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How To Adopt A Child Online-Are You Able To Adopt A Child

adopting a child online with special needs


Are You Able To Adopt A Child?


There are many children who need families who are able to adopt and take care of them, would you consider adopting a child with special needs? Many of the children who are up for adoption do have issues new parents would have to be able to deal with, many of these children has been passed from family to family even before they ended up available for adoption. If you have a good heart and love children, adopting a child might be something right for you? 


Giving Up A Child


Many people have the wrong idea about anyone who gives us their child for adoption, for a mother to give up her child can be one of the most loving and difficult decisions she has ever made in her life? All mothers who give up their child for adoption are not doing it because they don’t want the child, many mothers and even families with special needs children are giving these children up because they can’t provide the medical needs these kids require. Sadly, sometimes giving up a child is the most loving and unselfish thing you can do? Families living on a low income budget might be forced to give up their child when their child has serious special needs, children with severe autism are often given up not because of the lack of love, but the parents are not able to provide this child with all the therapy and other medical needs. Never judge someone when you don’t know the circumstances, what would you do if you gave birth to a child with special needs and was living on a very low income?


giving up a child with special needs


Help Adopting A Child


There is help online for couples and families who has it in their heart to give one of these children a home, for more than thirty years lifetime adoption has been helping thousands of women. If you or anyone you know is interested in information on giving up a child for adoption this is the place I recommend you contact first, a free packet or personal assistance is available though lifetime adoption foundation?


  • Choose The Family To Adopt Your Child
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Access To Have Contact In The Future
  • Quality Counseling From Outside Counselors Available
  • Free Packet 1-800-923-6784
  • Personal Assistance 1-800-923-6784
  • Access To Legal Adoption Rights Of Your Child’s Birth Father
  • View Waiting Families
  • Adoption Plan
  • Read Stories Of Children Placed Through Lifetime Adoption Foundation

Lifetime Adoption Website


Adopting A Special Needs Child


Every child deserves to have a family who loves them, children with special needs are just children with some special challenges they never asked for but received,  anyway. Sure some of these children has behavior problems, but remember these behavior problems are not these children’s own faults? Preparation is the key to adopting a child with special needs, these children are anxiously waiting for a family just like yours to adopt them. Before ever applying for adoption a family really needs to prepare themselves with as much education on the child’s needs as possible, it just happens adopt special needs foundation provides the knowledge and resources every family requires to prepare for adopting one of these children. You will find many resources on their website, also many of these resources have been shared by families which has found them useful when adopting their own child.

Adopt Special Needs Website


adopting a child with special needs


Love Without Boundaries


Love without boundaries begin in 2003, this foundation helped save the life of one Chinese boy. They helped this boy following his successful heart surgery, nothing is impossible when passionate and dedicated people join together to change a child’s life. The foundation’s goal is for the children they help to receive families though adoption, you might be starting to understand there are organizations available to help children in need.

Love Without Boundaries Website


What Is On My Mind Today?


There are many ways we can help these children live a happier life, even if you are not able to adopt one of these children there are other ways you can help them? Considering spreading the word online, start your own blog or just share these websites on your social media pages. If you are able donate or sponsor a child, many people think the little amount they can afford to donate is not enough. When enough people with just a little donate this adds up, you might be surprised what all those little donations can do for these children’s lives?



Resources & Help




adopting a child with special needs

10 thoughts on “How To Adopt A Child Online-Are You Able To Adopt A Child

  1. I have always wanted to adopt and I think this website is a great tool for people looking to adopt and to understand what it means to lovingly and selflessly give up a child for a chance at a better life. I am not in the position to adopt currently, but I would like to help children in need. Is there a way I can contribute? Thanks!

    1. Thank You Becky,

      I appreciate your comment and I also contribute even though I am not able to adopt a child, sharing the adoption links on my website on your social media pages and with friends and family is  a way anyone can help more children being adopted.


  2. Great post, I wish I could afford adopting a child, I always wanted to help children in need I love childeren I feel very sorry for parents who have to give up their children , I think there should be more promotion on child adoption to help them out, is there anywhere I can donate money to them ?

    1. Thank You Emma,

      We share our love to help children in need, it just happens there is a way we both can help children in need even though we are not able to adopt a child ourselves.

      Sponsor a child of your choice anywhere in the world for less than one dollar per day, if you can’t afford to sponsor there are other ways just check them out with this link today

      Help Children In Need

      Thank You


  3. What a valuable resource! And even better, a site that spreads the word about the need for adopting children with special needs. Thanks for providing the necessary information for parents looking to adopt and even parents who make the choice to place their child up for adoption. Serving children, whether you are a teacher or a parent (I am both), is what life is all about!

    1. Thank You Ms. Jodi,

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the article on adopting children, there are so many children available for adoption just waiting for a family to adopt and love them. It is very difficult for any mother to give up her child, but when she does it for the child to have a better life that is what we call LOVE.


  4. Hi Jeff,

    What a touching article, I was absorded by the reading!
    I have two beautiful children, and one of my dreams is to adopt a child. But where I live the procedure is very complicated and not everyone is allowed to adopt a child.
    I would like to know if the website that you’ve mentioned on your article is available for non-citizen?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank You,

      Who is eligible to adopt?

      Almost any potential adoptive family who can provide a healthy, stable family life can adopt. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and in a stable lifestyle.

      We will review your application as a whole, and if we have any questions, we will call you to discuss your needs and be sure we can help you. We have had a high success rate because of this adoption eligibility screening process.

      We limit the amount of families we work with each month, allowing each family personal attention as we work with them toward an adoption. Lifetime Adoption Center has fewer restrictions than many adoption agencies, allowing families more choice and more control in their adoption.

      Adoptive Parent Answer Line (530) 271-1740

      I hope this helps you find out if you are able to adopt through this organization,


  5. Adoption has always been a complicated process affected by the age of the child and their bonds with previous foster parents or guardians. Children often develop conflicting emotions when they are about to be adopted since it is the first meeting with their future parents. Now I don’t know much about special needs but it’s sad when people can’t afford medical treatments no thanks to the current health care plans.

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comments very much, you have brought up some good points about adopting children. Before a family considers adopting a child with special needs they must consider the high expense of health care for these children. Very good point children can become attached to foster parents and siblings, adopting is very emotional experience for all children.


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