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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication-Careers

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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication


People who have extreme severe anxiety and anxiety related issues often find the stress of their careers are triggers, if you have a high stress and demanding career this possibly could be one of your major triggers. Many of us must give up our past careers due to this stress, some of us even must apply for our disability benefits while recovering and learning to cope with our anxiety issues. I was one of these people who had to use my disability benefits. I was for a very long time ashamed of being on disability, even though I worked and paid into the program the loss of my career was too much for me to bare.


Anxiety And Stress


Stress in any form is a trigger to your anxiety symptoms, you must eliminate as much as possible the stress from your life. Weather its the stress in your life from your career or your personal life, you must eliminate or at the least find a way to lessen this stress to ever recover enough to earn your own living again. People with anxiety issues often have low self-esteem, the loss of something such as their careers can effect them more severely then most other people. When I loss my career I felt I had no purpose in my life, I loved my career and it was one of the things  I was most proud of and kept me going when times became rough.




Making A Career Change


The majority of people dealing with their anxiety issues often must make a career change to ever earn a living again, many people with such problems have a difficulty adjusting to dramatic changes in their lives. I highly recommend if this is you or someone you know, consider finding a passion and make this your new career. Something which gives you much happiness and good feelings inside as your new career will be the best therapy and coping technique you will ever find.




Low Stress Careers


Low stress careers is a must for anyone in this situation, also the majority of people with this problem do much better with careers which allows them to  work solo or with people individually or in very small groups. Many people become anxious around a larger group of people and become less confident in their abilities, even more so speaking to groups is much more stressful for them then speaking to individual people or smaller groups. Here are some of the anxiety friendly careers you can consider.




  • Lab Analyst
  • Accounting
  • Financial Analyst
  • Construction Inspector
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Cleaning Offices
  • Tutoring
  • Counseling
  • Financial Advisor
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Brick Mason
  • Nanny
  • Baby Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Care Giver
  • Online Home Business


If you or someone you know is considering a new career due to their anxiety issues , anxiety friendly careers for many people are focused on careers dealing with.

  • Children
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Working From Home




Vocational Rehabilitation


Many people who are struggling to find the right new career change could benefit by contacting their nearest vocational rehabilitation program, most states provide this service to assist people with disabilities to be retrained and return back to earning their own living. Weather or not your receiving disability benefits you are eligible for these types of programs, your tax dollars pays for this program so do not be ashamed to take advantage of using these programs. These programs provide the resources and assistance to return back to employment once again. These programs have tests you can take to find out your strengths and weaknesses, also you can take career test online as well.


Returning To School


Many people must return back to school for training skills to change careers, not everyone is able to return back to school but its well worth giving it a try. I attempted to return back to school three different times, sadly I was not able to do this because of my anxiety. Only you know if this is a good option for you, if your like me and you did not know give it a try, you have nothing really to lose. Returning back to school for some of us is a trigger, many of us put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed. Many people with anxiety have low self-esteem, for me it took very little stress at that time in my life to lose all my confidence and become extremely anxious and depressed. Even though school  was not a positive experience for me, I am very happy I did expose myself to this experience. You are eligible for government assistance to return back to school, if school is the right choice for you take advantage of the government assistance to return back to school. Today many people are receiving their training online right from home, so this is another option you might consider.




Coping Techniques


Coping techniques are more important then ever to know when your returning back to working  again, even though you have changed careers and found your passion and anxiety friendly career you will still experience some stress and will need to use your coping skills. Some good coping techniques and skills are:

  • Therapist (Counseling)
  • Arrive At Work Early
  • Record Your Thoughts and Feelings (Journal )
  • Turn Your Anxiety From Fear To Excitement
  • Focus On People Around You
  • Deep Breathing
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Physical Active (walking is a good one)
  • Good Support System



Final Thoughts


Never give up on returning back to employment, I struggled  for many years until I found the right new career for me. I found helping others through my articles and products is my perfect anxiety friendly career. I am amazed how I just kept experimenting with new careers until I found the right one for me, when I failed with one I had to take some time to recover and become healthy again. Once I became healthy again, my motivation to experiment with something new became strong again to do. Never think there is nothing you can do to get back on your feet again, but first you must learn how to deal with your anxiety and become healthy again.

As  always I encourage you to leave your comments on my website and feel free to contact me privately if you desire, I am more then happy to assist you privately in overcoming your anxiety and become healthy again.


  • Rodney says:

    You share very important facts about stress. Many of us live in busy cities, work in busy offices etc, and these cause a lot of stress. As a person who has a psychology background, going for counseling can be very helpful. It is amazing what this does to a person who is experiencing a lot of stress where it starts to affects one’s health. Thank you for this post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Rodney

      My articles comes primary from my own battle with anxiety and anxiety related health issues, I hope my sharing helps other overcome their own anxiety issues much sooner then I overcame my own.


  • DrSarahBrewer says:

    Youa re right that if your career is stressful it’s important to look at other options. I’m intrigued by the fact that you’ve included nanny as a low stress career, though. Looking after kids – especially someone else’s – can be really stressful! Long hours don’t help and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with anxiety. Working for youself, from home, is a better option as long as you can maintain enough income to cover your outgoings.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dr Sarah Brewer

      I included nanny simple because many people with anxiety love to be around children and doing things for children as taking care of them gives them a boost in self-esteem and also gives them a purpose in life. Of course if children are a trigger, this is not a good choice for you.


