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How To Consolidate My Student Loans-Should You Or Should You Not

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After College Stress


The government was so nice to give you all those student loans, they almost begged you to take the money for school. Now you graduated from college, started working an entry-level position. Now the government is wanting pay back on your student loans, living expenses are much higher than you expected and your starting income is much lower than you expected. Besides the stress from the new position which is more than enough stress for you to deal with, now you are being hassled by Uncle Sam for student loan payments. The biggest stress the majority of college grads experience which is the most difficult for them to deal with is their financial stress, imagine the emotional stress on these young people feeling they are being hit from all directions all at one time.


Financial Stress




Still stressed about your student loan payments some people have suggest consolidated your loans into one payment, this would me more convenient and less stressful for you. One payments sounds much better than so many payments your trying to pay now,  heard your total payments will even be lower than what the are now which would be awesome.


Eligible- Graduated, Left School, Less Than Attending School Half Time

Loan Types- Federal & Private Loans

Lowers Credit Score Temporary


Student Financial Stress


Consolidation Benefits


Many times consolidating several loans into one payment is very beneficial for a person, this allows them to pay their debt and often giving them a little more funds to live on. So you are eligible for a consolidation loan, now lets look at the benefits and see how much this is going to help you.


Lower Interest Rates

Variable To Fixed Interest Rate

Lower Monthly Payments

One Easy Payment

Less Stress


Less Financial Stress


Consolidation Disadvantages


You are feeling less stressed with what you have found out with your research, now checking out the disadvantages of going this route. Actually you have little choice in the matter you are barely  surviving paying all your living expenses and student loan, but you want to be sure your doing the right things and see what negative things could happen by consolidating your student loans.


Close To Pay Off

Able To Make The Payments

Long-Term Cost

Origination Fee

Loose Any Perks



Debt Stress Management


Consolidate Or Not


The majority of college grads are forced to consolidate their student loans, most entry level position students decided to consolidate to relief their high financial stress and give them a little extra cash to live on. Financial stress is one of the most common stress triggers in most people’s lives, the only one really more stressful is being in an abusive relationship. Learning to deal efficiently with high stress is a must today, everyone experiences high stress some time in their lives. Many careers are high stress, a person either learns good stress management skills or finds another career.  The worse affect of consolidating your student loans is they you will be paying on them for a longer term, but having one lower payment often is worth it.


Stress Relief


Financial Stress


Financial stress will ruin your quality of life and your emotional health, most people who experience this type of stress long-term can even become suicidal. When you throw in all the symptoms your having, no money for what you need let alone what you would like to have. Life does not feel much like you are living, many people experience substance abuse as a management tool. This only throws fuel in the fire, for one you can’t afford this type of habit plus you are only digging yourself deeper in a pit. There is no shame in being in debt, maybe you made some bad decisions and maybe it was totally out of your control such as student loan payments.


Financial Stress


Stress Management


Stress is going to be hounding you for the rest of your life, it might give you a break now and then but it will never totally leave you alone. Learning stress management skills will really make your life so much easier for you, since I learned the skills I can handle much more stress than in the past. Here is a list of the best stress management tools people find work the best, learn some of these  and do yourself a favor.


Deep Breathing

Moderate Caffeine Consumption



Exercise / Yoga

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Diet



Peppermint For Stress


What Is On My Mind


I hope this information helps you manage both your student loan consolidation and your stress, peppermint is a very good stress reducer. Many people do not know this, having a peppermint supplement with you is very convenient for any stressful times. Safe to take at work, driving or any other activities you might be involved in. Check out my resources banners as well, meditation and yoga are very good for you.




peppermint oil for stress


  • Matt's Mom says:

    I did not know that peppermint is a stress reducer. I like it, so I might just have to stock up for those days when life just becomes a little too stressed. Its sad these days that college tuition is so ridiculous and students graduate and find themselves in deep financial debt. I think the counselors in the high schools really need to discuss with students, what careers are up and coming and what careers are hot in the market right now. It is senseless to spend all that money and then find yourself without a job.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom

      I agree totally with you, I think the government should not hassle college students when they can not find a job in their career field and pay back the student loans. This is not the students fault, our government put us in this situation with taking our jobs from our country and putting them over seas.


      Peppermint is good for digestion as well as a stress reducer, I was taking peppermint for my digestive problems and found it to help me become calmer during stressful times and it is recommended for stress by the medical website so it is not all in my mind.


  • Pretty good stress management options here. I work in hectic shifts so this article is useful to me. I do listen to music and drink coffees, never knew about peppermint. Definitely, will try that one. And if you could do a session on yoga & meditation that would be grateful.


    • Jeff says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate your comment very much, one suggestion possibly watch how much coffee you are drinking
      since caffeine will increase anxiety in many people if over consumed.

      I am receiving requests for meditation and yoga, so my next series will be
      meditation and yoga.


