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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication-Best Treatment For Anxiety

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Anxiety Treatment Without Medication


Today I will share with you my best treatments which has improved my life living with anxiety, these treatments have been the basic anxiety tool kit to my recovery and maybe do the same for you. Of course many of you will prefer to use medication possibly as one of your treatments, which is fine with me if medication benefits you without causing you many unhealthy side-effects I am happy for you. As for me, medication caused me more harm then good. Also medication is actually not a cure, medication is only a crutch to get you by and as time goes by medication may not be as effective for you and possibly not work for you at all in the future. This will have you going from one anxiety medication to another in hopes to find some relief, in my opinion this is no way to live you life.



Herbal Anxiety Remedies


Any of you who have read my past articles know by now I am high on all natural herbal anxiety supplements, these products works best simply because they are adding nutrients into your body which is not a medication but is a food additive. There are so many of these natural herbal supplements to choose from with some patience and experimentation I have faith you also will find the one which works best for you. Right before I started writing to help you with dealing with your anxiety I found the natural herbal supplement which has worked the best for me, I will share with you my herbal supplement and also provide you with other supplements to experiment with as well. My objective is not to push my supplement onto you, I do wish to provide you the opportunity to give it a try and also provide you with other supplements you might prefer to try as well.



Burn Your Anxiety Away


Once you have your nutrient levels up to par, your next step will be adding fitness to your new lifestyle. Now before you all become anxious and depressed, you can add fitness to your lifestyle without technically working out. For those of you who enjoy working out, joining a gym or the YMCA is a good option if its in your budget. Today many health insurance companies will pay or assist you with this type of membership, they figure in the  long run they will save money by assisting you with improving your health status.  For those of you  who just do not like the idea of working out or joining a gym, simple add new activities into your lifestyle which will get you moving more then you already are right now.




Another method I still use today and I receive so much benefit from is using music to control my anxiety, who can be anxious while listening to one of their most favorite songs. I use my favorite classic rock music to keep my mood positive, I also find this assists me in being more productive and write these articles for you with a much more positive attitude. When life is giving me a difficult time and my mood is a bit blue, before depression has time to set in I also listen to my favorite happy music as well. On the other hand, when my anxiety is a bit high and my mind is worrying about things too much, I listen to my favorite easy listening music which most of the time calms me down.






Pet therapy has been a great asset in assisting people with all types of health problems to recover or at the least improve, very few people can be anxious with a pet to take care of and be their companion. Pets also are a great method to get yourself to become more active, especially if your pet happens to be a puppy dog. Amazingly studies have shown people become less anxious and depressed when simple playing or petting their pet, hospitals and medical clinics have had such success with this as therapy they have the local animal shelters bring pets regularly in for their patients as part as their therapy program. People who live alone are often more anxious and depressed then people who live with pets, so if you live alone consider adopting a pet . I will not take the excuse you can not have pets where you live, volunteer at your local animal shelter or just visit often and spend time with the animals at the shelter.




Final Thought


These are just a drop in the bucket ways to treat your anxiety without medication, I do hope this gets you motivated to check into some herbal supplements to add to your diet. This has been the most important step in my own recovery and I know it will help you so much as well, I do use all these methods daily to control my anxiety. I assure you if they work for me they will work for you, just be patient with yourself and do not give up and these will improve your anxiety and your life. I wish to add one more very important method for you to try, when anxiety has you down and your starting to feel depression setting in do something nice for someone else and you will be surprised how your depression will disappear.




  • Simon Crowe in Asia says:

    Wow thanks Jeff – this is great information! I love every one of your suggestions.

    I think doctors are too ‘trigger happy’, just giving out anti-depressants, other pills without digging into the causes.

    A few simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference! When I started exercising I thought i would feel more tired and drained but the opposite happened – i had more energy, felt more relaxed and now have a much more positive outlook! My favourite YouTube playlist works for me too! Brilliant!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Simon Crowe Asia

      I thank you for reading my article and leaving your comment today, it is amazing how becoming more active has the opposite effect we think it would on our energy. I notice I am not as tired and sleepy in the late afternoon since increasing my activity, only takes a small amount of time out of our day and the benefits are awesome. I hope the links I shared for resources to learn more about these techniques helped as well.


  • Mike says:

    Really like how you’ve incorporated the benefits that having pets has on anxiety. I blog about dogs, and have had three Samoyeds over the years and it absolutely has had an a beneficial effect on stress levels and overall health. And I absolutely love your suggestion about volunteering at an animal shelter or visiting with the animals. It will help both the them and you.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mike

      I appreciate your comment and viewing my article, all these I use pretty much everyday. They all assist in keeping me feeling much calmer and less anxious, happy to hear you blog about dogs. Dogs have been such a positive asset in my life, shelter dogs get lonely and need love too.


  • Eva_Capri says:

    Great information, thank you so much for sharing. I suffer from anxiety and have been taking medication for a long time and i feel that Doctor’s just like giving out pills that just mask the problem instead of fixing it. You did a great job at explaining the problem and offering great natural tips.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Capri

      I hope some of my suggestions you will give a try yourself, who knows maybe you can one day even get off your anxiety meds like I have. In the past I was on several anxiety meds and depression meds, these are not healthy for our bodies and does not solve the problem we are having. Adding the suggestions in this post is a solution, maybe not work for everyone but well worth a try.


  • JMagnus says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your suggestions above. I love working out, playing the piano and hanging out with my dog. I find those things to be therapeutic. Luckily, that’s been enough for me to keep my anxiety at bay. I also appreciate the fact that you endorse natural remedies vs. the prescription stuff that ends up doing more harm than good. very insightful, thanks for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You JMagnus

      I appreciate your comments, I have a strong desire to help others with their anxiety naturally with herbal supplement and good coping skills. I and many others I know had very bad experience with medications for anxiety, often they make your symptoms even worse or they numb you so much you feel very little emotions at all which only takes the emotion from your life which is not good .


  • Daggok says:

    I just finish reading your article, and I can’t but to feel identified. I too suffer of some anxiety and reading your article gave a better understanding on how to fight against it. I never thought about pets, but now that I think on it ,when I play with my dog, my mind is a lot more relaxed.
    keep the great work.


    • admin says:

      Thank you Daggok

      My dog has many magical powers to calm me down, noting like the attention of a pet to get you feeling loved and cared for again.


  • Vinnie Prasad says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Great article to read. So many beneficial ways of tackling anxiety. I personally prefer to do two things when i’m feeling anxious and that is go to the gym and listen to my favourite music like yourself. I find that concentrating on a particular task helps me to stop feeling anxious and more relaxed and in the zone.

    I personally liked what you had to say towards the end of the article about whenever you’re going through depression go out there and give someone a helping hand 🙂

    To be honest i think natural medication does help but i have learnt to deal with it myself and through the points you have discussed in this article.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Prasad

      I do feel in some severe cases medication is a good temporary fix , but for the long term you need natural good coping skills and maybe a herbal supplement.


  • jody says:

    Anxiety is a big thing in the world today. With all the problems of the world plus the stress of working and just simply surviving everyday is very hard now a days. You need all the help you can get when you suffer from depression or anxiety. Great site keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jody

      Your comment is so true , but sad. Our society today is under so much stress with high prices and low income employment today. Even children are under high stress today, more and more children are having anxiety issues which is effecting their grades and lives. Please if you have a child who is struggling in school, give them the benefit of the doubt and have them do the anxiety self test or see a professional.

      Anxiety Self Test

      Free Online Test


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