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How To Deal With Anxiety- sleep

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How To Deal With Anxiety

For all of you who has been following my articles you should be noticing a difference in your anxiety, its been about one week since you started the elimination diet. You should by now have a good idea which foods are your anxiety trigger foods, just keep adding one new food at a time so you can be sure if it is a trigger food or a safe food to add to your new diet. For anyone new to my website, you can refer back to my past posts to learn how to do the elimination diet and find your trigger foods.


Diet And Anxiety

Many of you who have experienced a difference in your level of anxiety at this time might be amazed how food could be triggers for your anxiety, even healthy food can be a trigger food. So all food weather considered healthy or not, might not be healthy for you. After I started my elimination diet, I even noticed a difference in my quality of sleep. I do hope this also has been the case for you, sleep is our next step in learning how to deal with our anxiety without medication.


Sleep And Anxiety

I noticed myself and possibly you have noticed the same thing, when I get a better quality of sleep my anxiety levels are much less severe. Hopefully you have noticed at least  some improvement with the quality of your sleep since identifying your trigger foods through the elimination diet, if your still experiencing some difficulty with your quality of sleep I recommend you give this a try. I have used the supplement Melatonin to get my sleep cycle back where it should be, this should only be taken short periods at a time no longer then two weeks. This supplement increases the production of your serotonin, this is what gives you your quality of sleep. Taken for long periods this supplement can cause your body not to produce enough serotonin on its own, this is the reason you should never take this supplement regularly for longer then a few weeks.

anxiety and sleep



How To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

Everyone is different of course with what works best for them to improve their quality of sleep, I do not recommend taking sleep aids for more then one or two nights. Sleep aids is not a natural high quality level of sleep, often they will cause you more problems then not taking them more then a few nights. Also sleep aids are addicting, the longer you take them the more you will need to get to sleep over time. If you do find you need a sleep aid, I recommend you see your doctor and get a prescription sleep aid which is not addicting. I do take a prescriptions sleep aid which improves my quality of sleep, I take doxepin. This medication is only for sleep, I do not experience hang over effects the next morning and I do not need to take larger doses as time goes by. Talk to your doctor about doxepin, I highly recommend this medication and I am not one big in taking any medication unless you absolutely have no other choice.


Natural Improvement For Sleep

I highly recommend you experimenting with all the natural sleep improvement options before taking any sleep aids, some which I have used in the past and still do regularly are:anxiety and sleep


Muscle Relaxation


Herbal Tea




Writing in a journal or diary



Final Thought

Sleep is our next step to improve to help us lower our severity of our anxiety symptoms, we really need to do as much as possible to lower our anxiety levels before we can go to the next step. You might be noticing also since changing your diet , your mood has improved as well. It is a proven fact the majority of people who suffer from anxiety, also suffers from depression and mood disorders. We will be getting more involved in the coping skills in future articles, for now we must focus on our diet and our quality of sleep.


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