could improve my tolerance to my fears I know you can do this as well. I suggest if possible you might start out with a friend accompanying you to overcome your fears, it will be much easier for you then going it alone for sure. My phobias become so severe I lost my employment and lost all my old friends, so I was forced to go it alone. I do hope with all my heart you have a close friend or family member who understands your fears, this will be a huge asset to you learning to deal with your phobias.




Final Thought

I hope this article has helped you or someone you know and love, of course this technique is for the more common phobias which you deal with most days. For the more severe and rare phobias, you really should consider consulting a professional. Adding more nutrients to your diet through brain nutritional supplements will lower your anxiety levels which will lower your levels of your panic attacks and phobias which will help you cope better, this might be an option you wish to consider before attempting to face your fears. Whatever you do you must eventually face your fears if they are controlling your life, fear is our most challenging enemy we could ever face in our entire life. Please feel free to leave any comment or questions for me in my comment form or if you wish to contact me privately email me at







  • Green says:

    Hello Jeff, I was just reading WebMd the other day that some people seem to be born with the ability to overcome health setbacks with relative ease. On the other hand, there are people that do not have that natural ability and through your passion to help and provide relevant information that will help people in overcoming health obstacles is much needed. Thank you for providing information on nutrition and coping techniques ~Sherry

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sherry

      I appreciate the info from WebMd you shared today, it does seem some people are fighters more then others and just do not know the words “Give Up”


  • Stella says:

    This is a great article, Jeff. I have many family members who suffer from phobias, panic attacks and anxiety. I think that the way you are dealing with your own issues is very brave.
    You have some great advice here. It is certainly good to be able to overcome some of the anxiety without using drugs.
    I find that supporting my digestion always helps me to have more balanced mental/emotional health. Do you do anything in that department?
    Thanks, Stella

    • admin says:

      Thank You Stella

      I appreciate your comment very much, I was on several anxiety meds in the past. How I got off the meds which was giving me more side effect issues then helping my anxiety issues was I first eliminated all my trigger foods with an elimination diet. Then I started slowly facing my anxiety and phobia fears one by one, just the past year what has been another great asset was to add nutrients to my diet. I highly recommend this supplement, it has helped people of all ages as well as myself to have a stronger and more balanced mental health.

      Feel free to privately email if you desire

      Anxiety and Phobias are very often genetic, sometimes skipping generations. Even more your diet plays a big role how healthy you are mentally as well as physically.

      Best of Luck


  • Wing says:

    Nice discussion of different phobias. I never gave this much thought as I personally don’t have any known phobias. I am a bit queezy of large spiders, but other common phobias such as heights, snakes, tight spaces, etc. never bothered me.

    Nevertheless, this was very informative and nicely written!


    • admin says:

      Thank You Wing

      I appreciate you reading my article on phobias, I am happy you have no phobias or fears which impact your life. I am sure its your lifestyle and family genes, both are very important factors.


  • Sofia says:

    Hi, I like your content here. I have a phobia in public speaking. I don’t know what it is. I just don’t like talking in front of crowds. I avoid it at all cost. The last time I had to speak to a crowd was years ago in speech class. Hated it.
    Maybe it is just because I don’t do it often. I guess if I did it more frequently I can eventually get over the fear just like the fear I get before taking a test. I also have a phobia to bugs. But if my husband isnt around I get something big and solid to kill it. After I kill the bug my fear goes away but that fear never goes away when I see another bug. Thanks for your post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sofia

      I understand your fear of bugs and speaking in front of crowds, those are two of the most common fears people deal with, yes the more we expose ourselves to our fears the easier they will become. Your fear with public speaking is to avoid or the flight response , where as the bug fear your response is to eliminate that fear with the fight response. Dealing with your fears does not mean you will eliminate your fears from you life, dealing means we will be able to get through them and they will not be as much as a control in our life.


  • Matt says:

    Thank you for this list. I think it is extremely important to recognize these fears so that those of us who may have some of those fears may be able to realize them and start to make changes in their lives to overcome them. It is really hard for people to overcome these fears we have without actually realizes that it is a serious fear that effects our lives greatly.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt

      Are you the Matt whose mom left a comment earlier, just curious? Many times people have fears and are not sure even what they fear, for me as a young boy I feared new situations and meeting new people in social situations. I do not remember any negative experience to cause this problem for me, it started when I first started school at the age of 5 years old.


  • Gem says:

    Well you certainly caught my attention!! What a picture!! I like your content. Having a B.A. Hons in a similar subject, I found it very interesting, how you managed to baby step what could be quite a complex subject. One detail I noticed you sidestepped (although it is probably elsewhere) is the explanation behind phobias. I have found that if you explain the innate reasoning behind such fears, it often helps to alleviate them. I.e. heights, enclosed spaces, snakes and spiders – our bodies have built in ‘alarm bells’ to ensure we are on hyper-alert around potentially deadly situations.
    I really like your content though and found it very easy to navigate.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gem

      People’s phobias are not always easy to understand, most people experience some type of drama in their life which causes this phobia but some people have this phobia all their life and never understand why. I think this is a professional’s field to help people fully understand what caused each person’s phobia. The main point of my website is to help people deal with these issues, I appreciate your comment very much.


  • Eric says:

    Phobia is could be the most terrible fear a human being could have. This website helps people to deal with that fear. Like the website life begins with your health you can learn a lot about how to deal with anxiety without medications.Some issues are controlled by phobias. In this website it say’s that they believe that anxiety and phobias are connected. This website will also teach you different types of phobias. I recommend everyone that have’s this issue to read this website: how to deal with anxiety without medications. Trust me I even talked to my mom about it and she was surprised of what she learned. Her problem was the roaches, even mines is. I hate those legs crawling on me it feels so yucky and ill that I can’t even support it. This website is teaching me how to deal with my issue and it help’s a lot.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Eric

      It makes me very happy my article is helping you understand and deal better with your fears,thank you for sharing with your mom.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    I don’t believe I have any phobias. I am, however, terrified of bees, hornets and wasps. Probably going crazy and loosing control would describe me when one comes near. I’m not allergic, just terrified. I them plenty often, and I have tried just relaxing and forgetting about them. Does not work with me…lol

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom

      Phobias usually are extreme fears to the point they take some control of your life, such as your fear of stinging insects if you spent most of your time indoors just because your terrified you might get stung would be a phobia.


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