How To Be Happy With Your Relationship-Are You A Good Partner

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Are You Happy With Your Relationship?


Many people today are not happy with their relationship, maybe that is why there are so many single people searching for love and relationships online? Why is it there are so many single people today,  do we expect too much from our partner when we are in a relationship? With the internet is is too easy to leave a troubled relationship and start a new one, possibly more of us should take a closer look at ourselves and ask ourselves are we being a good partner in our relationship?


Financial Stress


Financial stress is one of the biggest problems in the majority of relationships when a couple is not careful with their money they end up in deep debt. Is your debts in your relationship causing conflict with your partner, it is terrible how we allow something such as money to destroy our relationship with our partner? Often stress will cause us to say things to our partner we wish we could take back, many times this becomes an automatic habit which in time will often destroy the relationship. Consistent stress causes extreme anxiety and can even lead to depression, for most couples their partner is their safe person to take out their stress and anxiety on.



Are You Able To Forgive?


Forgiving is a very important part  in any relationship, are you able to forgive your partner when they hurt you? It is very true you do not know someone until you live with them, living in the same home day after day with the same person can become extremely difficult for many couples. Often couples get into a regular habit of taking their stress and anxiety out on each other as time goes by this adds up until the couples are two strangers living in the same house. Eventually this turns into resentment and even holding a grudge against your partner when love is lost between two people the relationship has ended often long before the couple goes their separate ways.


How This Affects Your Health?


Two people living like this will eventually affect their health, unhealthy relationships are one of the biggest reasons people have problems sleeping. When we do not sleep well, it affects our health in many ways, our concentration and memory are affected when we go long periods without proper sleep. Most unhappy couples do not enjoy their day like they use too, many have less energy and motivation which can affect their careers. This can have a domino effect on the children as well, many children who grow in this type of home atmosphere experience anxiety and depression problems. When it all comes down to it, couples who are unhappy are raising unhappy children.



Are You A Good Partner?


When you are in a relationship, each person has to do their part, it takes two people working together to form a happy relationship which is going to last. Most relationships can withstand some financial stress for short periods, every couple is going to have bad days and take it out  from time to time on their partner. A person can forgive their partner for the things they do and say during stressful times, what destroys the relationship is when this becomes a habit in their relationship. Are you a good partner is a question you must ask yourself if not how can you improve your part in the relationship?


How To Forgive

How To Be Supportive

Relationship Stress Management

Relaxation Techniques


What Is On My Mind Today?


Relationships takes time and dedication to make them work, it takes both people to work together to be the best partner they can for a relationship to last. When two people focus on improving themselves and their relationship skills, the relationship will not only last but be happy for both people in the relationship. When one or both people are not happy the relationship eventually will end, good partners do their best to put their partner first before themselves. Both partners must be willing to give and take for the relationship to be happy and fulfilling for both people. One person should not be doing all the sacrificing, this is a certain sign the relationship is in trouble.



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