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How To Deal With Anxiety Without Medication-Anxiety And Dating

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Anxiety And Dating


Today I would like to share with you how difficult it is for people with anxiety to date, people with anxiety avoid many social settings so meeting other single people to date is a very huge challenge. Especially for the people who are divorced and more mature in years this will be a very high stress situation, this seems to be a high stress situation for both genders. As a guy, I have found this very difficult since my divorce over 10 years ago. The guy usually is the one to ask the gal out on a date, when the guy has very high anxiety issues many times he just can not ask a gal out on a date no matter how much he wishes to get to know her.  Also for me, experiencing a bad marriage in the past this brings even more severe anxiety symptoms awake. I would like very much to hear from the ladies with anxiety issues what there experience is with dating, please feel free to leave your comments on my  website or contact me privately at my email address


Natural Herbal Supplements


I have experimented with both medicine and natural herbal supplements for my own anxiety symptoms, I have had positive experiences with natural herbal supplements with very few or any side effects. On the other hand, my experience with medicine has been very negative with many side effects. Today I only use one natural herbal supplement, this supplement has worked very well for me over the years with decreasing my symptoms to be much more manageable for me. There are many good natural herbal supplement you could consider, everyone’s body is different and so these supplements works different for each person. Sadly, you must experiment with these natural supplements to find which one or ones works best for you.


Online Dating Websites


Thank God for online dating websites for the anxious person, people who are anxious usually are much better communicating with new people best through written communication rather then verbal communication face to face. Once you are familiar with this person through online communication your anxiety decreases a great deal, this will allow you to be more yourself with the other person.  I have found myself to form very strong relationships with people I have met online, even today there are a few special people i have met online which still are in my life. Even if you do not meet anyone for the purpose of  meeting in person and dating, this is very good therapy for communicating with people and forming good friendships which may last forever.

Matchmaking Sites


Matchmaking websites are for the anxious person who is seeking more then a Friday night date, these websites match you up with people who have similar interests and lifestyles your seeking in a soulmate. The majority of people on these types of websites are seriously searching for their soulmate, these people are wishing to meet their life partner so if this is what your also most interested in this is the best website for you .Most people with anxiety issues are not really interested in meeting a lot of people and go on a lot of dates, most are not comfortable meeting new people so if this is you possibly you wold prefer this type of website. The best part of these websites are your not going to be meeting a lot of people  who are not  the type of person your wishing to meet, these websites saves you time with providing you with people who fit the type of person your looking for.



Chatting Websites


Chat lines are very popular with people today to meet new people as well, I have not a whole lot of experience with these types of websites. I do know people who have met other people through these types of websites, it is something for you to research and consider as well in your search to meet new people. Many online dating websites now have chatting on their websites, many people who are anxious are not comfortable chatting online  with someone new at least not right away. I have found more women are interested in chatting then men online, especially video chat might be anxious for many people since its very close to communicating face to face with this person. I would recommend start out with written correspondence online first, then as your comfortable move to chatting when the time is  right for you.



Meeting Someone Online In Person


The longer you know the person and the more time you spend online with them the easier meeting them in person will be, always be careful meeting anyone online the first time. I suggest meeting them in a public place where you feel safe, even take another person with you when first meeting if this will help you feel safer. If the person your meeting is honest and sincere, they will not object you bringing someone with you when meeting. Never give any of your personal information to someone before you have taken enough time to really know this person, with so much identity fraud going on today its best to be safe then sorry.



Final Thoughts


Meeting people today is done mainly online, especially for us more mature people who have been married before. Unless you have a big circle of friends, it is just plain hard to meet people for dating when your at a more mature age. Actually I am experiencing more and more even younger people searching online for dates and soulmates, most people who marry young marry their high school sweetheart or their college sweetheart. People who do not marry either, often has a more difficult time meeting the right person. People are not as free to meet and start dating when first meeting in person on their daily routine, it takes time to get to know a person and feel comfortable meeting them and going on a date. Our society is just plain more careful then in the past when meeting someone out in public, all the crime has us on protection mode most of the time.


