How To Add Romance To A Relationship-Does Romance Exist Today

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how to add romance to a relationship


Does Romance Exist Today?


Is romance practiced in a relationship as much today as in the past, relationships seem to be much more casual today and maybe not cherished as much as in the past? People are involved in more relationships in their lives today, does our generation jump into relationships too quickly and not take the time to enjoy the romance which should accompany a love relationship? Another big question is does romance even exist in love relationships today, what do you consider romance in your relationship with the one you love? Could the lack of romance be the reason there are not as many long lasting happy relationships today, adding romance to your relationship can be the best relationship skill you ever learn?


Romance & Online Dating


People are searching online dating websites to find love and relationships more and more as time goes by, this is especially true for older people who have a hard time meeting the right person. Do you think online dating has taken some of the romance out of meeting the right person for a relationship, the old fashion type of courting has almost disappeared completely which might be another reason romance is less and less in relationships? In the old days guys had to get the ladies attention with romantic gestures, today guys just send a lady an email and if she does not respond moves on to another lady online. In the past the choices for both men and women were much less without the internet, could this be a negative thing making it too easy to move on with someone new instead of romancing a lady?



What Is Most Important In Love?


What is most important in love can mean something different to everyone, but what should be the most important in love is to let your partner know how much you love them? What other way then doing something romantic for your partner will show your love for them, romance is all about showing your feelings for your partner and not about having sex. Making love is a bonus in any relationship, at least that is the way it should be in a healthy, loving relationship. Taking the time to do something romantic for your partner will allow you and your partner to enjoy your day more, when we do nice things for others we feel so much better inside. This is even more true when that person is your loving partner, when is the last time you did something romantic for your partner?


Romance & Our Health


Many things can interfere with a couple enjoying romance with one another, the majority of people experience sleep problems which deprives many people of the energy and often even the interest in romance with their partner. Improving your sleep should be one of your main concerns if you and your partner have sleep and energy problems. one of the biggest problems couples face is financial stress, this can cause couples much anxiety and even depression which affects the romantic intimacy between many couples. Emotional stress affects more couples relationships than physical stress, when a couple is not emotionally healthy it will often cause them to lose the romance and intimacy in their relationship.



Romance The Easy Way


Adding romance to your relationship can be easier than many people realize, this is even more true with the convenience of our modern technology today. Many couples have mobile phones which makes staying romantic very easy by sending your partner romantic texts during the day, texting is something most people do every day anyway, so why not text your partner a text which says I love you? The internet makes adding romance very easy and convenient, send your partner an email or better yet an email card. Romance does not have to be expensive or time consuming for a couple to do every day, romantic gestures to your partner is a great way to make their day special.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Adding romance to your relationship will make your relationship fun again, couples often after being together for a while lose their zest to keep romance in their relationship. This does not have to happen to you, by you starting to do little romantic gestures for your partner this will renew your relationship. Before you know it, your partner will be doing the same for you, partners who have romantic relationships are emotional healthy and can get through the stressful times together much more smoothly. So what are you going to do for your partner today, maybe this could be a late new years resolution?



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