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How To Boost Your Metabolism After 50-Managing Your Weight After 50


Metabolism After 50


As we become older, our metabolism slows down, many people over 50 also slows down and are not as active as when they were younger. This combination is the reason for many people at this age to experience gaining weight, weight management does become more of a challenge when we become older and takes more commitment with our diets and exercise plans. With less energy many people has more problems sticking to their exercise plan, less exercise and more high calories snacks leads many to being overweight at this age.


Diet Plan


Many people start to count calories which is beneficial for many people, but more work you put into your weight management plan the less you will be motivated to stick to it. If you are into counting calories adult women over 50 should aim for 2000 to 2200 calories per day, adult men over 50 should aim for 2400 to 2800 calories per day. A much easier method is to stick to a low calorie diet plan, eating low calorie food is a good strategy for people who are not into counting calories.


Lean Protein ( Burns Calories To Digest )



Non-Fat Dairy

Fiber (Quinoa )

Spicy Foods Burn 20% More Calories

8 Glasses Of Water

Green Tea



Cardio Over 50


Cardio exercise has many benefits as we become older, cardio burns calories which is what we need the most to maintain our weight. Some people are not crazy about cardio exercise and even think of it as boring, it is true doing the same movements over and over can become boring after a while. The best strategy for this is to have a variety of cardio exercises you can alternate to take some of the boredom away. You should aim for 20 to 60 minutes 3 days per week, it is best to begin with 20 minutes and work yourself up to 60 minutes a little at a time. Many people think they are in better condition than they really are, overdoing your cardio will give you sore muscles and you will be more likely to not stick to your cardio workout routine. Cardio comes in many forms of exercise and activities, walking is the most common workout for beginners and as time goes by many increases their waking to jogging and running. Riding a bike has become a very popular cardio workout for people over 50, it is much more fun and for many does not feel like they are exercising. Yoga is another popular cardio workout for people this age, even vacuuming your home gives you a cardio workout.


Strength Training


Strength training builds muscle and burns calories, strength training is not for everyone but really should be a part of everyone’s over 50 workout routine. Once we become older, we will begin to start losing muscle unless we are using them in a strenuous way, today many careers offers very little physical exertion with lifting heavy weight. Even using lighter weights regularly will provide you many benefits, bone health is a concern for many people this age today and strength training will help your bones not to become thin and brittle. 3 days per week with 3 sets of 8-12 reps per set will provide you with the benefits you need, starting with light weights and increasing weight or/and reps will improve your strength over time. Again begin with light weights and low reps and ease into heavier weight and more reps as time goes by to avoid overdoing it. Aim to work out all your muscle groups this way for a total body workout, every little bit you do will improve your health and your metabolism to maintain your weight and your health.



Interval Training


Interval training is best for people who have been exercising for a while and are in good condition, this is the most strenuous workout and is recommended to only do once per week. The way this works is you alternate a high intensity exercise and a low  intensity exercise, best to start out 2 minutes of high intensity and then 2 minutes of low intensity for a total of 30 minutes. Most people are best to start out aiming for 10-15 total minutes and work up to a total time of 30 minutes. This workout burns more calories and even is still burning calories hours after you finish working out, an example is running for 2 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes alternating until you reach your desired total time.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Turning 50 or older is a very good time to get serious about improving your metabolism and managing your health better, when you begin to get around the age of 50 health problems often begin. Many people begin experiencing the aches and pains of arthritis and other inflammatory health problems at this time in their life, exercise and being more active is the key to managing these aches and pains more efficiently. Another change many people need to make is to manage their sleep better, sleeping 7 to 9 hours is important for your body to recover from your more active lifestyle now. Many people are experiencing less severe inflammatory symptoms by changing their diet to a gluten-free diet plan, if you wish to give this a try you will notice a difference in less than one month after going gluten-free.



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