  • roamy says:

    As someone who has suffered depression and anxiety for years, your post is a welcome read.
    As you say in your post,careers can be a major cause of anxiety attacks, unfortunately, many people do not realize this and changing a career is also never an easy thing.
    Stressfree jobs make a big difference to people who have anxiety attacks.
    But then, we tend to ignore the signs like insomnia,and fatigue,we just put it down to going through rough patches.
    After years of depression,anxiety attacks and seeing no hope ahead, l managed to overcome these very dark years thanks to medication and my good therapist.
    I did not change a career and start working from home or something like that, but l found a suitable office job in a little office where l work alone 4 hours a day. This has helped me get my life back on track and with medication and reducing stress levels things look great again.
    Once more, thanks so much for a very informative post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Roamy

      Some people might never be able to work with their anxiety, what I am sharing about working with anxiety is for people once you learn to manage their anxiety and are emotionally stable.

      I worked for many years with the signs of stress from my career, like you shared I ignored the signs and just kept working until I was not longer stable enough emotionally to work.


  • Stella says:

    I agree with almost everything you have written in this article. And I love the list of ways to cope with stress without medication. I use many of these myself. I am especially partial to mindful walking.
    You are providing great information for people who have a lot of work-related stress in their lives.
    The only part that I do not agree with is that working with children and tutoring are in the low-stress category. I know from personal experience that they can be very stressful. However, that said, I agree that it will certainly depend on the situation and the individual, too.
    But beside that point, you have done a comprehensive job here. Good stuff! Thanks, Stella

    • admin says:

      Thank You Stella

      You have a good point with children and tutoring, but on the average many people with anxiety do love to spend time with children and helping others so these can be low stress for some people. Tutoring you can work your own hours which you then can manage your stress, children give many of us so much joy being around them.


  • Kristof says:

    I like the URL of your website: Life Begins with Your Health. This is so true; if there’s no health, then life is really a struggle, so health is so important. I like your ideas about some careers that are low stress. Unfortunately even in low stress careers we might have a lot of stress because of some other reasons, like relationships for example.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kristof

      I appreciate your comments very much, you might just wish to read my next article coming soon on anxiety and relationships


  • Travis Smithers says:

    Excellent article that I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate to somehow in their life.

    For me, my wife had a job that caused her to end up with excessive anxiety to the point that she was no longer able to do her job. The medical field wants you to take prescription drugs which ultimately end up causing other problems from side effects, so we handled it naturally which worked out much better.

    Hopefully, others will realize just how serious anxiety can become if you do not recognize the symptoms and take care of it before it gives you melt down.

  • lizp says:

    Well, this couldn’t come at a better time. I have a friend who’s been struggling with anxiety for a long time now and has recently been diagnosed with something severe to where she had to stop her teaching career and start taking strong medication.

    I will definitely send her the link to your website for some tips on what she can do and how she can possibly change her life for the better.

    Stress and anxiety is terrible. It’s a major reason why I eagerly left Canada and moved to Europe.

    Thank you for this post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lizp

      I understand you and your friend’s feelings from stress and anxiety, my life in the past was not a very happy time always worrying about everything not sleeping well and having panic attacks daily. What helps me is my natural herbal supplement, possibly this is something you or your friend might benefit from as well.

      natural herbal supplement


  • Arta says:

    Hi Jeff and thank you for the useful information. I think the best about this is that you have experienced it in your own life and therefore your information is double valuable as you are talking about yourself.
    I do experience anxiety problems at my work but my anxiety is usually flashing when I have to talk to a group of people. I get completely unconfident about myself and things I am doing. and it is very irritating – I don’t know how to deal with this. my heart is beating like crazy, my hands are wet and I wish I could just simply disappear. It is repeating each time when I have to talk public, to 3 or more people.
    Do you have any idea how to cope with this?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Arta

      What you are experiencing are panic attacks when you must talk to a group of people larger then you are comfortable, The best way to overcome this is with regular talking to people at your comfort level then slowly but regularly add talking to a group with one more person until you can talk to people in a group the size you mainly need to talk too. Deep breathing before your talk will help calm you down, also exercise an hour or so will burn off some of your anxiety. if you need a little extra help you can use what I do, it keeps me much calmer and i can handle stress much easier.

      This May Help You


  • Chris Meche says:

    So, true. I know that my career in education is highly stressful, especially with all of the emphasis on standardized testing. I do find that exercising does minimize the effects of the stress I feel. I can definitely tell when I haven’t exercised for a few days. I feel more run down. Thanks for promoting a better way to work stress free. You did mention arriving to work early as a means of coping without medication. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that for me? How does this help?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Chris Meche

      Arriving at work early gives you time to adjust and start your day, instead of arriving just in time to start work which makes many people feel stressed and rushed and anxious. This does take some of the anxiety from you at work, it gives you time to relax before starting your day. Try it and see how this works for you, I know many people who has a stressful career does not wish to be there any longer then they must. Often changing careers is the best cure, but also this can cause stress in ones life as well.


  • Chawn Bracey says:

    Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the daily grind I forget about health needs. For example staying up all night writing or reading when I know I am supposed to be getting at least about 6 hours of sleep. Success is nothing if we don’t have health. Thanks for such a great article I have to make a few changes!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Chawn Bracey

      We all get caught up with the things we enjoy and need to do at time and do not take as well care of ourselves as we need too, I am no different then anyone else. A healthy balance is a must to remain healthy, when we do not get enough sleep we will lose our ability to focus and be our best. If you need some extra help relaxing and getting to sleep here is the all natural herbal supplement I use myself.


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