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How To Deal With Anxiety At Night-Worrying And Overthinking Keeping You Up At Night


What Is Keeping You Up At Night?


Sleep or the lack of sleep is the most common health problem for the majority of people today, anxiety is becoming a severe problem for many people and often can be the root cause for many of their other health problems. Often the first sign of oncoming health problems is anxiety and sleep, many people often do not even realize anxiety is what is preventing them from being able to sleep at night. Do you lay in bed at night worrying about things, many of us finds ourselves worrying about things at night which are not even worth worrying about?


Over Thinking

Unable To Relax

Achy Muscles

Racing Thoughts


Anxiety & Sleep Supplements


Many people are experiencing using supplements to help them relax their mind and body is the answer to their night anxiety problems, supplements for most people provides less or no side-effects unlike many of the over-the-counter sleep aids. Supplements are natural herbal products which does not give you the drowsy drunk feeling as many over-the-counter sleep aids do, everyone’s body chemistry is different so often you must experiment with different supplements until you find the one which works best for you.


Relora ( 2 before bedtime )

Magnesium Glycinate ( 200-800 mg before bedtime )

Ashwaganda ( 500-1000 mg 2xs per day )

GABA ( 500-1000 mg before bedtime )

5 HTP ( 50-400 mg before bedtime )

Melatonin ( 0.5-3 mg before bedtime )



Essential Oils For Sleep


Essential oils are the oils from herbal plants which provides body and mind relaxation naturally as you sleep, do not allow the prices of these essential oils to prevent you from giving them a try. Essential oils actually are a  very economical investment for your night anxiety, you use very little of these oils never use more than 4 drops at one time. You can purchase a diffuser to spread their scent into the air, but other ways are to just place a drop or two on the underneath side of your pillow as needed. Another popular method is to use a sachet of your favorite oil and place the sachet under your pillow, any of these methods will provide you with the night anxiety relief you are searching for.



Sweet Majoram


Clary Sage


Sleep Machines


Sleep machines are also known as white noise machines, these products produce relaxing sounds which promotes relaxation and sleep for many people. These relax your mind and boy which allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep, these products are used for people of all ages from senior adults to little babies. You have two product types available to choose from, the first product produces only pure white noise generated naturally with air. The other type of product provides you with recorded sounds of white noise, these natural sounds are soundscapes such as the ocean sounds, raining or the natural sounds of a forest. Your best quality products cost you over $ 30.00, any products less than this price most often does not produce high quality sounds.




What Is On My Mind Today?


When you develop the problem not being able to sleep due to night anxiety, this can open the door for more severe health problems, supplements, essential oils and sound machines are very good natural products to use to overcome your night anxiety sleep problems. Other natural methods you can use are deep breathing and relaxation techniques, these also have helped many people with night anxiety and might be the answer for you too.


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White Noise Macines

Nature Sound Machines

Essential Oils


Night Anxiety


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