  • Tarik Wilkes says:

    I really appreciated the organization of this page. I like how your page with a vibrant and saturated graphics, with a solution product to the issue you discuss in the article. Then you proceed to discuss the topic issue, followed by solutions. Lastly, you wrap up the article with your conclusion.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Wilkes

      It is always nice to hear my readers approve of my articles and the products I am sharing with them, I try my best to share products which will assist you in improving your anxiety. I thank you for your comment, I am hoping some ladies with anxiety will leave comments on their side of dating with anxiety as well.


  • Steven says:

    I suffer from anxiety and its horrible somedays I don’t feel like going out the house and causes uneasiness with my partner.

    She semi-understands but it’s hard to place yourself in someones shoes if you have never experienced it.

    I find exercise really helps to cure anxiety with out the use of medication

    • admin says:

      Thank You Steven

      I agree with you on exercise, have you ever tried a herbal nutritional product instead of medicine? If your medicine is doing well for you I am very happy for you, for me natural herbal supplements has done much better then medicine so keep this in mind maybe to try in the future if your medicine is not doing its job any longer.

      Even the most caring partner may not understand how anxiety controls our lives sometimes, best to talk often to your partner about these things for the best relationship with less conflict.


      PS There are books and dvds to help couples when anxiety is causing problems in their relationship, do not forget to use these resources on my website if you need them.

  • Luke says:

    This is some great information about anxiety and dating. I feel there are many people out there who are not good at meeting people and get very nervous about trying to talk to people who they’re attracted to. I hope that this article helps some of those people find solutions. I like how you mentioned many different solutions because everyone is different. Keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Luke

      yes, everyone is different so different methods work better for some people then others. Thank you for your feedback, I am always happy to hear from my readers.


  • Caleb Kim says:

    I’m privileged enough to have never had to deal with anxiety problems, but I see how this post can help out people that have. Even though I have no experience with anxiety, all the things you recommended would probably help someone that suffers from anxiety. I like how clean your theme is, but I recommend adding more pictures to represent the different sections you wrote about.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate your feedback and reading my article today, you are very fortunate I hope you never have to deal with controlling anxiety in the future.


  • Bruce says:

    I appreciate your subject matter. I can see that you put a lot of thought into your content. I like that for the various issues you offer different solutions. I do not want to discourage you so please, understand I want only to offer helpful suggestions. I am near sighted which makes it hard for me to read small print. (1) increase the font size.(2) I would set the paragraph text justified to the left. (3) I would place the advertised product justified right of each issue. This would shorten the overall post making it not seem so run on. I hope this helps you and God bless.

  • Javier says:

    Hi, as a person who has struggled with shyness and anxiety since little boy, I find your article resourceful, What I would add is a recommendation not to rationalize the difficulties with excuses and stress the point that we must get in to action no matter how much we fail, eventually it will get easier, personally I recommend the website chat, so if we get rejected we can assimilate it and go on with less trauma, and after that move to harder fields, a humble opinion.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Javier

      I am happy you shared your comments from your own personal experience, nothing is more valuable then hearing what has worked for someone through their own experience. Even thought it still hurts some of us to be rejected even online, your correct online is a much less painful experience as in person.


  • Blame says:

    Great information. You are right about anxiety. It can kill a lot of relationships or relationship potentials. I am not too sure about medicine, but personally I believe that movement really helps because it keeps you going and goal oriented.

    Online dating is definitely the new thing, but there are probably still possibilities off the net. What do you think?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Blame

      Anxiety does effect all aspects of our lives in many ways, the possibilities off line are very possible but would be very slow at getting to know the other person. The main problem is the opportunity to meet other people offline is not as high for anxious people, anxious people just do not engage very often in social situations offline.


      Anything is Possible

  • Remy Ooi says:

    Hi Celiacman,

    Your website seems to benefits a lot for people who suffers from anxiety. Even for people who is under tremendous stress, they will sure to pick up a trick or two on how to combat anxiety without any medication. That is something that medical science cannot offer us even at this turn of century. I myself enjoy them too. Keep it up !

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