  • Garis says:

    I’m currently in college and I’m worried about paying back my student loans. So many monthly payments will just stress me out more than I already am.I didn’t really know about the consolidation option… I might end up doing that even with all of its disadvantages. And yes! caffeine moderation is crucial. Sometimes i feel its the only way for me to do productive work is to consume a lot of caffeine, but I feel terrible afterwards.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Garis,

      I wish you much luck with your college education, yes consolidating will save you on monthly payment but stretch out he length of your payments unless you are able to pay more than one payment each month. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages when your struggling, try to worry less about the future and focus more on today.


  • Gindy says:

    I did know peppermint helps reduce stress, I will definitely check that out. The problem, I see with student loans, is the education cost does not necessarily mean a better job or career. Sad but true in today’s economy. For people who are struggling under the high cost of student loans, where do you suggest a person goes to consolidate his or her student loans, is there a program that works better than others?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Grindy,

      Life does just seem to become harder and more stressful for us as we age, my parents now in their elderly years are facing much more stress financially with high medical expenses, home and taxes and not being able to keep the home funtioning well.

      Private loan agencies are where the majority of college students consolidate their student loans, many banks will do this so I would check your own band first before any other options.


  • Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

    The government was so great, they gave you all those student loans so that you could go to school to get that degree in something that you can’t get a job in, and now it is time to start paying them off and you have a whole bunch of loans and it seems overwhelming and what do you do? Do you consolidate or not? Because the job you could get, isn’t in your field, it has a starting salary that is much lower than you expected, and of course, everything costs so much these days. Rent costs 1/2 your income or more in some cases, which frankly is crazy, but what can you do? If you consolidate, one payment sounds better than many payments. The stress of having no money and all that money to pay back can just be too much to handle. One thing you have to consider is that when you do this your locked in to whatever the interest rate is at the time. Also you may be able to defer the loans for a short period if you are not making enough money, like you are in the poverty range, or are getting government subsidy like food stamps. This can help you give you a little extra time to get on track and get a better job, but will also keep accruing interest and make your loans even more.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      You are totally correct on all you shared today, I had to get deferments on student loans but I recommend if you can at all consolidate and make the payments this is your best choice. Deferments give you a little more time, but when the time expires you will possibly be in even worse shape.


  • Carmen says:

    My son ended up with a $50,000 for 3 years in a music recording school that sure did a good sales job telling him they could place him except that the industry in this area is too competitive and not in high demand. He has done deferments and ultimately working with consolidation but I know it will take a long time to pay it off. I agree that this takes a toll on their health, especially mental health. Helping them know ways to manage it as you have stated with natural supplements when possible is good. Stress management is essential.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I am sorry for your son’s bad experience with student loans, shame schools will tell you anything to get you to enroll. All schools claim to have awesome job placement, this is the story of so many graduates today. At least your son is consolidating his student loans which will give him a little less stress, wish the best for him and you as well I know how parents worry about their children.


  • Carmen Vasey says:

    My son ended up with a $50,000 for 3 years in a music recording school that sure did a good sales job telling him they could place him except that the industry in this area is too competitive and not in high demand. He has done deferments and ultimately working with consolidation but I know it will take a long time to pay it off. I agree that this takes a toll on their health, especially mental health. Helping them know ways to manage it as you have stated with natural supplements when possible is good. Stress management is essential.

  • This is very useful info, and represents a very serious issue facing college grads today. My parents didn’t have the money for me to go to school but thank God I was able to land a scholarship. Otherwise we all would be under a LOT of financial stress today, I have seen persons have anxiety and panic attacks just wondering what comes next. Consolidation definitely eases the pressure, and should, in a sense provide some relief to students just entering the working world and getting their bearings. Would be great to see some further practical advice around stress relief techniques as a follow up to this!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank Your Joshua,

      Good to hear from you, you have shared some very good points.
      I am sure the other readers will enjoy reading your comment,
      I will write on stress relief techniques in the future. Right
      now I am writing a series on guided meditation, many readers
      requested this topic, you might wish to read these articles and
      apply guided meditation yourself.

  • Alan says:


    I’m sure I’m not the only one that didn’t realize that peppermint, of all supplements, is good for stress reducing. This would be a great post for students to read. Consolidating loans sounds like a great idea. I take it you can find these peppermint gels in any health food store?


    • admin says:

      Thank You Alan,

      Many people have commented not knowing about peppermint being a stress reducer, this is one reason it is so good for digestion.

      I do not know if peppermint in herbal supplements are available in health stores, but I would imagine they are. If your a tea drinker you can do this as well, but the supplements are stronger and more pure than herbal tea.


  • Margaret says:

    I have always felt sorry for the young people coming out of University and having a huge student loan debt hanging over their heads. It is a shame we could not do more to help these young people because without them we would have none of the professional people we need in society. Do you think the prospect of having that debt discourages many young people form further education?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Margaret,

      I appreciate you reading my article, your question is a good one to consider. In the past I would say YES, many young people who came from poor homes might not attend college because of the cost. Today I don’t think that is as much of an issue, young people do not often consider the future as much as what they wish to do at the present.


      Most schools now promote college funding is available to even poor families

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